Love have no limitation & conditions (episode 2)

Hi guys, thnk u so much for ur comments.
Lets go into the story.
Girls sees the boys confusion face & goes to them & meanwhile the other girl also comes.
Girl7- hey sorry, what the sir said ???is he really angry on us aa????did he give us any punishment aaa???please say yaar.
Kushi- if u give time to say we will say na.
Girl7-opps!!sorry now say me.
Girl2- vo….he is about to scold but suhasini mam came & saved us from him.
Girl7-ohh, chotti maa saved aa (in a small voice but they didn’t heard properly.
Girl7-I mean chotte came aa, I asked ..
Kushi-ahh came, there they all are.
All girls came to boys(here only six boys are there so abhi’s entry will in next episode).
Boy1-what happened yaar inside??
Arnav- all sad that u all came out happily.
All boys looks at arnav angrily & all girls looks at remaining boys angrily
All girls leaves from there except kushi & girl7.boys follows them except arnav.
Girl7-arnav u be na, So sad for them
Arnav- prags di what happened, they are flirting with Kavya when girls are inside & I’m sweating here.
Here the girl7 is pragya.arnav treats her as own sis.

The scene shift to the boys following girls & girls separates their ways.
Girl1 & girl2 goes to canteen where as boy 1 & 2 follows them.
boy2- hey swara pls….yaar I’m sorry , because of this raman, this all problem is
boy1is raman.
Raman- what I did Sankar,ishu don’t believe him.I’m sorry yaar, u know na that I will not do anything like that & give me any punishment, I will do it.
Boy2 is Sankar.girl1 is ishitha & 2is swara.
Sankar-mee too will do any punishment but please talk to me.
Swaitha(swara & ishitha- do sit-ups.
Sara-kya(raman & Sankar).
But they have no option but to do ,so they started but swaitha says-we have forgiven us.
Here four are happy.
Girl3goes to library & boy3 follows her.
girl3-y r u following mee go & flirt with her.
boy3- ishu,pls I said na I’m sorry, please forgive me yaar (holding hi ears).
Girls 3 laughs a little & says -but on one condition, u should give me party.that is ice cream party.
Boy3-kkk u & ur ice cream ….
Here ishu is ishani & boy3is rv.
Ishani feels happy & says- wow….
Librarian- silence silence…
They both laughs after coming out of library.

Scene shifts to girl 5,6& boy4,6
Boy4-di forgive na viren jijju ko ,please we are saying na sorry.
boy6-chotti, please ra talk with us na please.
They goes to remaining people sees them happily talking each other.
They thinks to forgive but ….
They both smiles & says to the boys-we will forgive u but one condition.
Boy4,6- what’s that
Girl 5,6- u people have to take us to shopping tomorrow.
Boys4,6-what???? ,but they don’t have other chance than to say kk.
Here boy 4 is raj & boy 6is viren.
Girl5 is jeevika & 6 is avni.

So everything is okkk & all gather at one place & had some chit chat.
Raman- but what that u all called to principal room.
Fb starts….
Some girls some surround boy with hockey sticks .all the girls r in modern dress like jeans & shirt.
Ishitha-how dare r u that u came & warned my friend to love or u will pour acid on her.
Kushi- u don’t know that she is our frnd
Swara-hey,kushi why r u talking to him so politely,if u give permission ,I kill him, what r u thinking about girls,r they any doll for u guys aa,that u make them do what u want to do.
boy-sorry , I will tell her sorry, please leave.
Ishani- see how he is pleading us, but u didn’t think before about it when u warned her, seeing girls with sticks u r ready to anything what they want to say,chee..,
Avni- don’t underestimate the women, if u give respect they will respect u ,if u talk I’ll or give warning they will turn into kaliii maa’s.understood.
Jeevika- but I can’t leave him like this, he should bear punishment.
Pragya-divya, come here,give him a tight slap that no boy should do lik this.
Divya is these girls hostel mate.
Divya comes there & gave a tight slap.
Pragya- hmm, I’m saying to everyone here, if u love anyone say th frankly but don’t dare to warn them.if they turn to kali’s no one can stop them.mind it.
All leaves from there.
Fb ends
Boys are all shocked at girls bravery.
Arnav-u should have said us na, we can handle them.
All other boys says-yeah, we would have look in the matter.
Ishitha-shut up & do u think that we r coward aa to say u guys.
Kushi-u know about us & why u all asking us like this again.
The girl about to go in angrily.
All boys says sorry holding their ears…..

precap-abhi’s entry….

Sorry for the late update & spelling mistakes, actually my app which I writing this ff got some technical problem ,so I can’t able update .
I can’t give regular updates but can give u all 3 to 5 updates in a week as I have maintain other ff also. My studies & my French class also,so it is somewhat problem to give regular updates.
Thank u all & silent readers for supporting me & for lovely comments.
Thank u kumud, reena,sameera,Abdul hatiz,monesha,arshi fan ,Jo,abhigya, reshma,radhika,aami… for ur lovely comments….
I want to know ur name, from where r u & what u r doing ????I know some name as they r my friend in LST ff ,so I want remaining to say..
Myself Sai Supraja, from Hyderabad, pursuing polytechnic 3rd year…..


    • Honey



      Thnk u for the suggestion, I know that this ff has more pair but I will try to importance to everyone ,I know that there is some confusion which will clear in next episode

  1. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    i was beeb a scilent reader and yesterday only i started to comment
    and i like the ff .
    but some confussion
    and reads all ff of ishveer .i loves the pair isveer
    🙂 😉

  2. VarshaVenkat


    |Registered Member

    Umm…hello…I’m Varsha frm Coimbatore….doin my 11th grade…..todays part was cooll…..a nice n diff face of girls….good goin…..waiting for abhis arrival

  3. radhika

    Nice honey dhi it was really awesome dr.
    I’m radhika n studying in 8th std n writing 1 ff on this page MATSH forever… U can check my ff if u want…

  4. Nirmal

    I forgot to introduce me. Myself Nirmal Britty, from Kerala.. I’m doing Bcom final year along with CA…

  5. Priya

    hii honey dear, i am priya and i am new here the episode was good but please some abhigya scenes also and waiting for abhis entry in the next episode so pls upload it soon dearrrrrrr…. 🙂

    • Honey



      Thnk u dear telly is giving a feature lik login in menu & u hav to sign in & u can enjoy lots more like this

  6. Sandhya

    Wow awesome! epi di,sry di i can’t com on last epi forgive me for that.i am from chennai,doing 11th grade.

  7. Aami


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    honey suprb episode……. kaali ma ki girls n thier lvly boys. . lved it….. ok i hve some doughts about their rltns is avni viren n raj jeevika pairs r siblings….
    n continue soon…..

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