Love have no limitation & conditions (episode 1)

Hii guys,I’m here with my another ff .hope u all will enjoy it.

This ff is about a relationship formed due to promise & turned into love.
The pairs are abhigya, ishra, arshi, avraj,viren & jeevika, ishveer, swasak.
These are studying PhD .
Abhishek-is a owner abhay group of companies but due to some circumstances he is also studying PhD with them.
So the others name are as usual in the serials.
So let’s go into story.
Scene shifts to a college.
Some boys are standing in front of principal room & continuously looking inside the room.
Inside the principal room.some girls are standing.
Principal -so how many times I should u girls to not to rowdyism in the college. But u girls never listen only.u r girls or rowdies.

Girl1-sir we don’t do it wantedly but he did wrong by giving warning to my friend. So she feared & said to us.
Principal-u should say me na but u people always take decision on ur own only.
girl2(in mind)- ye old man be na always shouts on us ,he don’t have any work expect shouting on us.
Girl3- but sir , u r absent on that day, so ..
Principal-so what ?????say .
girl4(in mind) if u give time ,we will say na, if u continuously do bak bak who will say.
Girl3-so she feared even more so we don’t have any other option expect to do that thing .
Suddenly someone enters the room.principal stand on his foot by seeing her.
Principal-if u have any work u would cal me mam, I would come there.
Lady sits on the principal chair.
lady-so what’s going on here.who r these girls Mr.rao
Principal-mam ,these r the girls who made that issue yesterday.
Lady- ohh , but I finds someone missing as I got to know that they r sevem girls but here on six r there.
Girl5 – ohh mam,she is on the way to college mam,due to traffic ,she will come late ,she said.
lady-hmmm. By the way u girls done completely correct & u girls have more dareness.
girl6-no mam nothing like that, we just heard what ur heart says.
Lady-kk u guys can leave now.

Principal-but mam….
lady-its final decision as a dean of this college.
Principal- sorry mam.

All girls came out with happy face & boys are shocked to see them.
boy1-kya yaar,I thought they will come with sad face but they r coming with happy face
Boy-2,3,4—we too think same yaar.
Boy5 arey saaley, u didn’t saw that suhasini mam went inside.
Boy6-when ????
Boy5- when u all r flirting with kavya….she went inside & they all came with happy faces.
Boys-ohh (expect boy5)

Here suhasini is same character from dehleez.

Precap-some girls surrounded the boy & revealing the characters.
Hope u will like this ff .
To reduce some excitement I giving two characters name I.e.
Boy 5 is arnav & girl 4 is kushi….
Please comment about this episode .

Both positive & negative comments are accepted & also suggestions…..
Actually some part came in my dream & I modulated into story that’s y I can’t able to give full information about the characters.sorry….

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  1. Wow honey nice intro love it

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    Its Nice yaar……..

  9. It was really a good start.. I think tht u shud continue…

  10. thqew thnqew thnqew thnqew sooooooooi much to make a beautiful ff with my fvrte pairs….. thnqew soooo mcuh….. i dont know how to show my happiness…. whn i read about the pars i was jst yk in cloud nine…… lve u soooo much…… plz make alla seven r equal……. n its not swasak its swasan…… ??
    thnqew soooo mcuh

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