Love Has No Eyes (Shot 26)+Raglak: My Arranged Marriage(Prologue)+Raglak: Who r u to me?(Prologue)

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Morning 9 am, Ragini was in a temple praying the god,
It has been 6 months; I have talked with him properly. He, my love, my life, my husband, my Laksh, was not able to spend his time for me. Yes there is no mistake on him. But still it hurts me. I was very much happy than him when he said that he got a new project that too with a reputed team. After that day, we were able to be happy only for a week. That too sometimes he has to leave for some discussions with his team. At that time I didn’t felt bad because I also need some time alone. But I didn’t expect that it would end like I will be always alone. After some weeks of discussions, he was called for the shooting. For few days he had gone in early morning and came by afternoon. After taking rest, we both will spend our time happily. But those were all for only few days. Then his timings changed and he had to spend more time for shooting. At that time too I didn’t felt bad, because it was his dream to become a reputed actor and for that he also has to put hard work and I don’t want to be a disturbance in his hard work. But now, everything is changed. He will be in shooting spot when I wake up in the morning and he will come to house after I sleep on tired of waiting for him. I felt really alone. I started to divert my mind on house hold chores, some magazines, social Medias, TV and by going for walking, visiting mom and dad, chatting with Swara and sometimes shopping with Swasan. But how many days can I spend without him. Sometimes I really feel bad and cry the whole day. U may think what she is so much obsessed with her husband that she could not live without him for few days. Yes u are half right but half wrong. I am not that much obsessed or selfish of my husband. I am really felt lonely because I can’t even talk with him. It has been ages since I talked with him normally. Whenever I tried to call him he won’t attend the call. Except him everyone will take the call and will say that ‘sir is on take’ ‘sir is dressing’ ‘sir is taking rest’ ‘sir is eating’ ‘sir is discussing’ that this and all. But not even a single time he had talked with me on phone. At least he could message me and ask at least ‘have u had ur food?’ I am really missing him. I am really badly missing him. I am missing his smile, teasing, chatting, and talking, feeding, loving, and caring. I feel like I am a lifeless body without him. Please god! I want him to at least talk with me. I want him to spend only a little time for me. I will be very satisfied if he spends a very little time with me, but only for me. Please god! Please!
With that she wiped off her tears and moved towards her car. This was watched by a man and he explained to another one about Ragini’s condition. The other one is none other than Tanu.
About 11 am, Ragini entered MM, and her eyes were widening when she saw Laksh’s car in MM. She was very happy and jumped in excitement like a small child. She immediately rushed into the house and started to shout ‘Laksh! Laksh! Where r u? But no response! She searched him in hall, kitchen, garden, and terrace. But he was not there. At last with small hopes and more tears on her eyes she reached bedroom. She slightly opened the door and found him. He was sleeping on the bed. His face shows how much tired he was. He was lying in the position that he wants to be relaxed for some time. His back was on the bed and his chest was facing the ceiling. Ragini can understand his tiredness just by looking him. The tears started to flow like waterfalls. She could not control anymore. She ran and jumped on him and falls on his chest without caring anything. She just wants to be in his arms feeling very safe in his embrace.
Laksh woke up from his sleep due to Ragini’s sudden reaction. He felt like he was now completed when he found him in her arms. She was tightly clutching his shirt in her fist that he should not go away from her. She was wetting his shirt with her painful and happy tears. Laksh felt very bad that he had made her to cry. He hugged her tightly feeling her whole body on him. Ragini just then felt what she had done. She felt little embarrassed but still she hugs him more and more. After a long gap, the passionate hug was saying how much they missed each other. They broke their hug and looked at each other’s eyes. The pain and hurt in Ragini’s eyes and some guilt and secret in Laksh’s eyes were reflecting to each other. Ragini slowly stood up from him but Laksh tightened his grip on her waist.
Laksh whispered: I want u Ragini! Now!
Ragini blushed lightly and it was like a very big gift for Laksh. He smiled softly looking at her blushed face.
Ragini whispered: Not now Laksh! First u take rest then we shall spend some time with each other.
Laksh smile disappeared suddenly and tears formed in his eyes. He loosened the grip on Ragini. That is when Ragini looked at his face. It became so dull. She was much worried. She immediately stood up and sat near him and cupped his face.
Ragini softly asked: What happened to u Laksh? Is everything alright?
Laksh removed his eyes from Ragini and looked at the ceiling and said: I need to go to Shimla tonight. I came to pack my luggage. My flight is on 4 pm.
Ragini was shocked and hurt to hear it. She slowly removed her hands and stood up from him. Laksh didn’t want that. He was about to hold her wrist but stopped in the middle thinking that he don’t want to hurt her again. He took his hand back and looked the other side. He felt Ragini moving away and closing the door. His eyes were filled with tears; he closed it and let the tears fall down. He felt a hand rubbing his tears. He looked at his queen who was looking at him with all her love. He immediately smiled and hugged her and she too hugged him back. He slowly broke the hug and kissed her forehead. Ragini too kissed his forehead like taking away his stress and worries with that kiss. She then wiped his tears with her cheeks and slowly kissed his lips. The kiss was so passionate and intense too. Slowly they both started to deep the kiss and soon they made love after a long gap.
Laksh was sleeping in Ragini’s chest with a beautiful smile on his face which was lost for many days. This made Ragini to forget her loneliness and caress his head slowly and smoothly with a soft smile on her lips. At that time she heard some murmurings of Laksh.
Laksh murmurs: Ragini. I am only urs. I am only Ragini’s Laksh. I can’t be others’. I am only Ragini’s possession. I am only urs Ragini! I am only urs.
Ragini was confused hearing his murmuring and she thought she should ask about this after a while. Slowly she too dosed off. When she woke she found that she was wearing Laksh’s shirt and beside her Laksh was missing. She then looked at the door it was unlocked. She moved towards the cupboard and found some of his dresses were missing. She moved towards window and found that his car was not there. A lone tear escaped from her eyes. She hugged Laksh’s shirt tightly on herself. There on a flight Laksh hugged Ragini’s saree which she was wearing in the morning with tears in his eyes which was watched by Tanu with some disgust. She removed her eyes and looked outside.
Tanu’s POV,
Finally! I am going to make Laksh as mine, only mine! I worked very hard to separate those so called love birds. Now I can spend some more time with Laksh. I know Laksh came to know about my intensions. But still he was behind that middle class Ragini. But now I won’t leave him. Within this trip I will make Laksh mine! This is my promise!
Thinking this she smirked and looked at Laksh who was already looking at her with disgust. When he found that she was looking him he covered his chest with Ragini’s saree like a blanket signifying her that ‘he was only Ragini’s’. Tanu became angry and looked other side which made Laksh smirk.
How does Laksh found Tanu’s intensions? Why he hasn’t said that to Ragini? Why Laksh ignored Ragini’s calls and messages?
Author Note: I am really really sorry for giving this boring update. I myself felt bored typing it. I am sorry if I had hurt anyone. And one more thing I am going to end this ff. May be there will be 2 shots or 1. So I thought to give prologue for some of my ideas with this ff itself. Please also read that and say which one u wants after this ff.
Raglak: My Arranged Marriage (Prologue)
I know this is an old concept but this is my own story with my ideas in my ways. It may be an ss or ff. I hope u will like it.
So this starts like in serial. Laksh will be engaged to Ragini but he was not interested in the marriage. All the characters are as same in serial. But here Swara was not Shekhar and Sharmistha’s daughter. She was Sharmistha’s daughter with her late husband. Here Sharmistha and Shekhar were only best friends. Here Dadi and Dida were best friends. Swara was also a friend to Ragini. Here Laksh doesn’t meet Swara. And he knows her as Ragini’s neighbor and he has no feelings for her. Shekhar had married only Janaki and loved only her. But she died in an accident when Ragini was a little baby. Sharmistha and dadi only took care of her. Dadi tried to marry Shekhar and Sharmistha but both denied it and said that they will be just friends. About Sanskar, he had married Kavita and settled with her. DP sent him out because he had married without his permission. So Sanskar has no enmity with DP and Laksh. So am I clear to u all?
Ragini: Love! Love is the purest thing like water. It was very pure that even a small wrong make it impure.
Laksh: Love! Love it’s just an attraction between a boy and a girl. If that attraction goes, then they will fight and separate.
Ragini: Without love the world cannot survive!
Laksh: Without love this world will be much better!
Ragini: Marriage! It’s decided by god in heaven!
Laksh: Marriage! It’s just a contract between a boy and a girl for lifetime!
Ragini: A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man to be completed!
Laksh: A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man only for some pleasure!
So this story is about Ragini and Laksh who were poles apart and have different ideas on marriage and love concept. Will Ragini and Laksh become Raglak? This is the plot of the story!
Raglak: Who r u to me? (Prologue)
Once again it may be an old concept but still giving a try! It also may be an ss or ff.
At night 1 am, a girl of 20 years was slowly peeping outside her room and checking if there was anyone. She smirked as there was no one. She slowly moved towards the kitchen. She switched on the lights and once again checking if there was anyone? She then slowly took some vessels and poured some water and boiled it. She was whistling softly and preparing egg noodles!
The girl (in mind): Yes! I am going to make egg noodles! Wow my favorite even that monkey’s too! (She giggled) But poor monkey he can’t eat it now because I am secretly doing this without telling him.
At some distance in a room, a boy of 21 years was sleeping on the bed suddenly woke up and sit straight on the bed. He then twisted his nose like smelling something. His tongue twisted and his mouth had a smirk.
The boy (in mind): Oh fuggy! Wait I am coming!
The same girl (in mind): Wow! Its smells very tasty! I want to eat it now itself. But I have to wait for few more minutes to get superb noodles. (Her mouth was watery.)
That same boy is shown coming down from his room secretly and later climbing some walls.
That girl twisted her tongue then took a plate and served herself the wonderful noodles.
That girl (in mind): Poor monkey! He can’t taste my noodles.
She grinned and took a fork and turned. It was revealed to be Ragini. But her eyes widen like she was shocked and saw someone unexpected. That boy was standing before Ragini with a fork on his hand and looking at the noodles with twisting tongue with a smirk lips. He was revealed to be Laksh. His gaze then moved towards Ragini and smirk widened.
Laksh: Hi fuggy!
Ragini not coming out from shock: Monkey? U?
Laksh grinned and took the plate from her hand and jumped on a chair and started to taste the noodles. Ragini was seeing him with pouted lips as she had served all the noodles on that plate and she has nothing. She was looking at him tasting the noodles happily without asking him for her as she knows that he will show attitude of not informing about this earlier.
At that time she felt something near her lips. She found that he was forwarding a little amount to her. She immediately smiled and opened her mouth and was about to eat but he took it back to his mouth. He chuckled looking at her glaring face. He once again teased her like that. Ragini became irritated and looked other side. He once again forwarded for her but she turned her head to other side.
Laksh: Oye fuggy! Take it!
Ragini looked at him at corner of her eyes he signed her to eat. She looked away and suddenly caught his hand and took the noodles along with biting his hands. Ragini laughed looking at him whereas he was hissing in pain.
Laksh: Jungli billi!
Ragini chuckled hearing it. Laksh was about to shout at her but Ragini kept a finger on his lips and saying Shhhh! Their eyes were locked. They were thinking something in their mind which is muted.
At last both thought: Who r u to me?
So I have done with two stories prologue. Please! Please! Please comment! Comment on which ff or ss u want and also about the shot! Bye! Take care!

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