Love Has No Eyes (Shot 25)

Wow! I have reached 25th shot of my 1st ff. I think it’s a great thing. And thank u so much for ur wonderful comments. So here is the next shot…

Next morning, about 9 am
Ragini was working in the kitchen and she remembered some moments between her and Laksh and blushed hardly. At that time she heard some footsteps. She went to hall and found Laksh was rushing somewhere while answering a phone call. She was about to ask to where he was going but he had reached main door. So Ragini rushed out and saw that he had already gone. Ragini felt bad that he didn’t inform where he was going. But she composed herself thinking that he may have some urgent calls. So she went in and continued doing the works.
About 11 am,
Ragini didn’t have her breakfast and was waiting for Laksh. But still he didn’t come. She then took her phone and called him. But he didn’t attend the call. She tried it every now and then. But he didn’t attend. She became irritated and threw the phone on sofa and sit there waiting for him.
About 2 pm,
Laksh didn’t return. He didn’t even call her. He didn’t even inform her where he was going. Ragini was hell worried here. She tried to call Sanskar, but his mobile was switched off. Ragini was feeling bad thinking about Laksh. She was crying unknowingly. She then slept there itself.

About 8 pm,
Ragini felt that she was flying in the air. She slowly opened her eyes and found her life, her love, lifting her in bridal style and walking towards the bedroom. Ragini felt very happy after seeing him again after a long time. She wants to hug him and kiss him but then she remembered how he ignored her calls and didn’t say where he was going. She became angry and tried to land on the ground from his arms. That is when Laksh found Ragini awake. He looked at her surprised and said
Laksh (Ragini was still in his arms): R u awake? I thought u was sleeping.
Ragini (in an irritated and angry tone): Yes, I was sleeping until u lift me. Now leave me.
Laksh could sense that she was angry with him now. So now it was his duty to convince her. Laksh slowly placed her on the bed and sat near her. Ragini crossed her arms on her chest and looked somewhere making Laksh to realize that she was really very angry. Laksh was thinking how to start the conversation. Just then they heard a weird sound and Laksh sensed that it was from his stomach and Ragini looked at him with weird reactions.

Laksh (smiled sheepishly): Ragini. Actually I didn’t have any food from morning, so only my stomach is shouting.
Ragini glared at him and shouted: Laksh! How dare u to skip ur food. Why u didn’t have any food? What was u doing without having food? Doesn’t u feel tired? Oh god! What r u doing like a kid Laksh? I didn’t like this.
And she was going on shouting and lecturing him, at that time they heard the same sound but from Ragini’s stomach. Ragini touched her stomach and felt embarrassed. Now she slowly looked towards who was waiting for his opportunity.
Now Ragini smiled sheepishly and Laksh glared at her and was about to shout but Ragini interrupted: I am sorry Laksh. U didn’t say where u r going at morning. So I became worried and u didn’t even take my phone call. So I felt like crying and in that time I forgot to have my food, Sorry.

Laksh looked at her with some tears and Ragini was shocked and was about to ask why but Laksh interrupted: I am sorry bachha! U has cried that too because of me. I have failed in my promise. I am sorry Ragini.
Suddenly Ragini kissed him on his lips. Laksh was shocked but later reciprocated. They kissed with full of passion. They were lost in that kiss and came to reality when Ragini broke the kiss. Ragini cupped his face and looked into his eyes.
Ragini: Shhhh! I know about u Laksh. And u didn’t have broke ur promise intentionally. It was the situation which made me cry and not u Laksh. So now like a good boy, come and help in doing dinner.
She gave him a cute smile and Laksh too returned it with a bright smile. They both had done dinner and they feed each other. Their eyes were speaking to each other and their heart beat was like a background music which made them to lose each other in their world.

After sometime, Raglak went to garden and had a walk. Laksh side hugged Ragini and she placed her head on his shoulder. They walked slowly by enjoying their closeness. Laksh sat on the bench and Ragini sat on his lap and hugged him. Laksh hugged her back. Finally Laksh broke the silence.
Laksh: Queen!
Ragini: Yes King!
Laksh: Did u know what the call which came in morning was?
Ragini looked at him and shook her head in no.
Laksh cupped her face and said: Finally Queen! My wish is going to happen. I am going to reach my goal. I am going to succeed in my career. I am going to succeed my long last dream.
Laksh looked at Ragini and Ragini had no idea what he was talking about. Suddenly she remembered his dream and looked at him with big eyes. Laksh understood her reaction. Ragini gave ‘Is that true’ look. Laksh nodded his head like a child with a very bright smile on his face. Ragini showed her 36 teeth and hugged him tightly. Laksh too hugged her back with the same Ragini’s reaction. Ragini broke the hug and jumped from his lap. She started to jump on the ground.
Ragini while jumping: Wow! My Laksh is going to become a super star. Hey! I am very happy! Laksh I am very happy! Laksh I am very very very very very very very very happy! Finally Laksh ur hard work had gifted u a very big life. I am really happy for u Laksh. Oh god! Thank u so much! U made my Laksh’s dream to come true. Laksh I don’t know how to say my happiness. I am very happy Laksh! I am really very happy!

Laksh was admiring Ragini’s happiness. Even before he could achieve his dreams, he felt like he had already achieved it. He was smiling looking at Ragini. He was very happy inside not because he got a chance to act in a big budget film with a famous director and reputed actress. He was very happy because now he had someone in his life who can enjoy his success, who can share his worries, who can care him, who can support him, who can fight for him, who can love him more than anyone. He immediately hugged Ragini tightly. Ragini too hugged him more tightly. They broke the hug and looked at each other. Suddenly they kissed each other intensely. Soon the kiss became wild and their love, passion, need; desire took over their mind and kissed each other hardly. Laksh took Ragini in his arms and made a passionate love! Their love making was witnessed by moon and it blushed and hid behind the clouds. Their garden scene was noticed by a person.

At the farm house where Laksh realized he was kidnapped the day before his wedding,
Inside a room, many photos of a man was placed. The room was beautifully painted and decorated such that if that man (in the photo) saw this he will mesmerize and surprised, because the room contains only that man’s favorite things. Just then a person came in. This was the same person who fumed in anger at Raglak’s wedding. This was the same person who was in white Chevrolet car which Laksh saw from his balcony. This is the same person who had now saw Raglak’s closeness in the garden. That person came in front of a big photo of a man which is revealed to be Laksh! That person touched the photo with tears in the eyes.

That person: Why? Why Laksh? Why r u doing like this? Can’t u see my love for u? Can’t u see my care for u? Can’t u see my eyes which were longing to see u? Can’t u kiss my lips which were waiting for u? Can’t u love me who desperately loved u? Why Laksh? Am I not beautiful? If I am not, then what is there in that stupid Ragini? Why r u always clinging to her? Why r u always around her? Why r u loving her? Why? Tell me u duffer! Why?
That person was crying badly and finally wiped off the tears and looked at Laksh’s photo with determination.
That person: No more tears! Now my concentration is only on my mission. I will attain u by hook or crook. U r mine Laksh. U has born for me. I am the one whom u should love unconditionally not that stupid Ragini. I hate her to the most. How dare she to snatch my love, my Laksh? I will make u mine Laksh. Till then let that Ragini smile. But once my mission starts then I will smile and that Ragini will cry. I, Tanu Malhotra am coming for her love, Laksh Maheshwari!

Just wait and watch Laksh!
She laughed evilly looking at Laksh’s photo!
What will happen next? Now who is this Tanu? Why was she hating Ragini and loving Laksh? Will Raglak be able to fight against Tanu?
A big applause to Asra di as she had guessed right! I am fed up with Kavya as the evil character! So I am giving Tanu from Kumkum Bhagya. Tanu will be perfectly matching for this character. Did u all like it? Please post ur comments. Bye and take care!

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  1. Harinipriya

    Actually I am sorry! That is 32 teeth. I wrote it unknowingly. *with pout face* chorry!

    1. IQRA222

      no need to be sorry my cute didu such mistakes happens

  2. IQRA222

    harru di it is simply awesome
    ragu’s anger is so cute just like her
    and raglak moments are wonderful loved them
    but this tanu is already irritating me only my god and i know how will i tolerate her in the next episodes huhh
    anyways out raglak’s love is too strong they wont be affected by tanu’s plans
    so no worries
    and waiting for the next part

  3. Dharani

    awesome harini…

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    Such a cute update.raglak are adorable Tanu Malhotra who is she laksh is only Raginis …….

  5. Amul

    cute ragini

  6. Asra

    fabulous dear….loved it alot…raglak scenes r so adorable dear….Their fake fighting scenes awesome dear…i love that scenes….omg Tanu she already irritating me in kkb now here also…oh no how am going to tolerate her….but our raglak overcome that idiot Tanu….Their love s soo strong na….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  7. Sreevijayan

    Amazing update my dear…loved it

  8. Awesome waiting for next chapter

  9. Mintu

    Wow..awesome part hari…!! Loved raglak scenes…. Choo chweet ragu…try to act angry…their happiness lies in each other..raglak r adorable..!!! No one separate our raglak na…wish to see how they cross hurdles with each other help..!! Post the next part soon dear


  11. Outstanding episode and Raglak scenes are beautiful. Eagerly waiting for next episode. Plz don’t separate Raglak

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