Love Has No Eyes (Shot 24)

Hi guys! I am sorry for the late update and thank u for the comment u has given in the previous shot! I am happy that u all liked it. So now here is the next shot!
Next day morning,
At Raglak’s room,
Ragini opened her eyes first and found herself on her love, her life, her husband, her Laksh. She was surprised that he didn’t even make her to sleep on the bed but only on himself. She blushes and slowly looks at his face. He was sleeping like an innocent child very peacefully but with his mouth slightly open. Ragini smiles and closed his mouth. But automatically his mouth opened again. Ragini’s smile widens and she closed it again. But it opened again she chuckled. She once again closed but even now it opened. Ragini laughed loudly and closed it. But instead of opening, she found a naughty smirk on his face. Before Ragini could capture the scene, she was on bed and Laksh was on top of her that too very close.
Laksh: What a beautiful laugh! It made my day my dear wife.
Ragini blushes and said softly: Good Morning Laksh.
Laksh smiled and said: Very good morning bachha!
Ragini smiled in return and was about to move but Laksh decreased their space and totally merged with Ragini. Ragini looked at him with wide eyes.
Ragini: Laksh, I have to go. Please move.
Laksh like a kid shook his head in ‘no’ repeatedly.
Ragini made a puppy face and said: I am very hungry Laksh. Please I want to go.
Laksh naughtily: Ok Queen I will satisfy ur hunger.
Ragini realized something and said: From when I was promoted to princess to queen?
Laksh smiled proudly: From when ur prince married his princess, he was promoted to King and obviously princess should also be naa?
Ragini blushed and repeated: I am hungry king.
Laksh with a naughty smirk: I will satisfy it queen.
Ragini innocently and excitedly: Are u going to cook for me?
Laksh’s smirk widens and looked at her face with much intense, now Ragini got to know what Laksh meant. So she pushed him little, Laksh who was only concentrating on Ragini’s lips didn’t expect this and falls on bed. Ragini was about to escape but before that our king held his queen’s hand and pulled her. She falls on his chest and he hugged her tightly by her waist. Laksh in no time kissed her lips and Ragini was shocked at first but later gave in. After a beautiful passionate morning kiss, king was trying to make queen on his bed forever. But
Ragini with puppy face: Laksh, really I am very hungry.
Laksh melted by her look and said: ok lets bath and have our breakfast.
Ragini smiled widely and something hits her mind and she shouts: What did u say? ‘Lets’ bath! No way! I am going to bath first and u goes next. Before u bath and come I will prepare breakfast.
But Laksh is always Laksh in romance. He picked her in his arms and took her for a hot shower.

After a while,
Raglak came down and Ragini went to in house temple and lights the diya. She then cutely sang a song and this all new for Laksh, because he hadn’t seen someone praying god in his house with singing in a beautiful voice. Laksh was mesmerized in Ragini’s praying. Ragini looked at him and blushed. She gave the Prasad and Laksh was only looking at her.
Ragini sensed something had happened to Laksh, she said: Laksh. (But no response) Laksh! (No response) (She moves a little forward and cups his face and said) Laksh!
Now Laksh came to reality and some tears were on his eyes and Ragini was worried looking at his tears. Before she could question him, he cupped her face and looked at her eyes.
Laksh: Thank u for coming in my life Ragini. U have not only completed me but also my life. U not only had lighten the diya but also the darkness in my life. U have a given my life a new spirit and a new potential Ragini. I don’t know how to say my feelings but
Before he could say something, Ragini hugged him. Laksh smiled and hugged her back.
Ragini while hugging: No need of any thanks Laksh. I have already promised u that I will be ur mother, wife, lover, friend, child, sister and etc. I am just doing my words Laksh. If u say thanks then I will be a stranger to u. Do u want to me to be a stranger?
Laksh broke the hug and shook his head like a kid in ‘no’. Ragini smiled and cupped his face and said: If u want to say me thanks then give me a chocolate. If u want to say me sorry just say I love u. Ok?

Laksh smiled and saluted and said: Ok my Queen.
Ragini laughed and said: Come on King, let’s cook!
Laksh nodded his head and both went to the kitchen. Ragini cooked and Laksh helped her little and tried to romance with her many times. After cooking they both had their breakfast by feeding each other. Laksh like a small kid said about his experience in his ‘home’. Ragini felt bad for Laksh. But whenever she felt him getting depressed she just hug him or kiss him on his cheeks or forehead or peck his lips. Laksh felt very comfortable with her. He felt like he was just now starting to live his life. Ragini was feeling good when she can feel that there is someone in her life who cares for her more than their life.
After sometime,
Raglak went to Baadi and Swasan too came. There they have some family time and Laksh felt very very very happy. He felt like this is the first day of his life. Raglak and Swasan moved to their house only at night.
At MM,
Raglak were in car and Ragini in tired was sleeping. Laksh noticed it and took her in his arms. He took her to their room and made her sleep on the bed. Laksh bends on his knees and admires at Ragini. He took her hand in his and admires her.
Laksh’s POV,

Ragini! Till yesterday, I was with Ragini Gaddodia. I behaved with like a boy friend and best friend. But after our marriage, I am looking Ragini in a different angle; like in Ragini Laksh Maheshwari (He smiled thinking this). Now that flirty teasing Laksh was just looking her in the angle of WIFE. (He intertwined his fingers with hers’) It’s completely different to me. Now I feel that I am having some responsibilities. I can feel that a life is living for me. I can feel that my love is growing more and more every day. I can feel that love, care, respect and etc in those dark pair of black eyes which I was longing for from my childhood. The every moment I spent with her is giving me new experience, which I have never experienced before. I am happy that I married my first crush, first love in my life. I promise u Ragini, that only u r having right on me. Only u can show me love and care. Only u can be my Queen and mother of my children (He felt a warm in his heart and he smiled more feeling it.)
He got up and kissed her forehead and left to restroom to fresh up. After a while he came out and went to his balcony. He remembered how he used to jump into Ragini’s room to meet her. He smiled of his thoughts and he was missing too of doing those spider man shots. Just then his gaze falls on a white Chevrolet car in front of his house. He was looking for someone in the car. But in no time it moves from there. {Who’s that?} But just then
Ragini in sleepy tone: Laksh!

Laksh immediately turned and looked at Ragini who was having her half eyes open and very sleepy too. Ragini slowly raised her one eyebrow in ‘what’. Laksh shook his head in ‘no’. A small came on her lips and she opened her arms and signed him to come to her embrace. Laksh like a small child jumped on the bed in no time and hided his face on her neck and his arms over her waist. Ragini gave him complete embrace and slept peacefully with her love.
Will their love succeed in all hurdles of life? Will their love for each other face a third person in between them?
Small information that I haven’t ended this ff. actually some was thinking that it was ended. But no! Yes I will end it but only after 4-6 shots. Please post ur comments. I will post the other parts too whenever I am free. Promise! Bye! Take care!

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