Love Has No Eyes (Shot 23)

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update. Thank u so much for the lovely comments and here is the next shot…
At road in Raglak’s car,
Laksh was driving the car to spend some time with Ragini. Ragini was looking towards the window with tears in her eyes. She was remembering her lovely and beautiful moments with her family. She was feeling sad that she was leaving them. She was crying silently so that she won’t make Laksh feel bad. Laksh was noticing her crying but didn’t say anything and let her to cry. Suddenly he stopped the car and came to Ragini’s side and opened her door. Ragini was lost in her thoughts and now came to the reality. Laksh forwarded his hand and Ragini gave her hand and they both walked hand in hand.

It was Laksh’s garden. There was no light except moonlight. A bench was in the middle which is surrounded by bud rose plants in heart shaped. A fountain surrounded by rose plants in the middle of the garden. At the corners some bushes and beautiful plants are placed and at edges large trees are placed giving a pleasant scent and beautiful atmosphere. Ragini looked at the garden and mesmerized in its natural beauty. Laksh looked at her and made her to face him.
Laksh looked into her eyes and Ragini looked his eyes. They shared a passionate eye lock. Suddenly Laksh hugged her tightly. Ragini was first shocked but hugged him back.
Laksh whispered: Ragini cry how much ever u wants. But later I won’t let u cry. I know u r feeling sad that u left ur family. I can feel ur pain Ragini. Please don’t try to hide ur tears from me. If u tries too, u will fail.

Ragini became emotional and started to cry. Laksh hugged her more and tightened his grip on her waist. Ragini too hugged him more and cried more very freely. Laksh slowly took her to the bench and made her to sit on his lap without her knowledge. Laksh closed his eyes and gulping the pain formed seeing her cry. But he couldn’t control anymore. His tears fall on Ragini’s shoulder but she was busy in crying that she didn’t find him crying.

They don’t know how much time had run like that. Ragini’s eyes become dry due to loss of so much tears. Now no tears left in her eyes. She was closing her eyes and inhaling the nature’s fragrance with Laksh’s. She was registering her mind this moment and wished time to stop here itself. She slowly opened her eyes a small smile came on her face. She found her Laksh’s lap in his tight embrace, her safest place in the world. She was no more worrying that she left her family because her all time supporter, Laksh was with her. She was feeling as luckiest person in the world. She was very happy that now she was his better half and life partner.
She slowly looked at him. Laksh too looked at her with some tears. Ragini was mesmerized in his eyes and smiled a bit. Seeing her smile, he smiled a bit wide. Seeing him smiling little wider, she smiled brightly. Seeing her smiling brightly, he chuckled. Seeing him chuckled, she giggled. Seeing her giggling, he laughed a bit. Seeing him laughing lightly, she laughed a little loudly. Seeing her laughing little loudly, he laughed loudly. Seeing him laughing loudly, Ragini too joined him and they both laughed loudly.

Everyone who looks at this thing will think that they both were mad. But the reality is Laksh’s small smile is based on Ragini’s smile. And Ragini small smile is based on Laksh’s soft smile. From this their happiness is based on their partner’s happiness. Such a lovely couple is RAGLAK.
After some time, Ragini stood up and Laksh too stood with her. Ragini hugged herself and looked at the surroundings. It was a full moon day with beautiful stars making the dark sky adorable and along with it some cold breeze made the atmosphere romantic. Ragini was admiring it.
Laksh back hugged her and whispered: Now there is no need to hug urself. There is someone to hug u, kiss u and many more.

Ragini blushed and smiled. She whispered: Laksh shall we go for a walk.
Laksh looked at her surprised and asked: Now? At this night time?
Ragini cutely pouted and turned to look him: Please Laksh. It will be so good to walk in the night time. The silence, darkness, abandoned road will be so beautiful at night time. Please.
Laksh couldn’t say no so he nodded in yes. He was about to take car but Ragini: Laksh. I said by walk.

Before his reply, she dragged him. Laksh liked the night’s silence, darkness, loneliness. They both were walking hand in hand. Laksh felt very happy that now his life has someone to care for him, to love him, to fight along with him, to anger on him, to kiss him, to hug him, to care him, to support him. This thought made Goosebumps on his body. He tightens his grip in Ragini’s hand signifying that he will be always with her. Ragini too tightened her grip assuring him that she is there for him always. They looked at each other and smiling as they understood their assurance to each other. At that time they heard a bell sound and looked towards that direction. It is from ice cream shop. Ragini’s tongue twisted looking ice cream shop. Laksh noticed this and asked did u want ice cream; she nodded her head like a small kid. He chuckled and they went to get ice cream.

They both were returning home and Ragini was eating ice cream like kid and Laksh all the way admiring her. Ragini then forward her ice cream and asked him did u want. Laksh looked at the ice cream in her hand then her lips which had some ice cream. He immediately captured her lips and started to taste ice cream along with her lips. Ragini was shocked but the magic of lips made her mesmerize and respond to him. They were sucking each other lips and their tongue was licking and tasting their mouths. Their kiss was broke when they felt water drop on them. They both looked the water drop then at the sky. Suddenly it started to rain heavily. Laksh surprised and he was about to drag Ragini to hide from rain, he found her enjoying rain. Her each and every activity was mesmerizing him and made him to admire more and love her more. Suddenly Ragini sang loudly,

‘Hey rain! Waiting for u! Come! Come! Come! Lucky and Ragu is waiting for u! Come! Come! Come! Raglak wants to play with u! Come! Come! Come! Rain! Play with us’

Laksh started to laugh loudly looking at her child act. Ragini pouted and took some rain drops in her hand and sprinkled on his face. Laksh surprised and he does the same. They both started to play like this. Suddenly Laksh became naughty and pinched Ragini’s waist. Ragini shocked and Laksh rocked! Ragini chased him and their Tom and Jerry fight begins. At a place the road was slippery, Ragini stepped on it and was about to fall down but Laksh caught her by the waist. They both had a beautiful eye lock. Laksh took her in his arms and walked to his house. He was about to enter but Ragini says that there r some rituals, so he made her stand and took the things like pot with rice and plate with red mixture (I don’t know what they will say. I just wrote simply. I hope u understood) Ragini completed the rituals. Again Laksh lifted her in bridal style and entered in his romantically decorated room.

He placed her on the bed and bend to her. Some rain drops were falling down from Laksh’s hair on Ragini’s lips. Laksh couldn’t take it anymore. He kissed her passionately. Ragini was enjoying it and suddenly something strikes her mind and pushed Laksh.
Laksh was shocked and asked: what happened?
Ragini looked at him shockingly: Have u forgotten it?
Laksh looked at her confused and asked: What?

Ragini then took his hand and saw the time in his clock. It was 2’o clock. Ragini sighed in relief. Laksh looked at her confused. Ragini understood his confusion: Laksh, have u forgotten that today is last episode.

Laksh was shocked and his eyebrows frowned in anger: What the (He didn’t complete it and took deep breathe to control his anger. Ragini was looking at him innocently) what is this Ragini? Today is our first night. It’s time to take our love to next level. But here u pushed me and said u wants to see that stupid serial at this time. If u want we can see it in online, ok princess come on now come to me!

Ragini shook her head in no and said: No Laksh. Today is last episode. I can’t miss my Abhi. (Laksh glared at her for saying ‘my’ Abhi even though he knows that it was his character) U only said naa? Today we can watch it together. Now why r u saying like this? Laksh night is a long time. We both will spend many nights in our future. So if not today we can take our relationship to next level tomorrow. But serials r not likes that. If we missed them then we can’t see it in TV. So now I am going to watch it after changing, even u also go and change. See u r wet.
Laksh was about o argue with her but she already left into bathroom. So Laksh has no way to go rather than wait for another 1 hour to get his love. He cursed himself for acting in that serial. He cursed himself for reminding her about last episode. Within 2:30 they both changed into a night dress. Ragini was excitedly sitting on bed with remote in her hand and watching the serial like a small kid watching cartoon. Laksh kept his both hands on his chin supporting his head to glare at that serial. Ragini was enjoying Laksh’s reaction and not serial. She chuckled lightly thinking about Laksh’s situation. Laksh was busy in giving death glare to the serial, so he didn’t notice her. He tried to touch her in between ads or scenes but Ragini jerked him and Laksh pouted. Ragini enjoyed it very much.

Now it’s time for Laksh to take his revenge. It was 3’o clock and the serial ended with happy ending. Here Laksh was smirking for the happy beginning. He looked at Ragini with desires, need, and lust and obviously with love too. Ragini looked at him at corner of her eyes. She tried to ignore him but she was caught in his easily mesmerizing eyes. He moved forward and Ragini sit there still and admiring him. He removed his t shirt. Ragini’s eyes wide looking at his perfect body. Her breathe become abnormal. She tried to look somewhere but she was only admiring his body. Laksh smirked and sat very close to her. His hot breathe falls on her face and Goosebumps were all over her body. Laksh sensually caressed her cheeks.

Ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch. Finally she felt rough lips on her soft ones. He kissed her wildly and Ragini too joined him. The intense level was increasing more and more. Laksh’s hand slowly caressed her body. Ragini mourned in between the kiss. Her hands traveled on his bare chest feeling each and every muscle. Laksh gasped feeling her touch. He broke the kiss and bends to her neck and started to kiss and bite her. Ragini placed her one hand on his hair and pushed him more to her. Laksh slowly moved the top to her shoulder and was kissing and giving love bites. Ragini was enjoying it. She could not say or do anything except mourning. Laksh was ignited more because of her mourns. He suddenly pushed her on bed and bends to her belly and caressed it.

Ragini was enjoying it and new feelings were rising between the two. They slowly become naked and enjoyed each and every minute with their touch and kisses. Finally it was time to reach the climax; Laksh looked Ragini’s eyes for permission. Ragini nodded in yes and whispered ‘Laksh please be gentle’. Laksh bend to her face and cupped it and passionately kissed her lips. Laksh whispered ‘I will always be gentle with u Ragini. U r like a delicate flower I can’t be rough and ruin u. I will do as u say princess!’ Ragini smiled and pecked his lips and nodded in yes. Laksh slowly entered her and Ragini felt immense pain and tears formed in her eyes. Laksh waited for her to adjust and slowly bend to her and kissed on her lips.

Ragini responded him and she whispered ‘Laksh, take me’. Laksh looked at her with ‘r u sure look’. Ragini again whispered ‘I am all urs Laksh. I am urs and only urs. I am sure! Please make me urs Laksh, please’. Laksh nodded and slowly thrust inside her. Ragini at first felt very pain but it soon turns into pleasure and mourned loudly making Laksh to become crazy. After a passionate love making Laksh fell on Ragini. Ragini smiled and hugged him tightly. Laksh’s head was on Ragini’s neck. She caressed his hair and whispered ‘u made me fulfill Laksh. I feel completed. I am very much happy that I am completely urs. I am so happy that u r mine only mine. I can’t believe that the one whom I thought I couldn’t even see in my life time was now my better half, my soul, my love, my life. I love u so much Laksh!’ With that she slept and a small smile was in Laksh’s face.

Did u all like it? I had typed this for at least 2 hours continuously. I don’t know how it is, I don’t know if I had fulfilled ur desire. I tried my level best to give romance and beautiful moments for Raglak. If there are any mistakes please forgive. I wrote this at late night. I may have done some mistakes. So please don’t care it. Only one wish guys, at least for this shot please comment on which scene u liked. It’s just my request.

And Raglak time to change I will post it tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Now a concept strikes my brain, so I will try to give its prologue along with that ff. It may be ff or ss. But it will only be RAGLAK. Keep smiling and take care. Bye!

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