Love Has No Eyes (Shot 20)

Really I am an idiot. How can I forget that others too have exams? Thank u so much guys for reminding me. So I don’t worry about comments but I will continue whole heartedly. Thank u once again for supporting me. Here is the next shot…
At Ragini’s room,
Nikhil enters the room and looks at Ragini who was thinking for a plan to make Laksh escape.
Nikhil: Oh come on Ragu. I know what u r thinking. (Ragini turned towards him and he smirked at her). Ur 2 hours is over. Now tell me ur opinion. Shall I let Laksh live or die?
Ragini glared at him but he smirks widely. Ragini then moved towards a table and took some papers then she came in front of him.

Ragini with anger but suppressed: Ok. I will marry u. But u must leave Laksh.
Nikhil smiled: Of course Ragu. I know u love him and he loves u. But I am the one who loved u from the beginning and I will be the one who will love u till the end. Laksh is a passing cloud. I will leave him only for u.
Ragini’s blood boiled and irritated: But u have to do one more thing.
Nikhil was excited: Wow Ragu tell me. What should I do? I will do anything for u.
Ragini smirked: U need to sign these papers without reading it.
Nikhil got some doubt but his obsession covered his doubts and said: Ok Ragu. I can sign infinite papers without even reading or thinking to get u.
Ragini smirked widely and showed him those papers. Nikhil without even seeing it signed. Then he asked Ragini to get ready for the marriage which was in morning. He then went from there happily that he had achieved a very big thing. Ragini was broken down completely.

Ragini’s POV,

What have I done? I should not have done like that. But it was condition to accept it. But I have some confidence that my Laksh will come for me. Yes I know. He will save me from this psycho.
At mid night,
Sanskar jumps into Swara’s room and Swara saw him surprisingly and she cried hugging him. She told about Laksh’s kidnap, their house arrest and Nikhil’s order to Ragini. Sanskar was shocked.
Swara: Sanskar we want to save my di from that psycho.
Sanskar: But at first we want to know where Laksh is kidnapped. Only we both can’t do that job. We need Ragini’s help too. Where is Ragini?
Swara: She is in her room.
Sanskar: We need to go there.
Swara: How?
Sanskar pointed the window and Swara saw him with wide eyes. Then they both with lot of difficulties reached Ragini’s room. Their heart beat skipped looking at her appearance. Whole room was dark and the moon light entering through a window. At the end of shadow Ragini was sitting no hugging her and hiding her face in her knees and crying. They both ran to her and Swara hugged her tightly.
After a while,
Sanskar: Ragini how can we trace Laksh. His phone was with Nikhil so we cannot trace him. No one had saw his kidnapping. What can we do now?
Just then Ragini remembered something and went to her cupboard and took a box. She opened the box and took a bracelet from it. It was half heart shaped with a photo of Laksh with beautiful designs with stones which glittered in the moon light and glows. The glowing makes the trios face to glow especially Ragini’s.

Flash back,

At Ragini’s room, night of sangeet function, 1’o clock,
Laksh was sitting on the bed and Ragini was sitting next to him. She rests her head on his shoulder and they intertwined their fingers and their lips had a cute smile. There was only silence in the room. Their heart beat was resonating on their ears. Suddenly Laksh broke the silence.
Laksh: Princess Ragu. I have a gift for u.
Ragini was surprised and excited: What gift prince Lucky?
Laksh: Come on princess Ragu guess it.
Ragini with a pout acted like thinking where as Laksh was mesmerized in her beauty. Then Ragini guessed some things but Laksh shook his head in no. Finally Ragini gave up.
Ragini: No I don’t know. What is the gift Laksh?
Laksh to irritate her: No Ragini. U have to guess more. Come on at least now u use ur small brain.
Ragini irritated: Who has small brain? Me? How can u say that? Did u know, I am only the school first and university first. I am always a topper but u r saying me that I am having small brain. How mean? (She kept a pout in her face)
Laksh laughed looking at her and Ragini was irritated more. Ragini: Laksh stop it and get out. I need to sleep.
Laksh immediately stopped but innocently: But my love was very much excited to see the gift.
Ragini now with a pout face: But my love was teasing me. So I don’t want it.
Laksh teasingly: really?
Ragini closed her eyes tightly and shouted in his ears: YES!
Laksh’s brain was stumbled due to her sound then came to the conscious and saw his love turning her head to other side with pout lips and her arms folded on her chest. Laksh then took his one hand and closed Ragini’s eyes. He took the gift with another hand while Ragini was struggling to remove his hand from her eyes. Then finally he took his hands and Ragini eyes directly fall on his gift. It was a bracelet. It was in heart shaped and inside it was a picture of Raglak having a side hug during their engagement. It’s background was with red heart and some stones. Ragini was watching it with wide eyes. Laksh saw her reaction and felt very happy. He was about to say something but Ragini hugged him tightly and said
Ragini: Laksh. U r the best. This gift is amazing. I didn’t expect this type of gift. This is very special.
Laksh smiled looking at her and Ragini looked at his eyes and asked: Laksh am I that much special to u?
Laksh cupped her face and looked her lovingly: U r not only special but also important for me. U r my precious treasure. I can do anything for my princess happiness.
Ragini’s joy went into extreme level and hugged him tightly and Laksh hugged her back.
Laksh: Ragini. I need to show one thing.
Saying this he took the bracelet in his hand and Ragini looked at him. Laksh then slightly twisted it and the heart separated into two halves and Ragini was shocked. Laksh who was already prepared for all Ragini’s questions kept his finger on her lips and said
Laksh: Ragini I know what u r going to ask. First of all this part (where Laksh’s photo is present) is urs and this part (where Ragini’s photo is present) is mine. These two parts have a small device with which we can trace each other easily. (Saying he tapped on the photo and it then turns into a map with two dots). This red dot is me and that blue dot is u.

Ragini was dumbstruck to see that gift’s facilities. Her mouth became ‘o’ shaped. Laksh looked at her and smiled and he continued
Laksh: I have ordered and made this. This is for our safety. I promised u that I will not allow that Nikhil to spoil our marriage. So this is a safe precaution. By the way princess how is my gift.
Ragini: What can I say? This is awesome, beautiful, and marvelous. I can’t say more than this. My words are struck inside my both because of its beauty.
Laksh interrupted: Not more than u princess.
Ragini blushed: Thank u so much for ur lovely gift my prince. Saying this she suddenly kissed on his cheeks and Laksh touched there and looked her with big eyes.
Laksh teasingly: U naughty girl, taking advantage suddenly. Saying this he winked at her and Ragini blushed. Then both of them burst into laughter.
Flashback ends
Ragini thinking it smiled whereas Swasan looked at her lost on her thoughts. They jerked her to come to the reality. Finally Ragini explained them about the bracelet.
Sanskar: It’s a good idea Ragini. We can trace him easily. But he has that bracelet with him? Swara too nodded thinking whether he would have it or not.
Ragini: No Sanskar. Laksh definitely will have it. He only said that we should have it all the time unless we both are together.
Sanskar: fine. So now I will go and bring him as soon as possible. Then only we could stop that Nikhil.
Ragini: I will also come with u.
Swara: No I will come with u.
Sanskar looked at both of them.
After a while in Swara’s room,
Sanskar: Ok take care and be careful. Saying he and she (who is that?) went from there.
Guessing time: What will be those papers? Who will be going with Sanskar? What will be Swasanrag plan? Can Laksh escape from there?
Ok guys this shot is somewhat long. The next shot will be the great day in Raglak’s life. Keep smiling and stay healthy. Also thank u for supporting me bye.

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