Love Has No Eyes (Shot 19)

I am so sad today, because I didn’t get many comments. It’s ok. So here is the next shot…
At a mansion in a room,
Laksh slowly opened his eyes, he saw himself in a luxurious room and lying on a bed. He doesn’t know what he was doing there. He then felt pain on his head and touched and he felt a bandage. So he went near the dressing table and found that he was injured and was treated. Suddenly he remembered the accident and doesn’t remember after that. He just looked the room with questioning eyes. Suddenly a man came inside with a mask and gave him kept food and water on a stand and was about to move.
Laksh: Wait a minute. Where I am? What I am doing here and who r u?
Man: U r asked to take rest till tomorrow morning sir. My owner will come to meet u tomorrow morning. Till then u have to take rest.
Laksh: No I am ok. I don’t need any rest. Tomorrow is my wedding. I have to go. My Ragu will be waiting for me. Saying this he was about to move but that man pushed him on the bed.
Man: Sir. U r under my security and I could not let u go out without my owner’s order so please co operate.
Laksh: But why ur owner asked me to stay here. I need to meet ur owner now.

Man: Sorry sir. My owner will be busy now and will meet u tomorrow.
Laksh became angry: R u mad? Can’t u understand? Tomorrow is my wedding if I didn’t go in time then my Ragu could not bear it. Let me go. I will meet ur owner tomorrow after my wedding.
But that man didn’t say anything and just went outside. Laksh too followed him but that man locked him outside and went. Laksh was shocked and banged the door. Two men were standing before his room as security and they didn’t even turned to him. Laksh doesn’t know what was going on. He couldn’t even guess. Suddenly he felt that he had been kidnapped. He wanted to escape from there and to meet his princess as soon as possible. He then looked for his mobile but it was not there. He then searched for anything which could be useful for escaping. He then went to the balcony and peeped down but some guards were walking there. He doesn’t know what to do. His mind was filled with only one thought ‘should meet princess and assure her that he is fine’. But he doesn’t know how to go.

At Baadi,
Ragini’s mind was blank and she doesn’t know what to do. Nikhil make her to stand and held her hands.
Nikhil: Ragu, I know u don’t know what to say. But Ragini u doesn’t have any choice. If u urself accept me, then I will at least let him live alive. If u doesn’t accept me, then I will kill him and marry u. So u doesn’t have any choice about ur husband. But if u wants u can save ur lover. It’s all up to u Ragu. I think so u got my point. Now (He turned to his men and asked his men to keep everyone in different room. He turned to Ragini) u has only 2 hours time. Within these 2 hours if u doesn’t accept me, then I will kill him. The choice is urs.
Saying this he pushed her into her room and locked outside. Ragini was in same shock and tears started to flow from her eyes. She remembered her every moment with Laksh.

Ragini’s POV
What the hell is happening in my life? Why this all happening to me? What was that devil telling? How can I marry him? I love Laksh then how can I marry that psycho? What can I do now? I want to see Laksh. I cannot live without him. I love him so much. But at the same time I could not see him dead. What should I do to save him? Yes I have no way to go. I can save Laksh only by accepting the marriage. But. No. I need to do this for my Laksh. I want him alive. I love him so much. Why r u doing this to me god? Why can’t I be happy with my love? Am I that much unlucky? No now I can’t think selfishly. I want to think only about him. Yes I need to save. But did I have other way to save him? I need to think about it. I have 2 hours time. I need to think quickly. What shall I do now? Laksh don’t worry. I will save u at any cost. I will be back to u. I love u soooooooooo much. She wiped off her tears and looked at the sky. She then started to think.

Laksh’s POV
I don’t know what was happening here. I can only remember that I had an accident. But after that what happened? Where am I? How I came here? Why r they not allowing me to go out? Why the house is full of guards? If they had kidnapped me then why had they kept me in this room rather than tying my hands and leg and keep me in a dark room? Is this a new way of kidnapping? But what is the purpose of my kidnap? I don’t think so they had kidnapped me for money. Even in my work I don’t have any rivals with anyone. Then who could have kidnapped me? Was it a plan of Nikhil? Yes only that psycho can think like this. But why he had kept me in this place? If he was Nikhil then how could he come to meet me tomorrow morning? If he had a plan to marry Ragini before my eyes, then I will kill him. I won’t kill him so easily. I will make him to beg for death. How dare he to think about my Ragini? Ragini! Omg what was she doing now? If she knows about my kidnap, then she can’t control her tears. She will be crying thinking about me. My Ragini will be deep pain. She was so innocent and pure hearted girl. She loves me so much. She could not see my pain. I want to see her and console her that I am fine. I could not control my tears thinking about her. I need to save her from that stupid psycho. I love her so much. I cannot even imagine her in pain. I need to escape from here at least for my Ragini. I need to think quickly. I love u Ragini. I will reach u soon. Please don’t worry. I will be back to u. I will save u at any cost. I love u sooooooooooooooo much my princess. He wiped off his tears and looked at the sky. He then started to think.
At road,

Sanskar’s POV
What happened to this Laksh? After morning, he didn’t even call me. I have tried many times but he didn’t attend the call. He hadn’t done like this before. Don’t know what happened to him. When I searched for him at his house his servant said that he left the house in a bike at last and till now he hadn’t reached. So I tried to call Swara now but she too didn’t take my call. So I tried to their telephone number but it was at all connecting. I was so worried about all. But to my shock when I reached Baadi to check everything was ok, I saw that man who came on engagement day and talked ill about Ragini talking to some other men. I hide behind a pillar before he could see me. I can now clearly guess the situation. He must be the one reason for all confusions. I need to go inside and meet everyone. He looked at a window at first floor and thought a way to climb inside.

The shot ends here. I know its small but for 2 shots it will be like that then will be the marriage special and wedding night special. I will try to give it long. I know it was boring but what to do? Ok guess how will this marriage happens. Bye.

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