Love Has No Eyes (Shot 18)

Ragini suddenly kissed Laksh on his lips .He was shocked but then he pulled her closer and started to reciprocate her. The tears were flowing from their eyes. Their heart was beating faster. Their lips were kissing passionately soon turned into a wild one. Their tongues were fighting for dominance to explore each other’s mouth. Their hands were running all over their body. They don’t want to end this kiss. They wish their time to stop here.
Suddenly they both fall on the bed but without breaking the kiss. While Laksh was over Ragini, he broke the kiss. They both were breathing heavily. Their eyes were locked with each other. The new spark created between them today wanted to enjoy each other more. Laksh bend and started kiss on her neck. The butterflies were flying in her stomach. She mourned in pleasure. Her mourn made him more crazy and he started to bite her. She hissed in pain so he sucked the love bite giving more pleasure to her. Her hands were roaming on his hairs and pulling closer towards herself. His one hand was roaming on her belly under her clothes and other hand at her back reaching the lace of her blouse and pulled it. He moved her blouse down upto her shoulder and kissed her hungrily. Ragini mourned more. L…Llaa…Laaak…Laakshhhhh. He was doing it on the both sides.
He was about to unpin her pallu just then Ragini came to reality and pushed Laksh. Laksh was shocked and now came to the reality. He quickly moves away from her and stands beside the window whereas Ragini sat on the bed. They both were feeling awkward and embarrass. They both at the same time looked each other on the corner of their eyes and quickly looked the opposite side.
Ragini found that his hair was messed and his lips with her red lipstick and his shirt was shrunked with three buttons opened showing his chest. Laksh found that her neatly combed hair was completely messed and her lips were swollen by his kiss and her blouse was moving down upto her shoulder which reveals her bare neck and lightly her cleavage. Her neck was marked by his love bites and her clothes were moved aside revealing most of her milky skin. They both blushed heavily looking each other like that.

Just then Ragini looked at herself. She was shocked whereas Laksh was still blushing. But suddenly a pillow hit him and saw Ragini standing angrily with another pillow to attack him. He looks at her shocked but she threw another pillow and threw all the things which she got on his face. Laksh tried to stop her but couldn’t.
Laksh: Ragini! What r u doing?
Ragini throwing stuffs: How dare u to do this?
Laksh innocently: What have I done?
Raging still throwing: What have u didn’t do?
Laksh pleadingly: Ragini. Please stop this.
Ragini looked at him: If u would have stopped messing me, then I would not have been beating u.
Laksh: But Ragini, u r the first one who had started it. Ur kiss was so tasty so only I couldn’t control myself. I am sorry. (He said with a puppy face).
Ragini with a pout: But Laksh what can I do with ur sorry? See what have u done. If anyone comes here then what will happen?
Laksh teasingly: Nothing will happen. I will be in hospital and u will be beside me sitting and kissing on my wounds.
Ragini glared at him and Laksh gulped: Ok bachha sorry! I will help u in getting ready, gentle man agreement. OK?
Ragini smiled and nodded her head in yes. Then he helped her in getting ready but they could not hide the love bites. So Laksh took some hair till her shoulders on front. It hided it so Laksh escaped from a volcano. Then he too took his beard and mustache and returned to old get up. The mehendi function was completed and Laksh too escaped from there.

At road,
Laksh was driving the bike and his thoughts were filled with their sweet moments. As he was dreamingly riding the bike he didn’t see the car approaching towards him. In a fraction of second, he became unconscious and two men from the car took him and went away. It was a deserted road so no people saw this.

At Ragini’s room,
Ragini was in lying on the bed and thinks about Laksh. She was thinking about her life after marriage. Suddenly she saw Laksh standing near the window and looking at her romantically. Ragini was surprised and went near to him but he disappeared. She was shocked and searched for him. Suddenly she saw him near her dressing table. She smiled and about to go to him just then she heard a knock on the door. She was shocked and was about to ask him to go away but he disappeared. Then she realized her imagination and smiled at it and another knock on the door. She opened the door and saw Swara, Sharmistha and Shekhar with a bowl full of rasgulla.
Ragini: What is this?
Swara: This is rasgulla, doesn’t u know?
Ragini: I know it but what u three r doing here with this?
Swara: Oh come on di. Tomorrow is our marriage then when will we 4 spend time together? So only we came here to celebrate our last night in this house with a sweet.
Ragini now only realized that she was going to go away from her family. Her eyes were filled with tears and hugged Swara. She too hugged her back and Sharmistha and Shekhar too joined and they 4 shared a group hug. They 4 of them were pulling each other’s leg, cracking jokes and remembering some sweet and bitter moments in their life.
Suddenly they saw some entering their house. All were shocked. Just then a man with a devil mask came in front of them and he slowly removed his mask. All were shocked to see Nikhil standing with a smirk. Ragini became panic and she hide behind Shekhar. Nikhil saw this and smirked.
Nikhil: Ragu, why r u hiding behind papa? I am only naa, ur would be devil husband? Then why r u hiding ur face? Oh feeling shy? Oh Ragini I loved it. Come on show ur face. I need to see it. Come on. Saying this went near to her but Shekhar came in between them and pushed him away.

Shekhar shouted: How dare u to come near my daughter? Get out from my house. Or else I will call police to arrest u. Get Out, right now.
Nikhil acted to be feared: Oh papa. I am feared. Please don’t shout at me. (Then he laughed loudly and continued). So why r u wasting ur time in calling police? U know naa always police would come at last after the hero saving his heroine. (He looked at Ragini). So call directly ur hero. (He smirked at her).
Ragini became worried about Laksh and ran to her room and took her phone and called Laksh but his ringtone came from the hall. She hurriedly looked for him but Nikhil with a wide smirk took a phone from his pocket which was ringing and cut the call. Ragini was shocked because it was Laksh’s mobile. She ran to him and holds his collar.
Ragini shouted at the top of her voice with tears: How r u having Laksh’s phone? Where is Laksh? What have u done to him? Tell me or else I won’t leave u. Tell.
Nikhil held her hands: That is what I want. Don’t leave me. Then only I will send ur Laksh back with his breathe or else I will kill him for romancing with my darling.
Ragini was hell shocked and stammers: What r u saying? Laksh was with u which means have u kidnapped him? Why have u done this? Why r u acting like a mad? Please leave my Laksh. Please do anything to him. He is my life. I love him so much. I cannot live without him, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I will do whatever u say. Please leave him.
Nikhil smirked and left her hand and she falls on the ground crying about Laksh.

Nikhil: Omg! What a love? Ok listen u has said that u will do whatever I say. So u have to marry tomorrow but ur groom will not be Laksh but ur Nikhil.
Everyone were shocked that too Ragini. She could not say anything. She looked at the surrounding. Nikhil’s men had rounded them and already they had disconnected the telephone wire and kept her family at gun point. She doesn’t know what to do.

What will happen next? Will Ragini be able to escape from Nikhil? Will Laksh come for Ragini? Wait for some more shots. Please post ur comments. Bye.

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