Love Has No Eyes (Shot 17)

Thank u sooooooooooooooo much. I felt happy when I saw comments saying some of them missed my ff. Really have u all missed this boring ff? Anyways thank u so much for kind hearted people who had commented me and the silent readers. Now here is the next shot.

Laksh’s POV
Why did she lie to Swara? I have already called many times in the morning to ask permission to come here. Anyways if she hadn’t told like this then I would have caught. Wait a second. That means she had found me.
Laksh looked at Ragini who was staring him with a smile. Then suddenly winked at him without anyone notice and turned to the group. Laksh could not believe that she had found him. He felt happy for it. He just took many stills while listening to their conversation.
Girl 1: Di. What name shall I write?
Before Ragini’s reply Swara said: Don’t write any name. Let jiju can search for his name tomorrow whole night.
Saying she looked at Laksh and he gave I will kill u look. All the girls started laughing whereas Ragini glared at her but she ignored it.
Ragini just blurted: Shut up Swara. Let me tell Sanskar that not to let u sleep tomorrow whole night.
All the girls and Laksh were shocked to hear it from Ragini whereas Swara’s face turned red due to shyness. Just then
Ragini realized what she said and bite her tongue.
Ragini: I mean to say that I will ask Sanskar to tease u whole so that u won’t sleep and continue ur jokes. Then she turns to girl 1 and asked her to write ‘LAKSH’ in her hand.
Girl 2: So Swara, u r going to spend ur first night by only teasing and joking. Doesn’t u have any other works?
Swara’s face turned darker and she glared at Ragini while she was giggling. She then turned towards Laksh who was giving a ‘u deserves it’ look to her. Then Swara decided to tease Ragini.
Swara: Di. Now tell me about jiju.
Ragini looked at her and asked: What does u want to know about him?
Swara: His character, look, etc. according to u.
Ragini’s face turned pink due to blushing and she looked at Laksh and he was eagerly waiting for her reply.
Ragini: U first tell me about Sanskar then I will say about Laksh.
Swara: No. I asked u first so u want tell me first. All the girls supported Swara so Ragini was trapped now. She bends her head down to avoid her eye contact with Laksh.
Ragini: Laksh is so cute.
All girls: Ooooooooooooooooh!
Ragini blushed and said: Handsome.
All girls: Ooooooooooooooooh!
Ragini blushed more and said: Smart
All girls: Woooooooooooooow!
Ragini smiled and said: Kind hearted.
Swara: Oh My God, enough or else u will describe him the whole day.

This time Laksh blushed. He looked lovingly at Ragini.
Swara: Ok di. Now tell me about the effect of his love on you.
Ragini’s mind was filled about their sweet moments. She looked at Laksh lovingly and her eyes were shining with her love and Laksh’s eyes were fixed on Ragini. They both had a beautiful eye lock. At last Ragini break it.
Ragini: LOVE! I felt that word’s meaning when I had fallen for him. I hadn’t felt such a feeling before Laksh came into my life. I can say that because of his love only I found myself. Because of his love only I felt completed. Because of his love only I loved my life. Because of his love only I started loving this world. Because of his love only I am here. Because of his love only I am smiling. Because of his love only I am happy. I can’t live without his love. His love is only for me. His heart beats only for me. His thoughts were only on me. His soul belongs only to me. His love has such an effect in my life. Without his sight I cannot see. Without his voice I cannot speak. Without his laugh I cannot hear. Without his fragrance I cannot smell. Without his heart I cannot feel myself. Without his soul I cannot be completed. Without his love I am lifeless body. Without him I cannot live. Without Laksh there is no Ragini. Without Laksh and Ragini there is no love called RAGLAK. I will rather die without him.
While saying this her eyes became teary and she bends down and remembered his love and care for her. Her thoughts were broken by the clap sound. Sharmistha and Shekhar had tears in their eyes and felt happy that Laksh will take care of Ragini. Most of them had tears in their eyes. Some of them felt jealous on her. Some felt very happy for her. Ragini felt very happy and her eyes were searching for her love, her life, her soul, her Laksh. But he was not there. Just then her phone vibrates. (Now her mehendi had dried). She opens the messages and saw a new message from him. ‘SEARCH ME WHERE I PROPOSED U’. Ragini thought to go to the room but she doesn’t know how. Swara guessed it and diverted everyone’s attention to herself and signaled Ragini to go.
Ragini thanked her with a smile and went to her room. She closed the door and looked at Laksh who was showing his back to her near the window. Ragini thought that he would hug her and kiss her. But to her surprise he turned and glared at her. Ragini doesn’t know why and moved towards him. He had much anger in his face and Ragini felt little fear but too continued to walk towards him.

Ragini: Laksh.
Laksh interrupted: Shhhh. U have talked more outside. Now just answer my questions.
Ragini nodded her head and looked at him with slight fear.
Laksh: What did u speak there?
Ragini blush a little thinking about it but he glared at her and moved close to her while he removed his specs and Ragini noticed it and moved backward saying: Swara asked me to…
But Laksh was moving forward and looked at her eyes while removing his beard and moustache and said: Swara asked u to…
Ragini now couldn’t move as her back touched the wall and said: tell about…
Laksh now locked her with his arms on either sides and moved more closely that his forehead touches hers and said: tell about…
Ragini breathed heavily and looked at him and still he was glaring and she removed her eyes and looked down and said: u and ur love for me.
Laksh in the same position: What did u say at last?
Ragini looked at him confusingly with innocent face said: I don’t know. I don’t remember. I just told what I felt in my heart.
Laksh in the same position: Shall I remember u? Saying this he took his phone from his pocket and started to play her convocation which he had recorded. Now she came to know the reason behind his anger. Because she had said that ‘she would rather without him’. Ragini opened her mouth to say something but Laksh kept a finger on her lips.
Laksh: Shhhh. U talked about death right? How can u think about death even before our life starts? How can u think that I would leave u? How can u think that I won’t love u? Ok. U have told them about my love right? I am going to about ur love for me to u.
Saying he stepped an inch back and looked into her eyes with some tears on his eyes. Seeing his tears Ragini’s eyes too weld up with tears and they had an eye lock.

Laksh: LOVE! I don’t feel or about it until u came into my life. Love not only exists between a husband and wife it also exists between parents and their children, gf and bf, brother and sister, and many others but I hadn’t felt those love until u came into my life. I longed for love from my birth until I get ur love. I have saw many love stories and heard about many love stories even I too had acted in a love based serial but I really cannot understand or feel those love until u gave me ur love to me. From my birth until I met u I didn’t have heard my heart beat or I didn’t felt anything in my heart. But when I saw u for the first time I heard only my heart beat. When I read ur letters I felt something in my heart. Then only I started to see the world with a love bond. Until u came into my life I have only one dream and I worked hard to achieve it and I thought to do anything to achieve my dreams. But now I can feel my heart saying that if my dreams become a problem in my love then I will definitely leave it for my love. U has such an importance in my life. Only ur love was making me smile, laugh, enjoy the life, happiness, etc,. I cannot even imagine a life without ur love. I am now used to ur love. I am addicted to ur love. I cannot live without ur love. Ur love means to me everything. I love u Ragini. I really really really love u Ragini. Before Laksh could continue he felt soft lips on his lips.

Will Raglak’s marriage happens smoothly? What will be Nikhil’s plan? Will their love overcome all the hurdles caused by Nikhil? Let’s see. Ok stay healthy, keep smiling. Please don’t forget to post ur comments.

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Thank u.

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