Love Has No Eyes (Shot 16)

Finally my board exams are over. I am free now. Sorry for not updating this ff these days. I think so no one had missed my ff. It’s ok. Now here the next shot.

Ragini was lost in his eyes. Laksh became surprised and happy due to Ragini’s move and keeps on looking her lovingly. Ragini now realized that she was sitting on his lap. She was about to get up, but Laksh held her waist tightly and started to do romance with her. Ragini felt shy and whispered,
Ragini: Laksh. What will u do on the wedding night, if u completes everything here?
Laksh smiled and teasingly looked at her and whispered,
Laksh: We have an important job on our wedding night, so only completing everything now. Ok?
Ragini blushed and whispered.
Ragini: Laksh, leave me.
Laksh: Never till I breathe.
Ragini felt happy hearing it but she needs to stop him or else they would cross the limit. So she bites his cheeks and ran from there. Laksh was shocked and didn’t expect it and so he left her. She ran near to the car and asked him to come fast. Laksh came near her with some pout on his face. Ragini smiled at him and thought that if she does anything to change his mood then he would definitely not allow her to go. She murmured to herself that ‘wait for few days Laksh. Then I will be with u always. If u urself ask me to leave u, I won’t leave u.’ she smirked at him thinking this. Laksh looking at her thought ‘Do whatever u want now but after marriage I won’t leave u if u even kill me into pieces.’ Thinking this he smirked at her. They had an eye lock and they went from there. Laksh dropped Ragini at her house. She was about to get out from the car just then Laksh.
Laksh: Ragini?

Ragini: Hmmm. She turned toward him
Laksh: won’t u ask what job is there on our wedding night?
Ragini blushed and turned to the other side and said.
Ragini: I don’t want to know now.
Laksh: Then when?
Ragini: After our marriage.
Laksh: But it is an important thing. U has to know it definitely before our marriage itself.
Ragini blushed more and turned towards him.
Ragini: Laksh. What r u talking? I need to go now and I would learn everything from u. Ok? Now shall I go?
Laksh laughed at her and Ragini confusingly looked at him and asked ‘What?’
Laksh: Actually Ragini. That serial naa, it is going to off air. The last episode will be on our wedding day and I thought we would watch it together on our first night. This is what the job I am talking about. But I think so my princess had thought of something else.
He said with a naughty expression. Ragini felt very much embarrassed so she opened the car door and about to step down just then Laksh held her hand.

Laksh: Don’t worry Ragini. I will teach u perfectly what to do on our wedding night.
Ragini turned and glared at him and he was teasingly looking at her and winked. She jerked away her hand and started to beat him playfully on his chest. Laksh held both of her hands and said.
Laksh: Hey ‘anarkali girl’ if u kill me now then my princess charm will be alone. I can’t see her in pain. She is so innocent and I need to be always with her. Or else her father will break my bones. So please show some pity on me.
Saying his he showed his puppy face and Ragini started to laugh and Laksh too laughed with her and he was completely mesmerized in her beauty. Suddenly he kissed her cheeks and Ragini looked at him shocked
Laksh: For biting my cheeks.
Ragini suddenly kissed him on his cheeks and he was surprised of it.
Ragini: For biting ur cheeks.
Then Ragini said bye to him and he too said bye to her. They both happily went from there.
Few days passed very quickly because of sangeet function and other traditional functions. Now Mehendi function is going on and Laksh & Sanskar were not allowed to the function so Laksh completely missed Ragini. So he called Sanskar and asked about his condition. He says that
Sanskar: Laksh, same feelings here too. What can we do now? Just to wait for 24 hours then they would become our wife. Then we could see them every day and at anytime and anywhere.
Laksh: But I want to see Ragini now. I need to see her mehendi too. Did u know bhai if the bride’s mehendi was red then it represents the love of groom on bride? I know it would definitely be very darker but I want to see it.
Sanskar: Oh come on Laksh. Sun raises everyday and it will rise tomorrow too, so just wait for it. Don’t do anything silly. Ok?
Laksh: Ok bhai. Bye.
Sanskar: Bye.

Laksh’s POV
Please sun rise early so that I could meet my princess. Till then I could do some things to surprise her first day of our wedding life. What shall I do?
He looks at his room and thought to place some photos. So he took his mobile and selected some photos of them and took his paint given by Ragini too and left to a photo shop in his car. A person was watching him going out and informs it to another person through phone.
Man: Sir. Laksh is going somewhere in his car
Opposite side: Just follow him and wait till my orders. Saying this he disconnected the phone and said ‘u deserve this for loving my Ragini. I won’t kill u but going to snatch ur precious soul and love. Wait for a complete heart break.’ He turns his face and is revealed to be Nikhil.
Laksh goes to photo shop and gave the selected pictures and that painting for a frame. Just then he got an idea and asked the photographer for a camera for some time. But he hesitated then Laksh said that he want to see his ‘lady love’ in the mehendi function. Seeing Laksh’s face he understood his love and longing to see her so he gave all the stuffs for a photographer. Laksh thanked him and went to his house and just dressed in formals and took a fake mustache and beard from his makeup set and wore a bifocal specs so that his face was covered completely and no one could found him. He then went to Baadi in a bike with the camera. Nikhil’s men too followed him.

At Baadi,
The mehendi function was started. Just then Laksh came in his different attire with a camera and in entrance Shekhar was standing and saw him.
Shekhar: Hey u stop there!
Laksh thought that he was caught and stood there. Shekhar came to him and asked
Shekhar: Who r u?
Laksh (in a different voice): camera man
Shekhar: But camera man had already come. Tell me who r u?
Laksh (in a different voice) thought a minute and said: Laksh sir had sent me to capture the event separately so that he could frame it.

Shekhar smiled and said: Oh. So my son had sent u. Ok go inside and take the photos u want.
Laksh (in a different voice) felt happy and in hurry he said: Thank u papa.
Then he realized what he said but Shekhar didn’t notice it so he went inside. He felt awkward because there was full of ladies, girls and children group only. He searched if any one man was present just then his eyes fall on a most beautiful girl who was in a yellow lehenga with simple make up and her face was glowing with smile and happiness. His heart forgot to beat and his time was stopped and his eyes were watching that girl only. Just then a cute girl in pink lehenga with light make up and face full of teeth saw him staring at her sister without even blinking. So she threw a flower on him and Laksh came to the reality and saw that cute girl.
Cute girl: Oh hello Mr.! Don’t dare to look at my sister. She was already committed. If my jiju had saw u looking at his would be wife then he would have broken all ur 206 bones.
That beautiful girl blushed and smiled too.
Beautiful girl: Swara. Don’t tease me.

Swara: Di! How can I tease u? I am just saving u from the place of jiju because he had posted me as ur body guard.
Laksh smiled looking at Swara and now she turned to him and said
Swara: Mr. Camera man. Don’t dare to look at me too. Then my, would be hubby will chop u into pieces.
All the girls started laughing and that beautiful girl was lost in her own world with her would be. Laksh took many stills of her in different angles. Swara was noticing all these and just then she found the engagement ring on his finger. She smirked as she knows who that was. Swara thought to tease both of them.
Swara: Di! Have jiju called u today?
Ragini: No Swara. Why r u asking?
Swara: Can u call him now?
Laksh was shocked because his phone was with him and if Shekhar found that he was here then it will be an awkward moment for him.
Ragini: No. I won’t call him now.
Laksh was relieved.
Swara: Why di?
Ragini: Because he has no interest in talking to me today. He must be busy in shooting or will be flirting with any girls.
She said with fake anger and looked at Laksh who was looking at her shocked.

Ragini’s POV,
Today is my mehendi function and I am so happy but I miss him. What can I do? I am sitting on the stage and all the girls were teasing and giggling but I can’t be completely happy without looking at him. I tried to involve with the other girls. Just then a cold breeze touched me which comes when I saw Laksh for the first time. My heart felt that he was here. So my eyes started to search for him just then I saw a new man with specs, beard, mustache on his face and a camera talking to my papa. But he was not new man he was my man, my love, my life, my soul, my happiness, my heart beat, my would be husband Laksh. Yes I can easily find him with my heart. My face glowed with happiness and I started to smile happily. He looked at me as though he would eat me. I felt happy but just acted like I didn’t see him. When Swara asked me to call Laksh, I saw his face with no one’s notice even he didn’t notice me. I understood his fear so I just said something with fake anger to save him from my dangerous sister.
Wait for more Raglak moments. What is Nikhil’s plan? Will he succeed in his plan? Keep guessing and smiling. Stay healthy. Please post ur comments. Thank u.

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  11. Outstanding episode dear and after a long time. I really miss this ff. Loved Raglak scenes. What is nikil’s plan? I hope nothing bad will happen to Laksh. Plz don’t separate Raglak. Post next part ASAP

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