Love Has No Eyes (Shot 15)

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Flashback continues,

At Baadi,
Ragini went to her room and thought about Nikhil’s proposal. She was confused of it. Just then Nikhil enters their house and talked to Shekhar. Ragini went to the hall to listen to their conversation.
Nikhil: Hello uncle. Actually I am here to ask u something.
He then looks at Ragini who turned to the other side. Nikhil with smirk on his face told Shekhar about his proposal to Ragini. Shekhar was shocked and he doesn’t know what to say. Then Nikhil convinced him slightly so that Shekhar turned to Ragini and asked.
Shekhar: Beta. What u r saying?
Ragini without even thinking said.
Ragini: It’s ur wish papa. I will accept the man whom u selects.

Shekhar then turned to Nikhil and thought that he was a good man and a good father. So he decided to get them married and this Ragini’s first proposal. Ragini accepted the proposal only for Shekhar and Nikki and she didn’t have any feelings for him and she also told about it to him. So he was obsessed on her. Their engagement was also completed, now only one day for marriage. Ragini’s heart was saying something wrong and she was not so excited of her marriage.
The day before marriage day, at Ragini’s house,
The marriage was going held in a grand hall as Nikhil was a famous business man. Nobody was in the house and the main door was opened and Ragini was seeing her bridal costume, in her room. She was confused of this marriage as her heart was not ready for the marriage. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door. Ragini opened the door and saw a man and a woman of her mom and dad’s age. They saw her lovingly and Ragini doesn’t know who they were.
Ragini: Aunty, Uncle. I am sorry. I could not identify u both.
Then they both hurriedly came inside her room and locked the door. Ragini was bit confused shocked and feared too. They both introduce themselves as Shruthi’s parents.
Lady: Beta. Please stop this marriage. Don’t marry that psycho. He was a mad person. My daughter suffered a lot because of him. Please beta. I don’t want u too to suffer. Please stop this marriage. Please believe us.
Ragini was shocked hearing this and she asked.
Ragini: What r u saying? I can’t understand. Nikhil said he loved his wife very much. Then how could he torture her? Why r u saying like this? Who r u?
They both then showed their pictures with Shruthi and Ragini was shocked and asked them to tell her everything in detail.

Then they said that when Shruthi was studying in college, Nikhil would always follow her. One day he comes to her house and he asked permission for marriage. They also agreed to him. After their marriage, his true colors were shown to everyone. He was a very much possessive and obsessed man. He would always blame Shruthi that she was having an illegal relationship even though it was not true, he refused to believe her and would beat her and torture her. Finally when she was pregnant with Nikki, he doubts whether that child was his. So she undergone DNA test to prove that she was pure. After that result, he slightly believed her. But their love bond was very weak between them. So when she delivered Nikki, she decided to divorce him, later she decided to bend their relationship. But she could not tolerate him for more than 3 years. So she went to her parent’s house and sent the divorce papers to him.
After learning that she was going to leave him, psycho Nikhil decided to kill her. So he killed her with his car and managed to escape that it was just an accident. After the loss of their daughter, they decided to bring up Nikki and filed the case on court for her custody. But Nikhil won the case with his money to torture Shruthi’s parents for her decision to divorce him.

They said this to Ragini with tears on their eyes. Ragini was shell shocked and believed them because she saw their eyes which were showing the pain and worry on their daughter’s loss. Ragini decided to stop that marriage and thought to get him arrested for Shruthi’s murder. She then asked them to be safe and said that she was going to stop the marriage. After they left, Ragini was in the same state thinking that how could she can live her life with an psycho that too like Nikhil. She felt sorry for Shruthi and Nikki. She then went to Swara and said everything about Nikhil to her. Swara too was equally shocked like Ragini and they now joined as Swaragini. Then they got some proof against Nikhil that Shruthi’s death was a preplanned murder. (I don’t want to explain more detail about it. So guys just assume it.)
On the marriage day,
Ragini was sitting on the mandap and was waiting for the police and Nikhil noticed that she was waiting for someone. So he was irritated and asked.
Nikhil: R u waiting for ur boy friend to stop this marriage? Ragini turned and glared at him.
Nikhil: Just joking ya.
Ragini: I am waiting for ur sasu maa.
Nikhil looked at her confusedly.
Ragini: Just joking ya.

This time Nikhil get irritated and turned to the other side. Ragini was disgusted to sit near him. Just then police came and said ‘Mr. Nikhil Mehra u r under arrest.’ Nikhil was shocked and asked them ‘for what reason’. Then they showed the evidence of Shruthi’s death which Swaragini submitted to them. Ragini asked them to arrest him and asked them to join him in a mental hospital. Everyone was shocked and now they arrested Nikhil. When they were about to move Nikhil turned Ragini and said ‘I won’t let u to marry anyone. U r only mine Ragini. I will get u at any cost’. Shekhar slapped him and said ‘don’t dare to look at my daughter’. Then everyone went from there. Shruthi’s parents took Nikki with them and promised Ragini that they would bring her like her and they blessed her for a happy life. Even though Ragini’s parents were worried they felt happy that they didn’t push her inside a large pit.
Flash back ends.
Laksh was listening to the flash back and he too felt sorry for Shruthi. He then took a long breath to let out his thoughts on her past. He saw Ragini standing thinking something and confusion on her face. Laksh doesn’t like it. So he hugged her from back.
Ragini: Laksh. I think so because of him those 12 grooms (leaving Sanskar) had left me.
Laksh: Ragini. No more past stories and I knew that my heart was always right. So only I stopped that Nikhil from cancelling our engagement. I don’t want to spoil my mood by thinking about that stupid. Ragini now come to this present. Look at these arrangements. When I saw u upset, I thought to bring back my princess’s cute smile on her face so only I did these arrangements myself. But u r upset here too, I don’t want.
He said this with a sad face and broke his hug and went near the decorated tree thinking that his romantic date was spoiled. Ragini after listening to him thought that she had hurt him. So she wanted to apologize to him. She stood behind him and kept her hands on ear and said showing her puppy face.
Ragini: I am sorry Laksh.

Laksh turned and saw her. He was mesmerized by her innocent and he was about to smile but controlled it and faking anger on the face said.
Laksh: I don’t like sorry in this way. I expect more from u Ragini.
Ragini thought for a while and Laksh moved towards the table and stood there thinking what she will do now. Ragini hugged him from back and said ‘I am sorry Laksh’. Laksh felt his heart was jumping in happiness but he controlled it and broke her hug and said.
Laksh: OMG my princess was very poor in romance. I think so princess u have to see all the romantic movies. Did u know how much they will do for a small sorry?
Now Ragini understood that Laksh was just trying to make herself to romance with him. So she smirked at him. She turned him and pulled his hand and made him to sit on that decorated bench. She then sat on his lap. Laksh was shocked because of Ragini’s such reaction. She then cupped his face.
Laksh was looking at her with his eyes widened. Ragini noticed this and smiled lightly. Then she kissed him on his fore head then at his cheeks. Then she locked him on her arms by his neck. She then kissed at his earlobe. Laksh closed his eyes and he locked her with his hands by her waist. She then does the same with the other ear. Laksh’s heart was beating very fast and Ragini could feel it. She then whispered ‘I Love u my prince charm’. Now Laksh came to the reality and smiled thinking about her romance and said ‘I love u too my princess’. Then Ragini looked at his eyes and same does Laksh. They had a very cute and beautiful eye lock.
Nikhil was standing somewhere far away from them and was fuming in anger and he said ‘I won’t let anyone come near to Ragini. U r mine Ragini.’ Saying this he went from there.

What will happen next? Will Nikhil separate Raglak? How will Raglak unite?
I am so sorry for not updating yesterday. So I gave a quite long update. Hope u will enjoy. Thank u.

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