Love Has No Eyes (Shot 14)

Thank u guys. Here is ur next shot…

Flash back,
Nikhil dragged Ragini neglecting the crowds protest on him. Just then Shekhar came to pick up Ragini and found Nikhil dragging her while Ragini was crying to free her hand. Shekhar went and stood before them and Ragini smiled seeing him with tears in her hands.
Shekhar: What the hell r u doing with my daughter? Leave her hand.
Saying this he held Ragini’s other hand.
Nikhil: What is this? To take my wife I need to ask the third persons permission.
Shekhar: I said leave her hand and she is my daughter. Did u get it?
Nikhil: Shruthi from where this man entered into ur life saying father.
Ragini: Please. I am not Shruthi. My name is Ragini and he is my father Mr.Shekhar Gaddodia. Please leave my hand. It’s hurting.
Shekhar became angrier so he slapped him and held Ragini’s hand and went from there. Nikhil saw them going with his hand on his cheek saying ‘I will get u soon’.

At Ragini’s house,
Ragini was sitting with Swara and Sharmistha and Shekhar explains the whole incident to them. They became angry on Nikhil. Just then he enters the house with a small child about just 5 years looking very innocent and she saw Ragini and shouted ‘maa’ and hugged her. Ragini doesn’t know what to do and just stood simply. Nikhil then started to speak.
Nikhil: I am sorry uncle. Actually it’s my mistake. I am so sorry Miss. Ragini Gaddodia. Actually my wife Shruthi will be looking exactly like u. So I got confused. My Shruthi had left me and our child, Nikki in an accident. I am alone without her for 2 years. So when I saw u, I thought that she was back. So only I have behaved like that. I am here to ask u all sorry. Thank u for listening to me. Nikki come on let’s go.
Nikki: No papa. I won’t come without maa. Maa please come with us. I miss u maa. Please come to our home.
Ragini took pity on them after listening to the story. She said
Ragini: Nikki beta. I am not ur mom. I am Ragini aunty ok?
Nikki: Why u r lying maa? Papa showed me ur picture. I had saw u in a photo and u had me on ur lap and I am so small. Please maa come to our house.
Ragini: No beta, ask ur papa.
Nikhil: Haan Nikki. She is not ur mom. She is Ragini aunty. Come on let’s go home.
But Nikki started to cry hugging Ragini. So Nikhil forcedly picked her and went to their home. Ragini looked them and felt sorry for Nikki.

At Nikhil’s house,
Nikhil: Stop crying Nikki. It’s irritating.
He shouted at Nikki and she scared and kept quite. Just then someone rang the calling bell. There stands Ragini with a bag.
Nikhil: Ragini, why u r here?
Ragini: Won’t u ask ur guests to come inside?
Nikhil: I am sorry. Please come in.
Ragini entered the house and saw Shruthi’s pictures in the hall. Nikki peeped through the door and saw Ragini standing in her house. She ran to her and hugged her tightly.
Nikki: Maa. I know that u will come.
Ragini: Beta, u left ur shoes at my house. So I took it and came here.
Nikki: Thank u maa.
Ragini smiled at her and turned to Nikhil who was admiring her.
Ragini: Ok. It’s time to leave. Thank u. Bye Nikki.
Nikki: No maa. I should not go. I won’t leave u.
Ragini looked at Nikhil and he took Nikki in his hands and asked Ragini to go. Ragini left from there half heartedly leaving Nikki crying.

Days passed and Ragini started to visit Nikhil’s house only for Nikki and she enjoyed with her happily and Nikhil was just admiring Ragini secretly. One day they three went to a park and Nikki was playing on the see saw with other children and Ragini and Nikhil were sitting on a bench on either sides. Suddenly Nikhil said.
Nikhil: Ragini, will u marry me?
Ragini was shocked and asked.
Ragini: What r u saying Nikhil? I am just spending time to make Nikki happy. I have no thoughts other than that. I am sorry.
Saying this she was about to go from there, just then Nikki came and hugged her calling ‘Maa’. Ragini took away her hands and said ‘I am not ur maa Nikki’. Then she went away even without looking at Nikki. Nikhil hugged her said ‘I will make her ur mom Nikki’. She smiled at him saying ‘Thank u papa’. He looked at Ragini with a smirk on his face.
What will happen next? Why Nikhil is doing like this? Will they both get married?

Sorry guys for no Raglak scene. Please wait for few shots for a Raglak scene. Thank u.

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