Love Has No Eyes (Shot 13)

Hello guys. Here is ur next shot
Ragini: Laksh. U had done this for me?
Laksh: No, I didn’t do this for a crying baby. I have done this for my princess. U know what Ragini, today is the happiest day in my life, because u have stepped into my life. Now after few days, u starts my new life. I am so excited of it Ragini. Shall we dance? (Saying this he forward his hand)
Ragini smiled at him and gave her hand to him and said

Ragini: Not only today, throughout my life I will be with u.
Laksh then took her hand and they both danced so romantically for the song ‘tum hi ho’. Now they both were sitting on that decorated bench either sides. Ragini was just admiring the park and Laksh saw their distance then looked at her, so moved a little towards her. But she didn’t notice him and at that time small cold breeze blows so she lightly shivered and moved towards him. Laksh then moved a little and now there is no distance between them.

Laksh saw Ragini lovingly. But Ragini was just looking at decorations and the park and smiled at them. Laksh then kept his hand on her shoulder and just then Ragini felt an electric shock in her nerves and her eyes widened. She doesn’t know why but she felt something different in his touch. Laksh then moved her hair to other side so that he could get a clear view of her back. Now Ragini felt so cold and the chill breeze could be felt on her back. Laksh then kissed in her shoulder. Now Ragini’s heart beat was so faster than an electric train. Her face was turned into pink due to shyness. So she stood up and went near the tree breathing heavily.

Laksh saw her and she was turning towards the tree. He went near to her and kept one hand on the tree and another hand on her waist and locking her body with the tree with his chest. Now Ragini’s mind was total blank and she doesn’t know how to respond him so stood there like a statue. Laksh then kept his face on her shoulder and now Ragini could feel his hot breath on her cheeks. She felt chillness on her body except at her cheeks. Laksh could feel her chillness so he kissed at her ear lobe and whispered ‘Relax Ragini. I am ur Laksh’. Saying this kissed at her shoulder again and placed a row of his wet kisses on her shoulder. Ragini felt very much shy and now her face was fully red and she tightly griped her lehenga while Laksh’s hands were busy in pressing her waist. He then gave a love bite on her neck and Ragini hissed.

Now Laksh came to reality and realized what he was doing and thought that he was not controlling himself. So he stepped back and moved away his hands from her. He then bend down his head and thought how to sorry to her. Ragini felt something had moved away from her. She felt that something incomplete. Then she realized that she likes his kisses and his passion so she turned towards him and saw Laksh bending down his face due to guilt. Ragini then went near to Laksh and she put her hands around his neck and kissed his cheeks. Laksh could not believe that sudden move of Ragini and saw Ragini surprisingly. Now Ragini looked into his eyes and said ‘I love u Laksh’. Saying this she kissed his other cheeks. Laksh felt so excited and looked at her with that excitement.

Ragini then kissed at his forehead and said ‘I love u so much’. Now Laksh took Ragini’s face in his hands and cupped her face. Finally he looked at her lips then at her. She closed her eyes in approval. He slowly placed his lips on hers and started to kiss her. At first doesn’t know how to respond him and later she learnt from him and responded like him and Laksh liked that. Their kiss was so passionate and it last for about 10 minutes. Due to less oxygen supply, they broke their kiss and joined their forehead together breathing heavily. Then Laksh chucked at Ragini saying.
Laksh: Very good response, my princess. But I expect more next time. Ok?
Ragini blushed and said: chi Laksh.

They both started to laugh and Laksh kissed on her nose and she smiled and hugged him tightly. She kept her head on his chest and she could listen to his heart beat clearly and she felt much comfortable in his arms. Laksh felt like he was completed in her hug and closed his eyes thinking about her sweet letters and gifts then meeting her and their lovely moments. Thinking this he hugged her more tightly. Ragini was thinking about seeing him first time then writing letters for him and their cute love moments and the engagement. Suddenly Ragini remembered everything and broke their hug saying ‘Laksh I need to tell u something. Please listen to me’. But Laksh made her to hug again and said ‘afterwards’. But Ragini insisted him and finally he too said ok and asked her to tell. Ragini said to him about her flash back.

Flash back,

Ragini was in college final year and she was at a park reading for her exams and just then she noticed someone looking at her. She goes near to him and asked who he was and why was he seeing her like that.
Man: Shruthi, how can u ask this to me? I am ur husband, Nikhil.
Ragini was shell shocked and said: Hello excuse me. I am not Shruthi and I am Ragini. U had mistaken me.

Saying this she was about to move just then he held her hand and said
Nikhil: No, u r lying. I know u r very much angry with me, so only u r avoiding me. I am sorry, please forgive me. Please come to our home at least for our daughter, Nikki. She was always crying without u. I could not pacify her. Please Shruthi come with me, leave ur angry and ego. Please come with me. Come on let’s go.
Saying this he dragged her to his car. Ragini was trying her level best to inform him that she was not Shruthi. But he didn’t listen her, so she shouted for help and everyone surrounded them and they asked Ragini about the matter.
Nikhil shouted at the crowd saying ‘Don’t interfere in my family matters’. Saying this he continued to go.

What happens next? If Ragini and Shruthi were same? Or is it a plan of Nikhil to abduct Ragini? Wait for few shots. Thank u.

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