Love Has No Eyes (Shot 12)

Thank u guys. Here is ur next shot…

At Maheshwari Mansion during engagement ceremony,
Man: Ragini! How dare u to marry some other person in front of my eyes?
Shekhar, Sharmistha, Ragini, Swara were shell shocked as though they didn’t expect him whereas Sanskar and Laksh were confused and shocked. Then that man came down the stairs near to Ragini but Shekhar came in middle.
Shekhar: Who r u to stop this marriage? Just get out from here.
Man: Oh who am I? It seems u all have forgotten me. Ok shall I remember u? (Saying this he looked at Ragini with smirk on his face and Ragini was completely shocked and doesn’t know what to do and Laksh noticed her.)
Laksh: Nothing can stop our engagement. I don’t want to know about u. It’s my engagement with my loved one. So just get out from here.
Man: What she is ur loved one: No, not at all. She is mine, only mine. Did u get it? She loves only me but due to her parents force, she accepted this marriage, am I right Ragini? (Ragini could not even open her mouth to say no. Just then)
Laksh: U the cheap liar. She was in love with me and we both r in love with each other and she had expressed her love for me many times. She accepted this marriage only by her wish. My heart says that something is wrong with ur mind. So just go and consult a doctor. So please will u urself get out or else I will drag u to the gate. Get out now. (Laksh shouted at him and that man)
Man: Now I am leaving to marry u on the marriage day Ragini. This is Nikhil’s promise to u.
Laksh: Who ever r u, I don’t bother. I will marry Ragini and live my life only with her, now did u get that? Get out.
Nikhil leaved from there smirking at Ragini. Laksh came near to Ragini and comforted her with his hug. Now Ragini broken down completely on his arms and was about to say something. But just then
Laksh: Shhhh. I don’t want to know about him. Just do what I say.
He looked at her eyes and wiped off her tears saying I don’t want this. He then took his ‘smiley’ given by Ragini and gave it to her and said ‘keep ur hand on ur heart and say ALL IS WELL’. Ragini remembered her gift for him and smiled at him with tears on her eyes. Gaddodias were so happy that Laksh was not doubting on Ragini and loving her so much.

Ragini was so happy that she was going to start her life with such an understanding person but she thought that she needs to tell Laksh about Nikhil. Just then a media person,
Reporter: Mr.Laksh Maheshwari, r u going to marry a girl who seems to be ditching u? Why u r not considering that man’s words?
Everyone was shocked and Ragini felt very bad and Laksh angrily looked at him. Laksh went near that reporter and said.
Laksh: How dare u to ask me like that? Look she doesn’t ditch me and I didn’t believe that mad person because my love for her says that my Ragini was a pure soul and loves me only. I am her first crush and her first love.
Then he went to Ragini and looked into her eyes and said ‘I LOVE U RAGINI’. Ragini was so happy that his eyes were full of honest and love and replied ‘I LOVE U TOO LAKSH. I LOVE U SO MUCH’. Saying this she hugged him. Everyone was happy to see their love for each other. Then Laksh said ‘Please leave that chapter. We can start our romance chapter by exchanging rings. Am I right Ragini?’ Saying he winked at her and Ragini smiled and blushed little.
Both Swasan and Raglak exchanged their rings and were lost in each other’s eyes. Then music was started and at first the dance group was dancing later Shekhar and Sharmistha danced on the song ‘Prem ratan dhan payo’ and Sanskar and Swara danced on the song ‘Saiyya’ and at last Ragini and Laksh danced on the song ‘Tere sang yaara’. Finally the engagement was completed and all the guests went. Sanskar and Laksh dropped the Gaddodias in front of their house and waved bye to them.

At Ragini’s room,
Ragini was in the same clothes lying on the bed and watching the ceiling while her mind was thinking about the incident happened in engagement. She then decided to say everything to Laksh. So she took the phone just then Laksh messaged her to come towards the window. She looked at that window and thought what is there. So she dialed his number but he rejected the call. So she went towards the window just then someone kept their hand on her shoulder and she knows who that was.
Ragini: Laksh?
Laksh: Haan. If I message u to see through the window then u will call me? What a lazy goose u r my princess?
Ragini turned and glared at Laksh.
Ragini: I am not lazy my dear idiot prince. Why u did ask me to see through the window? What is there?
Laksh: Aww mera bachha, when will u stop asking me questions? Now u have to come with me and no more questions.
Ragini: But…
Laksh interrupted: Shhhh. Come on jump through the window.
Ragini: What??
Laksh: I said no more questions and give me ur hand and do what I am doing. Ok?
Ragini nodded and Laksh helped her to jump; then they went to the car and Laksh drive the car. Ragini was about to ask him something but he glared at her so she kept her finger on her lips and showed her innocent place. Ragini could not control herself from asking questions. Finally the car stopped at park where he met Ragini for the first time. Laksh stepped down from the car and opened the door and forward his hand for her hand. She smiled at him and gave her hand to him. Then they walked inside the hand in hand.
Ragini’s eyes widened. She saw only one bench decorated with flowers and the day for that bench was full of flowers. The tree behind the bench had the light arranged in ‘I LOVE
U RAGINI’. Ragini’s eyes were full of tears whereas Laksh was full of excitement.

What will happen next? Will Ragini tell about Nikhil to Laksh? Who is this Nikhil? Please wait for some more shots.
Thank u.

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