Love Has No Eyes (Shot 11)

Hello guys! Thanks for ur love. I am just confused whether to continue it or not. But after seeing ur comments I try to extend my ideas. Sorry guys if I had hurt anyone. Here is ur next shot.

At Ragini’s house,
Ragini and Swara went to the hall and there Shekhar, Sharmistha, Sanskar and Laksh were sitting silently and when Ragini came down,
Shekhar: Beta, come here. Ragini stood by his side by looking at Laksh without anyone’s notice. Laksh showed ‘hi’ to her silently and she too does the same and now
Sanskar: Papa he is Laksh Maheshwari, my assistant, my friend and moreover my bro. (Ragini looked at Laksh little shocked because she doesn’t know about their relationship). Sanskar: He was the main lead in my serial (Ragini was more shocked now. Sanskar was to say something just then)
Laksh: Sanskar I will say. Uncle, I and Sanskar were brought up in the same home. I lost my parents when I was 7. I saw Sanskar for the first time at home and my ambition is become an actor and Sanskar was my great support in my carrier. But I also need a great support in my life, so selected Ragini. I saw her first time in a signal then at a park and then at the home. I started to love her but she doesn’t know that. (He looked Ragini as though he was seeing her for the first closely. Ragini was just glaring at him). Uncle I am here to ask u permission for Ragini’s hand. I promise u that my love for her will get all the happiness in her life. I am sure about that. Uncle I will wait here itself until ur permission for our marriage.

Shekhar turned to Sharmistha for an answer and she turned to Ragini. But Ragini was looking at Laksh lovingly and Laksh too saw her and winked at her. She blushed and to make her more blushing, he kept his hand on his cheek where she kissed in the morning. Obviously, she blushed more and Sharmistha was noticing this. She thought that Ragini liked him so she turned to Shekhar and nodded yes. Shekhar then turned to Laksh and said
Shekhar: Beta, I have no objections for marriage. But I have a small fear.
Laksh: Don’t worry uncle, I know everything about Ragini. I know about her proposals and those cancelled engagements. I won’t hurt her in future saying her past.
Shekhar: No beta. I am not telling about that. I am just about to ask that u want to be an actor and u have to work more. And now a day’s people were more worried about the actor and actress life than their life. So there will be more gossips and rumors. My Ragini’s heart could not tolerate such gossips and rumors about her husband. Just then,
Ragini: No papa. I won’t bother those things and I just want to be in his life and that is what I want. (She said in a breath and realized what she had said. Everyone was shocked except Laksh who was smiling at what she had said and she continued) I mean papa; I will adjust with my husband and will believe him completely. This is what I am about to say. (Saying this she bend her head down and everyone was happy that Ragini cares for him more and Laksh was about to explain him something.)
Laksh: Uncle..
Shekhar: No uncle beta. U have to call me as ‘papa’.

Everyone was very happy and Swara hugged Ragini happily and Ragini could not believe that everything was ok now. Just then
Laksh: Uh papa. Shall I ask u a thing?
Shekhar: What beta?
Laksh: Papa! I want my and Ragini’s engagement along with Sanskar and Swara’s engagement. (All were quite shocked except Ragini who was excited about it.)
Shekhar: But beta, they were already engaged.
Laksh: I know papa. But it happened only in very little happiness. I want my bhai to be happy (but he looked at Ragini!) so only asking like this. Please papa.
Ragini: Haan papa. I also like this idea. We shall be very happy on that day naa. Please papa. (Now Swara and Sanskar were little hesitating. But then)
Sharmistha: Shekhar, I want this happiness. Please Shekhar. I want to see my Swaragini happily smiling. Please.
Shekhar: How can I object everyone’s happiness? Even I too want it. What do u say Sanskar? (Sanskar looked at Swara and she felt shy and bend her head)
Sanskar: It’s ur wish papa. I have no objections. (Now Swara was happy and smiling and Sanskar too was happy to see her smiling. Ragini teasingly looked at Swara and she felt so shy and she hugged. Ragini saw Laksh thankfully and he winked and smiled at her.)

Swasan’s and Raglak’s engagement was in one week and the pairs were enjoying happily in the leisure time of Sanlak. Sanskar would always talk with Swara through phone taking care lovingly even though not so romantically. But that is what Swara likes from him. (Forgive me Swasan fans). Laksh would always spend his night in Ragini’s room chatting, playing, irritating, and teasing with her. And Ragini loved his company very much and Laksh would go to his house in early morning before anyone could wake up. Finally engagement day comes. The engagement was at Maheshwari Mansion.
On the engagement day,
Laksh was in his room and he was in blue sherwani and sandal dhoti. Sanskar was in another room and he was in red sherwani and sandal dhoti. Ragini and Swara were in a room and Ragini was in royal blue lehenga and Swara was in blood red lehenga matching to their pairs. Shekhar, Sharmistha, Nithya, Sharmila were taking care of arrangements and media was capturing all the pictures and they turned their camera towards steps and there came Swaragini and Sanlak on opposite sides. They had an eye lock and moved down the stairs. Everyone was praising their complications and their pairs. Laksh held Ragini’s hand and took her to the stage and same does Sanskar. Both Swara and Ragini felt shy. Media was taking photos and every guest were discussing about the pairs. Both Raglak and Swasan were sharing a cute eye lock.
Just then a man arrives. He around 24 and he little bit drunk and his eyes were red and teary. He was angrily looking at Ragini. He tells to himself “U R MINE RAGINI”.
Who was that new person in Raglak’s life? What happens next?

Thank u …

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