Love Has No End (YHM) Episode 1

Hi guyzz…. This is my new fan fiction which is the inspiration from the current murder track and being honest right now, the current YHM literally sucks

The court proceedings have started and Suyash starts accusing Ishita
Suyash: Ishita has killed my brother
Nidhi: But it is a self defence murder
They see a blank video
Suyash: Your lord, give Ishita death penalty
Judge: From the long proceedings of the court, I conclude that Ishita should be given a death sentence
Just then Nidhi’s friend Jack arrives to the court
Jack: Your honor, I would love to say a few words…. Mrs. Ishita hasn’t murdered Mr Amarnath Chaddha… the actual murderer is Sarika… She was the one who murdered Rinki Bhalla and my Parents… Mr Amarnath Chaddha did not die of stab wound but Sarika Shot him twice and she provoked Mr Amarnath to inadvently attack his wife but Mrs Pallavi she locked the door and called Ishita and she accidentally stabbed Mr Amarnath Chaddha but I was passing from the bylane and saw Sarika shooting him with a pistol which I guess is an unlicensed one and Ishita stabbed him…Moreover she also came with a fake domestic violence complaint to my organisation I later learnt from Mrs Shagun that this woman is a cheat more of all she also had an attempted murder of Mr Raman Bhalla with the help of Ashok Khanna
Judge: The court is adjourned but Ishita Bhalla has to stay in the prison until two days, Mr Jack Wilson please meet me in my chambers
Ishita is taken away to the prison

Scene 2:
Jack is in the judge’s chambers
Judge: Jack, tell me ur background
Jack: Sir, I worked with the US Secret Service agency and FBI as an undercover spy and foiled 90 per cent of the terrorist plots in the US and I had investigated the case of famed singer and dancer Michael Jackson… but we later came to know that he died of drug overdose
Judge: Tell me ur relationship with Mrs Nidhi Chabria
Jack: Sir , I am a Malyali.. I moved to Delhi when I was 5 years old…then I met Nidhi…she was my friend since childhood and she was the topper in my batch… She was in love with someone but I got a chance to work in the US Secret service agency…. My parents were murdered in Delhi in a mall…since that day I was shattered and Nidhi called me and told me about this murder case and started to work on this
Judge: Ok, get all the video evidences tomorrow
Ishita stands in the evidence box and Jack and also the Bhalla family members also are present
Nidhi: Your Honor , may I call Jack Wilson please

Jack: Sir these are the evidence clips of Ishita’s innocence
Suyash gets shocked after seeing the evidence clip..
Jack: Not only that Sarika murdered Rinki Bhalla and and my parents
(Jack breaks down)
Pallavi also says
Pallavi: Your honor, Amar used to always torture me and one day he came to know that I had an illegitimate son Rohit and he hit me and I called Ishita for help… And Sarika blackmailed me by saying that she will kill Rohit if I don’t go against Ishita and on the first hearing I had to say against Ishita
Jack: I run this organisation for women and children and I knew all about Sarika’s lies…and to my surprise.. Sarika had been torturing the Bhalla family for property and she was never pregnant with Romi’s child.. moreover she should be given a death penalty but not Ishita
Judge: So from the conclusion I have to say that the court declares Ishita Bhalla innocent of all charges and Sarika is guilty. Therefore Sarika is given a death penalty and Ishita Bhalla is free from jail
Abhishek gets shocked on hearing about all the charges slapped against Sarika
Abhishek pulls Sarika out and gets her to the court

Abhishek: U people can meet Sarika now
Mrs Bhalla gets angry on Sarika and gives her a very tight slap
Mrs Bhalla: Enough Sarika, Never show ur face to us
Everyone leave Sarika and the Bhalla family leave Sarika
Sarika is in the prison and is about to be taken for the execution
Jailor: Tell ur last wish
Sarika: I want to meet my brother for the last time
Abhishek meets Sarika
Abhishek: Sarika, I considered u more like my sister in turn what u gave me..nothing
Sarika: Bhai, please listen
Abhishek: Sarika, U listen first,…. I lost my respect because of u and I cannot show my face to any of the Bhalla family

Ishita and Raman also meets Sarika
Ishita: U go to hell, u had fun in torturing Romi and faking complaints right…. when I first met u I thought u were innocent and sweet but u r not…. and never think about our family

Precap : Sarika is hanged to death and Abhishek apologizing to Ishita

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