Love Has No Dimensions .. Episode 2 – by riyasmiles

“karan we r frnds… tell me.. do u love someone else..” asked naina… karan stands quiet… “answer me karan” said naina.. karan replied “ yes” …..
Hi frnds.. m so glad u people liked my ff.. so grateful.. pls continue reading..
the episode begins with its morning. everyone is at dining table…
nirmala is serving…

meghna and naina reach there..
meghna asked nirmala “ ma u pls sit .. we will serve..” nirmal said “ beta u both have a seat.. i had been doing this since yrs…” naina answered “ ma just bcoz u were the bahu of this house.. but now u have 2 bahus ma..” nirmala said “ i dont have any bahu” meghna and naina were a lill confused.. “ i have 2 daughters” nirmala continued.. naina and meghna hugged her and everyone smiled… khyati said .. “ oh gr8 ma.. now i am no more ur daughter na..” nirmala caller her AND said “ oh sorry i have 3 daughters… everyone laughed.. dadaji said.. “ nirmala bahu.. they r correct.. its ur turn to sit now..” nk continued “ yes.. nirmala u come and have breakfast with us..” nirmala interrupted “ how would this look .. that chauhan family on the first day of their bahus in house r asking them to work” naina answered “ ma .. u told we r daughters.. and daughters do not hesitate bfore serving their parents..” nirmala said “ ok ok. i m sitting..” everyone had a happy face.. “today my family got completed”.. said dadaji. “ true..” .. they a had their breakfast.. but there was one person who was not happy.. that was sandhya..

after breakfast..
karan went up in his room.. his phone rang.. he picked it.. “ listen divya.. it is not what u r thinking.. i have no idea.. why dad did this.. but u know i love u.. i truly love u.. i didnt cheat on u.. it was circumstances.. and i know naina would understand this..” said karan convincing someone on phone.. meanwhile naina entered inr room.. she heard a this..

karan looked at naina in shock. he disconnected his call..
karan “ naina vo..” naina interrupted “ no karan explanations pls” ..
karan said “ naina listen to me” naina said.. “ karan we r frnds.. tell me do u love someone else..” karan was standing quietly.. “answer me karan” asked naina karan said “yes”..
naina was stunned.. she wasn’t able to understand what happened.. she felt guilty that she came between 2 lovers.. naina said “ i am sorry karan.. bcoz of me..” karan said “ no naina.. its not ur fault..” “but karan” said naina.. “naina its alright”. said kAran.. naina was about to leave when karan asked “ naina .. u loved rahul” …naina replied.. “ karan.. ma has called .. we will talk after some time..” she left …
karan speaks “why didnt she answered.. is everything fine”…..
in hall.. everyone is siting

meghna speaks “ i wanted to ask something” nk answered. “ beta speak pls.. dont hesitate..” meghna continued “ i wanted to work..” everyone looks stunned.. dadaji siad “ we know.. and i have something for u.” he hands over her a paper.. meghna asked “ what is this dadaji” nk replied “ open it and see” meghna opens the paper and reqds.. “ appointment letter mrs. meghna chauhan… as ceo….”
everyone smiled.. meghna said “ but i wanted to do this … with my qualification..” nk said “ do not worry.. i know.. how much self respect matters for u… i have read ur papers.. and after discussing with board members i have decided this.. u r such talented.. we cant afford loosing such talent …” meghna said “ thank u so much papa…” she took everyone blessing… naina hugged her.. “ Congo di..” meghna said “thanks chiku” ….
nk said “ so we all have to go to a party..” nirmala questioned “ party” nk continued “ our partners party.” karan said “ me and naina have to go to my friends engagement….” naina looked confusingly at karan “ok then u and naina can go” said nk…

in nairans room.
naina spoke “ why did u lie” kara. answered “ because i want u to meet divya” naina said “ ,gr8.. i will get ready..” karan “ quick haan..” ..
iN evening everyone left nairan for restaurant and rest of the family for party..

in restaurant….
karan “ naina have a seat.. ok tell me.. what should i order..” naina said “ anything u wish” … meanwhile divya came there.. karan “ so naina she is divya” naina spike “ hi divya” .. they all sat there.. at that time enters … rahul … naina sees him and becomes tensed.. karan notices this.. “ naina r u fine.. he is rahul right” asked karan.. naina replied “ im fine..” karan felt strange.. karan said “ i think we should leave now..” divya said “ karan pls u can stay here for some more time.. for me” karan said “ no v have to leave..” nairan left… at home..
“ naina i think u r hiding something..” said karan.. naina replied “ i think u should sleep its late..” saying this naina took out her diary.. and karan slept.. she wrote..

jis sooraj ne jalkar.. jahan roshan kar diya…
ye kya jahan ne usse hi andhere me akela kar diya…
chaand toh chamak utha taaro ke saath
aur sooraj toh keh bhi naa paya apni baat ..
aisa hi kuch haal h iss zindagi ka..
pata aaj milta hi nahi kisi khushi ka…
intezaar me beet rahi hi h zindagi..
khushnuma ab kaha rahi ye zindagi…

(who has given everything to world..
world made him alone.. and the one who snatched things from others is shinning today..
this is the condition now… life has forgotten the roads which led to happiness…. and now waiting for smile to return back to my life)
precap; naina tells karan about rahul..

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  1. Shruthy

    Wooow that’s cool! Matlab this Karan has someone else in his life… ??? And Rahul… quite strange and curiousity-increasing is Naina’s story. Can’t wait for next post to know what she has been hiding to Karan and not even NK ?? Interesting!

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much dr.. glad u liked it.. next part would very soon be updated..
      keep reading..
      stay blessed dr

  2. Prettypreeti

    Hey i wanna know whetger karan have any prob in this ff???and yess do u write thise poetry urself coz the lines r really brought smile on my face coz i also have habbit of just asked..but i m now curious to know about naina’s truth..
    Post soonnnnnn…
    Loved it….

    1. Riyasmiles

      hi preeti… actually in my ff karan has no problems.. i try writing.. and ya i have written the poem myself… i am so happy to find it brougt smile on ur face… thank u dr… i am so sure u must be a better writer than me.. no u must be a gr8 writer… keep reading.
      stay blessed dr

  3. Threemaimai

    awesome… I like it

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much dr.. glad u liked it… keep reading…
      stay blesssd dr

  4. HIII

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much shree.. that is really so sweet of u…keep reading and commenting…
      stay blessed

  5. That was really nice I love it please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r good writer please post soon I have a question who is playing role of divya

    1. Riyasmiles

      thabk u so much juveria… next part would be posted today.. pls do read.. keep reading..
      stay blessed dr

  6. Pubali Bhattacharjee

    Its getting interesting

    1. Riyasmiles

      thanks dr.. keep reading..
      stay blessed

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