Love Has No Dimensions .. Episode 1 – by riyasmiles

meghnal got married..nk “ stop .. i have a condition..bfor taking meghna home.. i want naina to get married with my younger son karan” everyone is shocked
…….hello everyone.. i am riya here writing my first nairan meghnal ff..just for my frnd who requested me to do that… hope u will like it….

Love has no dimensions…

the story starts from meghnal’wedding.. and nk putting a condition of nairan wedding.. but here there is a twist.. he did it not to prove sharda lower than him.. or anything.. he did it for naina.. i will reveal it soon…
sharda asked “how can u do this.. we haven’t talked about any such thing..” nk replied “ but now i have kept this..its ur wish what u want to do” kunal “ dad this is enough how cn u” …
naina and karan r still shocked.. naina asked “ uncle can we pls talk once.” nk replied in yes and they went aside..
naina “ uncle u did this because of rahul right.” nk replied “ naina ur like my daughter.. i can’t let u like this.. and when everyone will come to know about this… its better if i become bad .. rather than…” naina got tears in her eyes.. “ uncle thank u very much.. but for me i cant let u destroy karans future..” naina said. nk replied “ u dont worry for him.. just say yes.. naina.” naina is still quiet. naina “ yet uncle” ..nk said “ for meghna” naina nodded.
they went out. naina spoke to sharda “ ma i m ready” .. everyone looked astonished.. megha asked “ if u r doing this for me its alright naina.. u need not do this..” naina said “ no di i am ready.”
karan asked “ stop it everyone.. will someone ask me too” nk said “ karan do as i say else” karan agreed..
nairan got married…

their bidaai..
sharda “ i know whatever happened was not good yet.. take care..” sharda bursted into tears..
meghna consoled “ ma i will take care of me and my chiku..”
naina “ ma u take care of urselves..” they left… in meghnal car.. kunal said “ i dont know why dad did this.. how can he..” meghna “ but i dont understand why naina agreed to this.. oh god..” kunal took her hand in his.. “ relax meghna .. u will be wid ur sister.. do not take much tension.. btw..didnt u realised that we r married..” meghna looked at him… “ kunal.. u will always be there for me na” .. kunal said “ ofcourse meghna..”

on nairans side….
there’s a complete silence… naina and karan both r looking out from window….
naina gathered some courage and spoke. “ karan i know what all happened today was not good…” karan looked at her.. he spoke “ good.. naina my ..infact our lives have been destroyed all bcoz of my dad..” Naina wanted to wtop karan to say anything about his dad. but seeing their condition she stayed quiet..
in chouhan mansion… both nairan and meghnal entered in… all rituals took place… nirmala took birth yo their rooms.

in meghnal room.
meghna was very tensed about all what happened. kunal came in. kunal “meghna i am going to talk to dad.” meghna stopped him. “ kunal this isn’t right time.. u can talk wid him tomorrow…” kunal said “ i think u r correct..meghna i wanted a promise” meghna asked what.. kunal replied.. “ our family differences won’t come between our relation” meghna “ ofcourse kunal..” they hugged each other…

naina “ karan.. i know u r hurt..” karan said “ naina.. u r not responsible for this. so dont feel guilty.. i know u haven’t done all this even u were forced..” naina “ karan i know we can never be in such a relation as we r supposed to be but.. can we be frnds..” karan was a little confused about his answer.. karan replied. “ ok frnds..” naina smiled.. naina said “ so let’s decide how to sleep. u can sleep on bed i will sleep on sofa..” karan stopped her “ no u sleep there. i will be fine on sofa” naina said “ wait we will do it chance by chance.. i will sleep on sofa tonight u sleep here tomorrow” karan “ hmm.. okay good night” naina replied “ gn”

naina opened her bag and took out her diary.. she wrote…
kismat bhi na jaane kya kya soch ke rakhti hai..
har din ek nayi si musibat humare liye tayar rakhti h….
humme toh sapno se bhi ab dar lagne laga h..
lagta h maano kismat unhe bhi humse chin ne ko tayar baithi h…
intezaar h uss subah ka raat ki buaryi le jaaegi..
ek nayi si khushi jo jald hi humme de jaegi..
bas iss ghari intezaar h..
bas humara aur humari yaado ka saath h…

(what fate has planned u can’t guess..
every new day stores a new hurdle for u..
now i have started being scared of my dreams too…
as it seems that fate will take them away too..
waiting for the morning which will spread prosperity…
i am Alone this moment waiting……)


that was all for first episode..frnds i know the poem part especially translation in eng..wasn’t good yet.. thanks for reading.. i know u all must be having many questions.. they would soon be answered.. pls do comment and tell …

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  1. Tamihna0808

    Wow! This is absolutely awesome! Wonderful first chapter! Hope you post the next part soon! Really enjoyed it! ?❤?

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much… m glad u liked it… keep reading.. would soon very soon post Tye next part…
      stay blessed

  2. Wow it’s was awesome when are you going to post next chapter eager to read the next chapter OMG nk is in positive character and helping naina I love it please post next chapter as soon as possible.

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much.. glad u liked it.. ur words mean a lot..keep reading..
      stay blessed

  3. Aarzu

    Hey Riya…. No one knows here but my real name is Riya,Aarzu is my web Name as well my sister’s name…. The episode was fab I m eager to read more nd that poem part ks just amazing keeping writing

    1. Riyasmiles

      aww..gr8… btw.. my real name is not riya.. but no problem atleast at some place we share the same name..thank u so much.. so glad that u liked..keep reading
      stay blessed

  4. Prettypreeti

    Hey riya awesome start dear…oh that nk same everywhere..loved it dear
    Keep it up..
    Good luckk..
    Good concept

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much.. ur comments matter to me a lot.. keep reading…
      stay blessed

  5. Threemaimai

    hey i lk your ff it’s really good and have different concept. hope you continue it.
    update soon 😀

    1. Riyasmiles

      thanks dear.. keep reading.. and commenting.. glad u liked…
      stay blessed dr

  6. Titli

    Nyc start.. loved it.. go ahead dear.. u ll rock on..

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much.. glad u liked it… keep reading..
      stay blessed

  7. U right extremely well , keep it up ❤️ When is the next update ????

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much… glad u liked…keep part would be soon posted…
      stay blessed

  8. Raina123

    Its awesome
    Waitting for the next chap …

    1. Riyasmiles

      thanks.. raina.. glad u liked… keep reading..
      stay blessed


    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u.. next would soon be uploadeem. keep reading…
      stay blessed

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