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Love Has No Boundaries (part1)


Hi everyone. This is an inspiration from the current track and the current YHM literally sucks…I hope that u all will definitely like it…

Ishita and Raman faceoff
Raman: Ishita , u have got a stain on your mother remark. U proved me wrong today. I did a big mistake by marrying u. Don’t show me ur face to u and amma please take ur dayghter away from me
Saying this Ishita packs her suitcase and leaves the Home
Mr Bhalla: Raman, why did u send her, Have u lost it, u never used to bear an insult against her right now what happened. I am ashamed to call u as my son

Ishita goes to the place where Ruhi has died…
Ishita: Ruhi, its been three hours since u left me and everyone r calling me a bad mother and I don’t have the right to live
But Ishita hears a sound behind the tree and it turns Out to be Ruhi. Ishita takes Ruhi to the hospital .
Ishita: Doctor, how is my daughter
Doctor: She is all fine and nothing to worry
Ruhi: Ishima, where r everyone???
Ishita: Ruhi, I love u and ur papa called me that I am very bad mumma
Ruhi: I can’t bear anyone saying bad against my Ishimaa, so we need not got to them
Ishita: Who will take care of the baby and Adi Bhaiya??
Ruhi: Papa will take care of them

Scene 3:
The next day Ruhi and Ishita along with their passport s leave to US
Ruhi : Where r we going Ishima
Ishita: To New York
Ruhi Yaaay
Just then the Bhallas and the Iyers are worried about Ishita
Mrs Bhalla: Abhishek, please find Ishita,she is missing since yesterday..Please do something
Abhishek : Ishita has already left to New York and by AI 101 with Ruhi
Raman: R u serious that Ruhi is alive
Abhishek: Yes , I saw them both in the hospital and they left to New York
Raman(to himself): oh no!! What have I done, I am sorry Ishita

Ishita and Ruhi land safely in New York and they meet Mani who is Ishita’s childhood friend
Ishita: Mani, nice to see u, how r u
Ruhi hugs Mani and they both leave to his house
Mani gets his Audi A6 and the trio leave
Ishita : Mani, where do u live
Mani: Basking Ridge, NJ. U will really love it Ishu
3 months pass by and Ishita is seen taking care of Ruhi
Ruhi: Ishimaa, let us both go to the park, please
Ishita: Ok my maska rani
Ruhi: Yaaaay
Ishita is driving her Honda Accord
Ishita: Happy now Ruhi,
Ruhi: Thank u Ishima…I love u

In India
Raman : Ma, I want to get Ishita back to India, I know that I mercilessly scolded her, its all because of me that Ishita is in US… I am going to US tomorrow morning filght Washington DC because I have some work there
Mrs Bhalla: Go ahead and convince her and get both of them back to India

Ishita: Ruhi, lets go home, its already 6pm and we need to go home
Ruhi: Haaan lets go
They both leave home and Mani reaches home
Mani: Ishu, why r u so late
Ishita: Ruhi wanted to go to park and she troubled me
Mani: Ruhi, the naughty girl,
Ishita : Dinner is ready and u eat fastly Ruhi
Ishita makes Ruhi sleep and Mani and Ishita having a talk
Mani : Ishu, its been 3 months since u and Raman have met
Ishita: He hates me and Ruhi only Told me to come to US and he mercilessly threw me out of the house(Ishita breaks down)
Mani: Ishu, ur tears say that u still love him maybe u may meet him again
Ishita: I hope
Saying this they both also go to sleep

Precap: Raman sees Ishita and Ruhi in Costco and follows them both to their home
Spoiler: Ishita and Raman to meet and Ishita to be angry with Raman for some time

Credit to: Prithvi

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    wow..ishita got ruhi n they left 4 abroad.met mani there.raman regrets now n is in search 4 ishita

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