Love Has No Boundaries (Part 3)


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Ishita is with Mrs Bhalla in her room showing the photo album of their US stay
Mrs Bhalla: Ishu, which place is this beta
Ishita: Times Square, New York
Mrs Bhalla: Its really nice…Ruhi is looking very cute… What will we name the baby
Ishita: Sitara,
Mrs Bhalla: Nice name,
Just then Ishita leaves Mrs Bhalla’s room goes to the baby…suddenly baby starts crying in the bed
Ishita: Calm down baby, don’t cry
Raman: Give me, I’ll calm her
Ishita ignores him and makes the baby sleep

Scene 2:
SRK and Kajol(The Jodi Menders) com to know about Ishita and Raman’s semi-broken relation and try to mend it
SRK: Kajol, Raman called me a few days ago and Ishita seems to have ignoring him
Kajol: But why?
SRK: Lets know from her
Saying this, SRK and Kajol leave

Raman plans for a romantic movie with Ishita and goes to buy her favourite movie CD..which is Dilwale
Raman takes Ishita and forcefully makes her dance for Gerua
Ishita: Wow Raman, after scolding me badly, seeking forgiveness from me….
Raman(cries):I had behaved badly with her….
Ishita(to herself):U don’t deserve to be forgiven Raman for the wound u gave me 3 months ago

Shagun comes to meet Ishita
Shagun: Hi Ishita
Ishita: Hello
Shagun : Its been 3 months… I heard that Ruhi was dead but how did she survive?
Ishita: When I was about to jump off the cliff, I heard some mumbling sound and I was shocked to see Ruhi , Ruhi and I went to US…I only came for the sake of the baby
Shagun: U r right Ishu, Raman doesn’t deserve to be forgiven… u r doing the right thing Ishita, its been three months and what name did u chose Ishita for the baby
Ishita: I found Sitara was a nice name ,even Mummyji also agreed
Shagun: Good choice Ishita, even nice

Scene 5:
Raman meets SRK and takes tips from SRK
Raman: I want to seek forgiveness from my wife from being rude to her 3 months ago
SRK: Ok, take her for a romantic movie or a candle light dinner, Tell me what happened 3 months ago?
Raman tells SRK about his behaviour 3 months
SRK: OK Thats even a bigger wound Raman
Raman: I had a romantic movie which was of urs
SRK: Dilwale
Raman: Yes
SRK: Candle light dinner is only the option left for u Raman

Abhishek comes to know about Rinki’s murderer
Police officer: Sir, we got the murderer of Rinki Bhalla
Abhishek: Tell me who is it?
Officer: Its none other than Romi’s wife Sarika
Abhishek immediately leaves to arrest Sarika

Abhishek comes to the Bhalla house
Abhishek: Raman, we came to know about Rinki’s murder, it was not Mihika or Kumar but its Sarika
Raman: What???
Abhishek: Yes, the call records show that she was talking to Rinki’s friend Kumar and she blackmailed him to kill her
Just then Sarika enters and Mrs Bhalla slaps her
Mrs Bhalla: Sarika, u had just crossed ur limits, u killed my daughter Rinki
Raman: Take her away Abhishek, don’t get her here again
Abhishek arrests Sarika and takes her to prison

Raman : Come on Ishita, its a surprise
Ishita gets surprised seeing the romantic atmosphere
Raman: Ishita, I know that I had done wrong with u and I am sorry for that please apologise me, from now on I will definitely take care of u and I will keep u happy forever, I love u Ishita, I love u
Ishita gets teary eyed and Raman proposes her with a ring
Raman: Did u forgive me my Madrassan??
Ishita: Yes, I love u too Raman

Precap: Ishita suddenly faints and Raman taking her to the hospital

Credit to: Prithvi

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    Its Nice…..

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Ishita named their daughter Sitara,not Pihu.Shagun also supports Ishita.Thats nice.Raman buying Ishita’s fav movie Dilwale’s movie CD n forcefully dancing with her on gerua was so romantic.Srk Kajol trying 2 unite ishra.That was a surprise.I’m reminded of Srk Kajol in SNS 2 unite Gohem.Srk suggests candle light dinner.he gave her a ring n apologized.Ishita 4gave him.Good that at least u showed in ur ff that Rinky’s killer is not Mihika,but Sarika n she got arrested.Sarika shot her or she made Kumar shoot Rinky?But y did Sarika kill her?I wonder what u have planned 4 Mihir,Abhishek n Romi’s love life.

    R u a south Indian?

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