Love has no boundaries..||One shot|| By Anushika

Hi guys since many of you wanted another two shot I am here with it.

Soo let’s start…
In the Malhotra Mansion…
A lady is wearing fashion designer clothes and is asking their servant for water.
Lady…Ramu Kaka bring me a glass of water now!!
Ramu Kaka was their servant who was an old and fragile man.While bringing the water,he trips and the water spills.A part of it falls on the lady.
Lady…What is this ???Clean up this water quickly.(screams)
Shravan…Stop it Urvashi immediately. Talk to Ramu Kaka with respect.
Here Urvashi is Shravan’ s wife.
Just then the door bell rings.
Shravan goes to attend it.
He sees a young girl in her twenties wearing a electric blue crop top. Shravan’s heart beat skips looking at her.
Girl…Are you Mr Malhotra??

Girl..I am Suman Tiwari,preeti’s sister.She asked me to give this file to you.
Shr murmers Sumo!!!
Shr….Thanks a lot!Would you like to come inside??
Sumo..No thanks I need to leave .
She turns to leave when Shravan holds her hand.
Shravan…You forgot your Chashmish sooo fast.
Sumo…Shravan tum???
Shr …Yes
Shraman hug.
Sumo..Its been Soo long since I saw you.
Shr..Me too
Sumo…You have completely changed,I couldn’t recognise you
Shr…But you are still Sumo.
Sumo..Huh,and you burj khalifa
Shr…Come inside it’s been long.
Shraman sit on the sofa and chat Urvashi looks angrily at her,she joins them reluctantly.
Sumo..Soo,your sister joined us as well
Urvashi’s face turns pale.
Sumo starts laughing.

Sumo..I know you are Mrs Malhotra, just was waiting for that expression.
Ramu Kaka comes with water for Sumo.
Urvashi pushes out her leg a bit to make Kaka fall.Kaka falls and Sumo’s dress gets wet and her leg bleeds just a bit.
Sumo ignores that and holds Ramu kaka to make sure he is alright.
Kaka..Sorry I don’t know how I del
Sumo..Doesn’t matter Ramu Kaka.Its alright,nothing is more important than your health.
Sumo touches Ramu Kaka’s feet.
This whole act of Urvashi doesn’t go unnoticed by Shravan.Though he doesn’t react.He sees Sumo taking a tray and picking up the broken glass.
Kaka…Beti,I will do it.
Sumo..You rest,I can do it.
Kaka protests a lot but Shravan signals him to go back and rest. He follows him silently and goes back.

Sumo asks where all to throw this
Shr..Leave it on the table I will throw it later.
Shravan’s eyes fall on sumo’s bleeding toe
Shr..your leg is bleeding,I will bring the first aid kit.
Sumo..No need it’s a small hurt.Any way I will need to leave now.I need to change as well.
Suman leaves as Shravan screams at Urvashi for doing this. But she acts as if she doesn’t care.
The next morning
Shraman gets ready for an meeting respectively and go.
At the conference hall in Sumo’s office they both are shocked looking at eo .
Shr…Tum yaha
Sumo…This is unbelievable, you are standing in my office and saying Tum Yaha??
Shr..I never knew ki Sumo could become so successful.
Sumo…Shut up,Vaise I thought you wanted to be a lawyer as per Dadi’s wish.
Shr…Yeah but destiny brought me here.
Sumo…Lets continue with the meeting first then we will talk.
Shr …I was Wondering how did Sumo become so clever??
Sumo beats him playfully.
They finish the deal and then Shraman go into Sumo’s cabin to talk.
The talk about their friends etc. Sumo was sitting with her head on Shravan’s shoulder and her hands entangled with his.Like how they used to sit in childhood..
Slowly Sumo puts her head in his lap and Shravan puts his hand on her waist and the other one caressing her hair. They were talking happily. Just then Urvashi enters .Shraman get s shock and Sumo gets up immediately.
Urvashi. You bl**dy b*t*h…
Suman starts crying and falls on the floor crying.
Shr moves towards Sumo to ask her to stop but Sumo gets up and runs off .Shravan slaps Urvashi hard.
Shravan runs to find Sumo is unable to find her..It was already raining and she was not in sight.Her phone was switched off. Almost half an hour passed but Shravan was unable to find.He starts remembering all her favourite places and goes to a nearby park to see.He finds Sumo sitting on the bench,with her face dug between her legs and she was crying .
Shravan felt bad and guilty. He takes his Umbrella and puts it over Sumo.As soon as she realises that it is not raining she looks up to see Shravan..
Sumo..Shravan,I am really sorry.I forgot that you are married.
Guys ,over here Shraman are orphans but Shravan lives with his Dadi and obeys whatever she says.
Shravan …To hell with this contract marrSumo.
Sumo looks up in shock.
Shr…I only married her because of Dadi.She doesn’t love me,she loves my bank accounts.It has been 5 months to our marriage but we sleep in different rooms.We have not even held hands till now.
Sumo…But still all these can’t be neglected.
Shr ..I loved you in childhood and now even now I do…You are the one who I want as my wife .
Shravan sits down beside Sumo.
Sumo hugs him tight.
Sumo….Sorry Shravan.
Sumo abruptly breaks the hug and runs off.

The next day Shravan thinks to meet Sumo and clear all this of. But to his dismay,she doesn’t come for work,so he decides go to her house.
At her house he sees Sumo and Pushkar (Another childhood friend)talking and laughing.) shravan feels pure jealously he hides behind the tree when he sees Pushkar going.He sees Sumo going to her room.He follows her and pins her to the wall.
He just can’t control and puts his lips on Sumo’s. Sumo also reciprocates .They part when there is lack of air.Sumo hugs Shravan tightly.
Sumo….I love you Shravan.
Shravan… I love you too .
Sumo…What about Urvashi???
Shr..I will divorce her.. I will spill her beans to Dadima.
Sumo..I want to meet her I haven’t met her since we met..

Like this Sharavn divorces Urvashi and marries Sumo.
After 3 yrs
They have two kids Aryan and Aaradhya.
They spend their life in bliss without Urvashi….
With this ends my os pls comment and tell me how it was ..
Love Anushika\Anu?

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  1. Ariana

    Awww such a sweet os. Tht Urvashi is always a cupid. Uhh Shraman moments were so adorable. Loved it Anu. pls make more os. Take care honey

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Ariana Di ..I will surely make more OS

  2. Ufaaq

    omg anushika it was ammmmmmmmaaazzziiiinnngggg
    loved it
    nice concept
    take care

    1. Anushika

      Thanks Ufaq …Take Care love Anu

  3. Marie

    Oyyyy anu Kya Kampala Kia hai yr totally in love with this one……!! Wonderful n shraman moment awww so romantic plzz plzzz plzz do write more…!!
    Love u so much!!!!

  4. LogaMegan

    Hey anu it was awesome we loved it
    Pls do write many os like this
    Lots of love from Loga-Megan

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Loga and Megan

  5. Nikita

    Oh my god that was so adorable.. I loved it.. I had so fun imagining this whole scenario..
    Do write more!
    Loved it!
    Love you anu..

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Nikita…Happy to make you laugh

  6. pretty preeti

    Anu one thing I must say awesomeee
    Story line superb it rocked
    Love u
    Take care

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Preeti… Love

    Actually…funny one ye tha…???jab my ramu kaka naam ka word suni tho meru imagination world..mey..Mr.ramnath malhotra..ek maali..bankar khada could some one else came in mind..after all we all named ramu kaka in edkv fan page of telly updates..


    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot sona .. Haha Lol …Didn’t know about Ramnath being Ramu Kaka….But the thought of having him as a malli made me laugh too.

  8. WeirdSister

    Hey Anu..
    U write os really well..
    Plz post more of it.
    Loved it.

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot weird sister.. Will try to post one more soon

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey anu !!!!
    Really nice one ?????
    Take care ..
    Love ya ..

  10. This was really nice. ?
    Liked it a lot. ?

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