Love- A new story ( first chapter)


My new FF…Love- a new story….

A shiny evening…
In a park,a bench is shown.
A man came there& sit in that bench.his eyes were red,seems like he cried a lot!!!.and he was restless too….he looked at the entrence gate of the park. He was waiting for some one….
Suddenly a girl entered to that park!!! She looked around for a while. She was searching for someone!!.
Then she found wat she search!! It was the man,who is sitting in the bench. She came near to him!!
He too saw her. He stood up from the bench& came near to that girl!!
They both give a smile ,(a fake one with lots of pain& sadness!!!)
Girl:u came early, haaa!!
Man: haaa..I think u may be come.
Girl: sorry,I became a bit late!!
A huge silence came between them!!!!
Then the man break the silence!!
Man: r u done with ur all things to go back??
Girl: haaa!! All things r finished now!!
Man: hmmm…
Just then she take some thing from her bag…
Girl: and this…..

The man take that from her hand & smile a little..
It was their divorce papers!!
It already have her sign…
She gave a pen to him& he too signed in it..
While sign the girl look at him with teary eyes& rashly wipe her tears!!
He gave back the papers to her..
Man: joint petition he na,so I think procedures will end soon…
Girl: hmmm..
Man: when will u go??
Man: is every thing OK in there?
Girl: yes…..just…meri kami hei waham!!
Man: hmm..

Girl: then.. U will come don’t u?
Man: I… I don’t know…But will try my best to come…
Girl: please.. Try,I will wait for u!!
A little shock came in man’s face!! She too notice that…
Girl: then.. By..hope see u soon in there..
They both shake hands!!
Man: tell him my best wishes for marriage….
Girl smile a little..
Girl: only for him?
Man: noo..I mean both of wishes for marriage…
Girl: thank u..
A huge silence once again make a gap between them..
Man: then by….
They both came out side the park& go in different directions…
Tears started to skipping from both of them’s eyes!!!

Hey guys!! It is my new ff. If u like this chapter& pls gave me feedback.
& do u have any guess about the pairs??? Wait for next chapter..Will tell u in next chapter… Thank u…

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  1. Nice ;* :*

  2. Ahhhh it’s so emotional n heart touching. …separation….I loved it. ..plzzzz continue dear, love you loads, all the best

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