Love never loss (edkv n krpkab) (episode 1)

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Here is epo
Dev thought to stay in London and complete the studies there only. When he is calling sona it is not responding as sona came to london n took local sim n staying in shravan house and want to study in shravan college. Dev also thought to study in suman college only.

First scene
Dev: sumo get ready I’ll drop you
Sumo think daily I’ll go with shravan wt to say
Dev: sumo wt u r thinking
Sumo: nothing actually daily I’ll go with my fnd she will waiting for me
Dev: who?
Sumo: Sravani

Dev: ok, go ahead I’m leaving, bye
Sumo: bye, see u there
Dev leaves
2nd scene
Shravu, push n sumo going to college by walking
Pushkar: sumo today u came this much early, wt the news
Sumo: I will always came early
Something fell in sumo’s eye
Shravan: see, if you say lies like this only happens
Shravan came forward to blow in her eye. They had a eye lock. It was broken when Pushkar coughs.
Shravan: eh…now ok
Suman: fine

They goes to college
3rd scene
Sona came to college n met shravan
Shravan:. Hi sona
Sona: hi
Shravan introduced sumo n pushkar
They leaves to their respective classes
When sona leaving dev saw her.
He thought it was dream n leaves.
4th scene, in class
Shravan: sumo did you understand what mam said
Sumo :I’m only Scratching my head don’t ask me
Shravan: ok sumo, today we will go for movie.
Sumo: no I can’t yaar
Shravan: plzz no one will be company for me

Sumo: pushkar is there know
Shravan: when he enters the hall he will involve in that movie. He will not listen to me
Sumo: for talking you need me
Shravan: no if your not there mean it will be boring. Plzz plzz plzz
Sumo: ok ok for 1st show only
Shravan: ticket may not be available
Sumo: that your problem
Shravan: pagal ladaki ok I’ll try
Sumo smiles

Precap: sona n dev met. Shravu n sumo Romance

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  4. Thats awesome…eagerly waiting for next episode ????

    1. Thanks abhi

  5. Nice epi…. Precap is also nice….. Try to make it more long … It is very short…

  6. Wow yaar…. Nice precap… I loved your story line….. Waiting for next part…

    1. Thanks. I’ll update soon

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