Love never fails – Part 2

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This is part 2.if any mistake in my written update,i sm so sry.

This story continues In the car, maanik ask apsara to sit in the front because the road is not good.He drops her in parents house.she get out in car and thanks maanik for dropping her.she starts going.maanik thinks god do something.maanik prays to god that he wants to go with apsara.suddenly apsara comes to him.she asked maanik to come inside that her parents will be happy if they see you.He thanks to god once again.Apsara dad and mom welcomes them with aarti.apsara cousin greeted maanik and ask apsara to come with her.cousin ask her how is your life is going on.apsara says nothing going between her and maanik.apsara ask her cousin why she change my room totally.cousin replies that she stays here with your parents.she then says i think maanik loves you.apsara says that he did not me.he is immature and didnot love me.cousin says see apsara how maanik talking to her parents.he talks with love like son and not sons in law.i think he falls in love with you apsara.apsara says nothing between ask apsara to come for lunch. In the lunch , apsara dad asked maanik and apsara to feed each other and it is a ritual.they feed each other.maanik play with the children .maanik and apsara ready to leave but the children asked maanik to play with us.apsara said child that brother next time will play with you.child say that he is not bro but he is my jiju.cousin says yes child and you are correct.sister husband is called jiju.she saidthat you absolutely correct.apsara gets irritated. They starts leaving for their home.they reached the night they had dinner each other. Apsara gets hiccups.maanik gives water and tries to touch her head.but apsara says dont take advantage with me.maanik gets sad and starts leaving.In the room he light the cigarette and speak to his frd.suddenly the place fire up and apsara semester books starts firing.apsara smells the burnt smell coming from the room.she goes to her room and saw her book firing.she cries and tries to off the fire with her hand.Her hand gets hurt.maanik comes home and saw the wound in apsara hand.he gets first aid box and tries to aid her wound.apsara angrily throw the first aid kit. He ask if she is mad.she angrily says to see the semester book.he then think about the incident made by him.she says that her semester book gets only in bangalore.she angrily burning his semester book.maanik slaps her and she is also slaps him.she goes to her room and lock it.He shouts to open the door that room is not only her and my room also.he then goes out.

After some time he goes to his room and see apsara.he turn this side and starts sleeping.suddenly he hears her crying.At the midnight he starts driving his car to bangalore to buy the book.At the morning he started leaving for college.apsara wake up and saw the gift near her.she thinks that gift is for maanik.she then ask maid about maanik.maid says he early goes for college and said that the gift is not for him.apsara then open the gifts box and saw the semester book.apsara gets happy and thinks that her frd buy for her.she goes to college and thanks her frd for the gift.Her frd gets confused and ask her which gift.apsara say that semester books.frd says that she is not sent any gift.apsara then thinks maanik brought all the books.she goes to maanik and throw the book on his face.she angrily says i dont need your help.Next day apsara goes to college and tell about the incident.Her frd scolds her for rude behaviour with maanik.she says that maanik drives long for your semester books but she arrogantly throw the book.she ask apsara to say sorry to maanik.apsara gets thinking and guiitly for her rude behaviour with maanik.In evening,she goes to maanik and tries to apologise.apsara tries to speak but maanik says enough and says if she dont want the book then i will tear the book.Hereafter i am not able to hear your scoldings.He goes.apsara thinks that he is a fool.he is not listening me and think else.they finished their last semester exam.apsara does not find maanik in their room.she wake up and open the door.she gets shocked that the whole family is here.the families says suprise.they say that you and maanik last semester is over.they have to go their village for karwachauth.they ask maanik and apsara to get ready fast.apsara gets ready and wears the mangalsooter.she reminds the marriage.apsara and maanik tries to talk each other but maanik sisters take apsara to another car.They reached the haveli and greeted Dadisa (surekha sikri plays an role).apsara and maanik goes to their respective room.they didn’t know each other room.maanik sister stays with apsara.she ask apsara how she looks in this Dress.apsara hesitantly says good.she tries to find maanik room but in vain.maanik also tries to find apsara room.

suddenly maanik friends arrives there.they say suprise.maanik says you guys here. They says our college is over that’s why they came to meet you.maanik ask his friends to search apsara.they all search apsara in rooms but in vain.apsara and maanik forehead hit each other. Maanik ask apsara what are you doing here.she says that she came to drink water.maanik says in every room maid kept jugs so dont lie to me.she says that she gets hungry.maanik ask her to follow him that he is also get hungry.he know the kitchen in this house.she agreees.they reach the kitchen and saw the maid.she ask what to do now.maanik said to maid that maa called many maids are there.maanik ask apsara to shout and says that she saw the cat.then whole family will divided. Apsara ask maanik that he is mad if cat is here how can whole family came from their room.he says that i know my family.she shouts cat and allfamily members come to the hall.maanik gets the food.they ask apsara which direction that you saw the cat.apsara signs all direction.maid says he staying in the house 25 years.he is not seeing any cat.apsara ask maid that he says that she is lying.maid said no madam.they start leaving.apsara sees maanik eating and scold him.they feed each other unknowningly.

I know some mistake in my writing.pls comment guys if you know the movie name or actor or actress name.pls comment.if you like this story and i upload the next part. Pls.comment guys.u don’t like the story Pls just say idont like the story. Thank u for reading my written update

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