Love never fails – Part 1


Hiii guys,
I am is a movie story.i want the movie name.i know the movie story but i don’t know the movie and actors name also.i tell the story below.if anybody know the movie name just comment below.i am bad in english.pls adjust for me.pls guys

This story starts new bride(apsara)getting ready for her marriage. Her eyes tear fall off.fb shows one bride(actually she is apsara sister) escaped from the marriage hall because she love someone.she eloped with the boy.apsara parents says to apsara that she only save our family respect.apsara refuses and said that she is still studying and want to fulfill her dreams.later she ready for marriage for her parents sake.Another side, groom eloped with the girl whom he love and call his brother that he is not ready for this marriage.that groom parents asked his brother to marry the girl.groom and bride parents dont know about the eloping.groom brother name is maanik.maanik is also studying college.finally apsara and maanik are married.that day night shows maanik sleeps one side and other side is apsara.even they didn’t talk to each other.Next morning maanik family and apsara family come to know about the groom and bride eloped.they didn’t tell about the eloped.maanik thinks that he married the girl who is 2 years older than him.maanik family arranged the flat for maanik and apsara.maanik and apsara stayed in that flat but they didn’t talk to each day he ready for his college.maanik frd taunt him about his marriage night and tell him that he is lucky.maanik gets irritated and asked him to shut up.maanik tell them that his wife is 2 years elder than me.

His friend tell him that sachin tendulkar also married the 3 years elder than him.His friend tell him that he first concentrate on study and then think about the marriage.maanik told to them that first we go to the classroom.apsara reaches the same college where màanik study but her class is in someother block.she is new admission in 3 year.apsara introduces herself to her girl saw her forehead is filled with sindoor.they asked apsara that she is a married girl.apsara gets shocked and told that she is not married.she gets friendly with them.maanik leaves for his flat from college in his car.he parking the car in the parking area .apsara also parking her scooty.maanik is in casual dress.she looked maanik and nervously asked him if he didn’t go for office.maanik lies to her that he is leave for one day.they go to their day in college,some seniors ragging guy touches his cheek and she suddenly slaps him.he told her that he will not spare her.later apsara frd told her to be evening maanik and his frds is in college canteen.apsara was ready to leave in scooty but the seniors rounded her.she tries to escape but one guy slapped her and tear her dress.she fearfully ran away and the guy was following her.maanik gets shocked to see apsara in his college.he ran to rescue apsara.seniors arounded them.maanik starts beating the seniors. But all of the senior beat him and maanik gets hurt.they saw principal coming and ran away.he covers apsara with his jacket and leaves for home.maanik sadly sit in the bed and think about apsara.apsara comes with first aid kit and nervously stand beside him.she aided his wound and maanik gets mesmerised to see her beauty.she stands to leave but he hold the hand and hets closer.maanik corrects her forehead plaster.In night apsara asked maanik to come for dinner.she puts her clothes in machine and sees maanik clothes is unwashed.she thrn washed his dress.Next morning maanik sees his dresses are already washed and asked the maid didshe wash my dress.maid said that apsara washes your dress.He smiles and see his room.apsara see her face in mirror and reacting herself. He sees apsara and smiles.

apsara was wearing saree and maanik suddenly enter the room ask for car keys.they see each other and shouts.he closes his eyes and says keys,keys…she tries to cover herself with saree.he nervously goes out.In parking lot maanik waits for apsara and thinks he sees apsara in college full days.Maanik gets mesmerised to see apsara in saree.apsara sees him and ask him why he wait here?he replies that he wait for her.apsara says that she is not going to college today.she says thst she is going to meet her parents.maanik gets sad.apsara says that her scooty is punctured and asked him to drop her.he agrees.

I know some mistake in my writing.pls comment guys if you know the movie name or actor or actress name.pls comment.if you like this story and i upload the next part. Pls.comment guys.u don’t like the story Pls just say idont like the story. Thank u for reading my written update

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  1. Jasminerahul

    why Rivanya’s pic?

    1. Preetika

      I don’t know the movie name.
      I love i put the photo

      1. Jasminerahul

        Is this ur FF based on the movie or just d movie story?

      2. Preetika

        It just movie story.i want the movie name jasmine.thanks for ur comment

  2. Sorry preetika, well i don’t know the movie with this story…. But the story is very interesting… I genuinely liked it…. Well done… Looking forward for next epi….

    1. Preetika

      Thank u for reading my update utkarsh.

  3. Preetika

    This story is from hindi movie.i have only one clue about this movie.In this movie,pardes dadi aka surekha sikri plays an dadi role.

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