love never fades!!! (epi 3)

Hello… how ya doing my friends ? i am sure u r perfectly fine ! right? If u are not then maybe after reading this ff u might become right … 😛 just kidding … so lets start with my new epi of love never fades …hai raam!! … mummy sahi kehati hain … main iss duniya main buhat badi bulakad hu ! see na i forgot to say tat … i am going to use some … fictionary street n school names ..meant to say tat they might not really be in Kolkata … but i am creating some names …so plz adjust ..aakir wo hamari swsan ke liye to hain ! enough of my bakbak na … come lets see wat happens next in the story ! n ya thanks for the comments !!.. i am happy tat u wnat me continue ..writing this thanks a lot!!
Recap:sanskaar n shona head for school n aarvi a.k.a swara with sahil head out to meet mr.sen gupta !!
In sanskaar ‘s car ..sanskaar is driving ..n shona is sitting beside him
Shona: papa … i have something to ask … can i ask?
Sanskaar : hmm go on my dear..wat is it?
Shona: papa… tat day when i was playing hide n seek with my friends ..i went inside ur room to hide n i saw tat there was a door … beside the bathroom …which u always keep me hidden from… i am sorry papa … but i wanted to know wat was there i went inside the room….n…
Suddenly the car stops …n there ‘s a screechhhh….. sound ..
Sanskaar: shona … y did u go inside the room? Beta how many have i told u not to go to tat room then y did u go ?
Shona : papa … i am sorry…
Sanskaar: so did u see everything in tat room … ?
Shona(nods her head in positive n says )who is tat papa? n y have you kept so many pics of her in tat room?
Sanskaar ‘s eyes starts turning moist with tears but he tries to control it as shona would not like to see him cry… n then he musters up all the courage he had …n says “shona … she is your mamma beta … she is my wife ..swara sanskaar maheswari … who is lost …”his eyes betrayed him n started shedding tears … he started remembering all the moments he had with her … all the sweet moments he wanted to live once again in …. he could not control them anymore … he told them to stop but they were too free-willed to listen to him … he forced them but they were too strong to bent to his will … just then
Shona: papa!!
Sanskaar comes back into senses n wipes his tears … n says to shona “shona …can we talk about this later … as you are getting late to school … hmm?”
Shona didn’t know wat to say … as she could not ask wat her papa meant when he told her tat her mamma was lost … she could not ask tat y no one had told her tat she has a mamma … but she understood one thing … tat if she asks anyone about her mamma then they would also burst into tears n shona hated tears … so she kept quiet n nodded her head in a positive response … sanskaar started driving the car …. shona started remembering the room …
Shona: where should i hide ? offo … she has already started counting …hmm … aree … papa ‘s room is there know to hide n papa has also gone somewhere … so his room will be free … yippe!! I will win
she ran towards his room n started to search for a place … while searching
suhaani(shona’s friend): 10! Now where is everyone ?
shona heard her sound n she started saying “ offo!! Offo! She will find me if hide here wat should i do ? ah ha ! i got a idea about secret room! Waah waah shona ..wat a idea … wat idea but wait … papa told me not to go there right …hmm …wat should i do ….oh-oh …..she is coming here ..only now i have to go hide … sorry papa ! saying this she ran towards the secret room … just when she went inside …n closed the door
suhaani: hmm is anyone here ? … aree .. no one is here .. ! now i have to go n search somewhere else
shona inside the room takes a sigh of relief… till now she was concentrated on the game but when she turned her face from the door ..n saw wat was behind her .. she was shocked … she saw lots of pictures of a girl … hanging everywhere …… some were lying down n some were hanging…. the whole room ..was filled her pictures … she remembered seeing the same picture in her mom’s room in which the lady was a wearing a blue chudidar n she remembered asking her mom “mom who is she? N she also remembered her mom lifing the photo n saying “beta ..she is soulmate …my..everything”n also she remembered her mom crying after she had asked the question she had kept quiet about it she kept moving … and saw a red saree (the same one which swara wore on tat day when she n sanskaar had their night in the serial …if uk wat i mean…! <3 ) besides tat saree was the diamond bangles … shona was super shocked … she didn’t know wat to do …so she ran out of the room … she could not tell anyone as she knew tat they would scold her for going inside the room without permission she kept quiet …but still she wanted know who it was n whose saree was tat ? … so she thought of asking her papa …
flashback ends … n shona comes back to reality n she sees tat they have reached “sapna international school”
shona: papa ! school to aa gaya !(papa! school has come !)
sanskaar: shona … school nahi aata hai beta …hum school jate hai!(shona… school doesn’t come beta… but we go to school )
shona: aree ..its one n same na ..! adjust karlo na papa!
sanskaar laughs … n says “okay dear let’s go ..” n shona feels satisfied tat she made her papa laugh !
they get out of the car … n go inside the school it was the first day … of school ..anyone of the child’s parents had to come n meet the class teacher n principal (guys idk if u really have to this ..but my story has to proceed plz don’t scold me! 😛 )… so sanskaar n shona go to meet the teacher …
as they go inside … a white colour car … comes n stand infront of the school …in which ..
aarvi : sahil .. we did come near the school but i don’t see any “sen gupta ‘ s office ” over here .. did we come the wrong way ?…
sahil: hmm … well according to me …this is only sapna international school in whole kolkata .. n there’s no other branch of their’s also … … uhh!
aarvi: wait i’ll call mr.sen and ask him
aarvi tries calling his number but it was unreachable … she tries two-three times … but alas no luck
aarvi: sahil ..i’ll do one thing … i’ll go n ask someone … tat where it is … hmm ..fine?
sahil: okay fine .. u go n ask while i’ll go n get some rasgullas for u ..i have heard ..tat some shop over there( he points at small road which is beside the school) make awesome rasgullas …idk which shop it is but ill go over there n find out… okay?
aarvi: okay!
Both get out of the car n sahil goes towards the small road and aarvi (swara) goes towards the school(!!!!)
Aarvi goes near the watchman n says “excuse me ..can u plz tell me where is mr.sen gupta’ office watchman: ma’am actually ..idk hwre his office is … but principal ma’am knows him .. i have seen come to school many times … so maybe she would know … u can go ask her !
Aarvi: aree thank you ji !
n gives him a chocolate n says “ as you helped me ..this is for you !”
the watchman was pretty happy ..tat someone said thank you to him … he accepted the chocolate from aarvi (swara)!!
Aarvi went inside the school to meet the principal n guess where… sanskaar n shona were ?hehehe right in principal ‘s office …becuse ragini n laksh could not come for orientation day ..for meeting the principal sanskaar was meeting her today!!!!(how exciting right ?)… just then aarvi comes to a halt …
Aarvi : offo aarvi ! u forgot to ask where is principal’s office is?! hmm now i’ll will have to ask someone over here …
she asks a teacher standing near her “excuse me ma’am … where is the principal’s office ?”
Teacher: go straight n take the last left n then the second room the principal’s office …
Swara(aarvi) : thank you ma’am!
She started walking towards the princi ‘s office (!!!!)
In the princi ‘ s office …sanskaar ‘s heart stared beating faster … he didn’t know y ? but his heart was certainly running a marathon … he tried to cool it down but no ! it wanted win a gold medal in the race of hearts !! ( 😛 )… then he recognised wat his heart wanted to tell … he recognised it because it used run like this whenever swara was near him !! his heart was telling him tat his love is coming near him … 11 steps away … 10steps away…………….. 9 steps away ..8 … 7..6..5…4…3…
Sanskaar: ma’am i understood everything i have to go .. thank you ..plz excuse us ..saying he rushed outside without even letting the principal to speak …. he went out to search for swara … with shona but ………………………… she was no where to be seen … he was certain tat heart never lied.. it perfectly knew how to detect swara’s presence … but … no … how can this happen … he was speechless … he didn’t know wat to do? He wanted to go search but a small hand tugged him … n said “papa! i have to go the class !!”
Sanskaar: hannh? Oh oh ya … oh haa ..come..come i leave u till there ..
Shona : okay!
Sanskaar went till her class ..n bid her bye … n came back near the car ….
Sanskaar: swara .. i was certain … tat you were there ..but ..once again i lost you ! shit !
(Well u might be wondering where she went ? maybe this flashback will clear your doubts …)
Swara(aarvi) was heading towards the princi’s office .. but then a hand pulled her back n started making her towards the exit of the school … while walking ..
Aarvi: sahil ? how come u are here ? u went to take..
Sahil(cuts in between her sentence n says): rasgullas ..ik … but when i reached the shop …n was buying rasgullas .. i asked where was sen gupta ‘s office ..n the vendor told me the address .. after taking them … i came searcing for you .. just then i met the watchman n he told tat u came here … so .. i cam ehere to stop u .. understood ?
Aarvi: ohhhhhhhhhhh….. hmm ..sahil ..u could have of thought of this earlier only right ? u buddhu !!
Sahil : kya karu … jab tum pass hoti ho to tab mujhe kuch samjhe hi anhi aata !
Aarvi: waah waah!! Ab jalo …
N they go towards the car ..n ride off!
The scene freezes on .. sanskaar’s angry face n aarvi(swara)’s happy face
Well guys ..ik tat u won’t like today’s epi didn’t make swasan meet ….but guys …don’t u think swasan should meet in some more awesome way ?…. right ! so keep reading .. love never fades !!! n do comment please !!! sanskriti … i just …………….love you my sis for giving me such superb comments n keeping ur afith on me !!! so …now byee guys n this is urs lovely poo signing off!!…

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