love never fades!!! (epi 2)


Heya ppl ! its ur poo again …with the second epi of love never fades !! … first of all i was overwhelmed reading ur comments … i was literally jumping up n down with excitement !!!!!! second of all i am really very sorry for making u wait for epi ….uk my school is going to reopen on 25 may … so i had some assignments to finish … so i got a little caught up ! sorry …. third of all ……… i’ll start with my today’s epi …!!!
Recap: shona’s intro,sanskaar n ragini intro .
after ragini took shona from sanskaar ‘s room …. sanskaar went to freshen up…
ragini ‘ s room
laksh gets up n finds out that ragini has already woken up …. he sits up on his bed … trying to remove the clouds from his eyes …. just then he hears sound of water- slashing and some one shouting shona – shonaaaaaaaa …. n when he finally clears his eyes … in front of eyes was a small girl wrapped in a bath-robe… smiling at him ….
laksh: good morning lil ’ girl !
shona: baba ! save me from mom ! please …. she is trying to ….
ragini: make her take a bath ! oh ! laksh … please help me with this little devil! She is not agreeing to have a bath n its her first day at school!
Laksh: a…
Shona : baba ! u must help me … uk na how much i hate tat soap … its so cheee..!! tell mom to get a new one or else i won’t bath!
Laksh: a…
Ragini: laksh look at her ! how much nakara she is showing … yesterday itself … she was like “mom get me a new soap” n now when i have got .. she wants a new one!
Shona : no baba i never did tat ! ( makes a puppy face !) !!!
Laksh :a…
Ragini: laksh ! we told u so much n u r still aren’t uttering a word ! how can u ???
Shona : yes baba… say something !
Laksh: if u stop n let me tell something …then i will be able to tell right ???? u both are fighting non-stop!! Uff ! i thought tat roof might blow out !!
Shona : baba!
Ragini: laksh!!
Laksh : my name ! ik … now if u calm down n listen to me … then we can end this … listen … shona … today is first day of school right .. so just today listen to ur mom ..n go take a bath … please dear .. n ragini … after shona’s school ends … u take her with you … n let her choose her soap …okay ?
Ragini: hmm fine ..
Shona : okay !

Laksh : then go .. take a bath ! but wait … princess u didn’t give my mornig kiss ? (makes a sad face )
Shona kisses his cheeks n runs towards the bath-room … n ragini was about to go … laksh holds her hand n pull her towards him
Ragini: laksh! Wat r u doing? Shona agar dekh legi to?
Laksh: aree ragini ! look my princess gave me my morning … but my queen has to still give … so i am just waiting for tat … tat’s it ! ( makes a pout face )
Ragini: laksh ! u r father of one child ..learn some manners !
Laksh : ragini … if i had manners ..then shona ..would have not been here ! so stop
Ragini: huh !…. wait ….u ( n starts hitting him ..)!!!
Laksh : ahhh ragini ! stop …. please
Just then shona comes n says …
Shona: aree mom n baba …wat r u doing ? i thought i was a small girl … but then it seems tat i my parents have also become small! Oh baghwan ! help them!
Ragini: shaitaan ! wait there ..ill come n get you ..make you have ur bath !
After ragini goes … laksh gets up n goes to check on sanskaar …
Sanskaar ‘s room
Laksh : bhai!
Sankaar comes out bath-room … wearing a good suit … actually this was first time he had dressed properly … after ..well uk wat .. so seeing him laksh got shocked a bit …
Sanskar: good morning laksh
Laksh : bhai ! how come today .. i mean .. how come … i not able to understand !!
Sanskaar : ik laksh ..tat u r bit surprised seeing me this way .. but then i don’t know why .. but i felt like … dressing up today .. laksh … today i feel like i am gonna see my swara ……
Laksh : bhai…..i know bhai tat ur love is strong … n tats the reason i diidn’t lose hope … for six years … bhai … ik swara is there somewhere waiting for u …. n one or other day u will find her …
Sanskaar: yes laksh i will find her….
They share brotherly hug … n laksh moves out …of the room…
Sanskaar : i’ll find u swara … i will
Scene changes … at the dining table……
Ragini: shona … please eat my dear…
Shona: mom na i hate roti … it’s not good … n u also know tat i only eat … ramu kaka ‘s special cereal … !
Ragini: shona … the thing is …. ramu kaka can’t come today … he is a bit ill … so u will have to eat this my dear…
Shona : hmmm
Sanskaar comes down the stairs ..n says “ aree shona … y aren’t u eating the roti … .. hmm my princess tell me one thing …if ur papa makes you eat something will u say no”
Shona : no … never … ill eat whatever he would make me eat !
Sanskaar: then c’mon eat this …
And then he makes her eat it … n the whole family watches them with their eyes fully moist with tears …
Annapurna(ap):… after swara went from our lives … it has been filled with just one thing n tat’s darkness …. no one was able to lighten it up … but when shona came …everything started changing … she came as a angel to our lives … to lighten our lives …just as the way swara did … swara when will u come back ? when ? … ( she wipes her tears n says )… sujatha … don’t forget .. we have to go to temple today … so after having breakfast get ready as fast u can … u know y right ? n ragini, pari u too..
Sujata: ( wipes her tears ) … ji jiji … i know …
Pari: ji maa

The thing is … as today was the day when swara went missing… from tat day till today …every year .. … ap n sujata,pari,ragini used to visit the temple n pray for swara …
Ragini: maa… i won’t be able to come today .. as i have to visit ma today … sorry
Ap: its okay .. ragini … ur mother needs u today …. over there more …
Shona : but mom who is going to drop me …( makes a pout face )??
Ragini: don’t worry beta … baba will drop u today …
Laksh : but ragini … i told u right tat me ,papa, adrassh bhaiya have a important meeting …we can’t miss it at any cost .. so very very sorry shona …
Ragini: i forgot (bangs her head with her right hand )
Sanskaar: ragini …don’t worry .. ill drop shona today …
Shona : oh oh pops to rescue ..hehehehehe
Ragini : thank you sanskaar ..a lot !!
Sanskaar: u were the one who told me tat shona is my daughter too … so u don’t have to thank me
Ragini nods n smiles … sanskaar starts thinking “i don’t y but i feel i am going to meet you today swara…”
Shona: papa to jale .. mission school is in front of us .. captain
Sanskaar: chalo .. meri drama ki dukhaan lets go … but first take your elder’s blessings…
She takes everyone ‘s blessings n heads out with sanskaar …
A girl is sitting on the bed .. writing in a book … she wearing a white n black frock … with maching earings n simple chain with a beutiful pendent … she has left her hair n is simply looking gorgeous …with kajal adornig her eyes …she looks exactly like swara….. she is looking happy … actullay too happy but somewhere in small corner of her eyes ..u could see tat she is a bit scared … she starts writing her diary
(in her diary ) “hello kitty(kitty is her diary ‘s name)…a new day .. a new beginning …. a new start to life …a new chapter of story known as life .. a new moment to try something new… hmm … such a nice day right ? … uk wat kitty … sahil told me tat i was born in delhi n also brought up there … but kitty when i came here (here meaning Kolkata)i felt like i was in my own home … the air over here felt so homely n welcoming … i felt i have some kind of connection to this place …like someone over here is waitng for me from ages … i know kitty tat u are thinking tat aarvi .. has gone mad … but kitty i am supposed to be writing whatever i feel like over here right … so tats wat i am doing … oh no … i guess sahil has finished taking bath … n if he sees me writing … then he will beg me to read wat i have written ..which is impossible… so dear .. byee see u next time ! …. till then yours loving aarvi …”(aarvi ? u thought it was swara right ! well folks … it is our swara a new outlook …. keep reading to find out more !)
The girl closes the diary n boy walks out of the bathroom … dressed in a green suit … looking good ..,
Aarvi: offo !sahil … how much time do you take getting ready … look at me … i just some fifteen minutes
Sahil: aarvi …stop lying … u take one hour to get ready .. n i take fifteen minutes to get ready … my darling
Aarvi : ya …? wait … u …
She starts hitting him with a pillow … n slowly it develops into a pillow fight …
Sahil: fine madam… u take less time n i atke more … fine?
Aarvi: perfect ! now lets go or else we both will get late… c’mon..c’mon
Sahil : hmm okay but remember the condition ….
in delhi …..
sahil ‘ s home … arvi was in the hall talking over a phone … just then sahil comes down n hears their convo
aarvi : ji gupta saab … sahil will come there n perform … areee y do u worry so much ..i’ll convince him na … please don’t worry sir … ya .. ya fine .. bye sir !
sahil: ull convince sahil to do what ? can u please explain …?
aarvi : oh tat sahil …… mr.sen gupta had called me seems he and his company is doing a charity function for the blinds home in Kolkata they wanted the great star sahil kapoor to perform over there …so they could get more fund … for the charity … so he told me to convince you … to come n perform .. tat’s it … we are going there day after tomorrow .. n
sahil cuts in between her sentence n says “madam … i am not going there .. call n tell them … to host the program somewhere else … n its final
aarvi: sahil… u can’t do tat … i have told them tat u will perform … now we can’t back out like this … u will have to perform …
sahil: aaru .. we are not backing out … i am just telling you to change the place … i will perform … but not there …
aarvi: look …tat foundation which you have to perform … is in Kolkata … so u can’t go perform in Bangalore for a foundation which is in Kolkata !
sahil: but …aaru
aarvi : okay .. y do hate Kolkata so much ? i mean even last year … u got a offer of 50 lakhs … but still as it was in Kolkata u said no to them … i mean… y do you don’t want go to Kolkata … ?wat’s there in tat place ?
sahil : aaru ..its not tat i hate tat place … i do like it … but …
aarvi : but what sahil ? look last year was just a concert for me ..but this time …its a concert for a charity .. u will have to go …please …. okay i’ll agree to whatever u will tell me to do ..but please … do go …
sahil: okay fine …on one condition … u will not anywhere overthere … i mean u won’t go anywhere without my permission …. okay?
Aarvi: fine … ! i agree ..i totally agree !
Flashback ends

Aarvi: ik ..ik i remember ..i won’t go anywhere … fine?
Sahil: perfect! …now come lets go n meet mr. Gupta ..
Aarvi n sahil head out of sahil’s house ( he has his own place in Kolkata.. so tats where they are living ..rit now

Precap: shona n aarvi aka swara meet !!!!!

There might be many questions swirling in your head like …
how come swara’s name has changed ?
y is sahil afraid of going to kolkata ?
how is sanskaar n swara gonna meet ?

well don’t worry … i’ll never let my favourite pair get separated … they will become swasan again …n as for the other questions …u get answers soon! Maybe in the upcoming episodes !!!
n sorry guys for not uploading my ff for so long … sorry
please keep commenting n ya can u guys please suggest me some names of the streets in kolkata ….i need it for my story …so please !
i’ll meet u soon once again with the next epi of love never fades !!!…
till then this poo singing off ! byee sleep well ,eat well, read well , n see swaragini well !

Credit to: poo

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