Love never fades away – one shot (os)

In a house one beautiful lady is shown with sleeping on dining table resting her head on table…,

Seems like was in a waiting for someone very special for dinner..,

it was the late night of time 12:00 am…

Just then one car horning sound broke overpowerness of sleep over that lady..

After hearing sound She immediately open her eyes in jerk n one name whispered quickly by her sweet tone..,

N it was….

SANSKAR…. (her soul mate, her husband, her everything)

She got up from the chair of dining table n rushed to opened the door..

N she opened the door before door bell rang…

N as soon as she opened the door she quickly hugged that person which was standing in front of her in his official attire with tired face due to whole day working…

that lady spoke while hugging..

Lady : How much time Sanskar..?? today also you came late at home..

Then Sanskar broke the hug n said..

While walking into the house from entrance with losing his tie..

Sanskar : Swara how many time I have told you,not to wait for me upto this late time..

Swara came towards him..

Swara : hmm, now go n freshen up quickly I’ll serve u dinner..

Sanskar said while caressing his wifey’s cheek..

Sanskar : (sleepy mood) Swara,actually I have took my dinner outside with some of business clients.

N again continues while walking towards bedroom..,

Sanskar : now wants to sleep…

Swara stands there with frown face..,

Sanskar looks towards her after alerting something to his mind..

Sanskar : Swara ,dnt u have your dinner upto now..

N Came close towards her..

Sanskar : Swara,how many ti..

Interrupted by Swara..

Swara : I know dat u have told me to have my dinner on time n not to wait for you.

With saying this she hugged him wid cute sad face.

Swara : but what to do,I got only like this some movements to spend with you,otherwise u always kept yourself busy in your work only..

Sanskar broke the hug..

Sanskar :there were important work Swara,okey now come n have your dinner…

Swara : (innocently) I will but when you will feed me by your hands..

Sanskar smiles..

Sanskar : as u wish Mrs. Swara Sanskar maheshwari..

N soon they finish their dinner..


After sometime in bedroom….

Swara was halfly lying on Sanskar n was drawing small pattern on his hard chest while talking to him..

But after sometime when she didn’t get reply from his side,she looked up to see his face..

Who was engrossed in his deep sleep..

After looking towards her husband she realized..,

Swara : (lovingly) how cute he looks while sleeping..

She was watching him lovingly some more time..

But after some time she became sad after thinking something..

In a thought that how busy he is now a days that he didn’t have time for her..

But she somehow convinced herself in a thought that he must have too much workload that’s why it is happening otherwise she knows how much he loves her..

Then she also slept in that position only while tightening her grip on him after placing kiss on cheek of her cute husband..,

It was not a new for Swara,she everyday used to convinced herself by sensing her husband’s ignorance towards her..

But he was also nt at his fault he indeed was having workload in his office..,

In all this busy schedule of his, he was totally unaware of the sadness of his wifey Swara..

after some days..

it was evening

it was fresh n calm evening but Swara was too much upset today also in a thought of that her husband didn’t have much time for her..,

But again she make convince herself according to be at his side ..

But today she was at up to something different lovable to do rather than to become sad..

She thinks something n quickly starts to execute her plan..

Sanskar came early today as from about one month he was daily coming late at nights…,

After having dinner he settled himself in his bedroom on couch while holding lappy on his lap..

But he was feeling some strange feelings today..

There was something about tonight that seemed a bit off. He didn’t know why or what, but something about tonight was building up his curiosity. The tension in the air was thicker than usual, the sullenness of this place was unbearable and the thump of his heart wasn’t even making any sense.

He became restless due to his all dis thoughts..

In all this his concentration loses n he close his lappy and kept it aside in frustration..

Not liking the stillness of the night, Sanskar decided to turn on the TV as he dropped himself on the couch. He flashed through many channels, not even one of them caught his interest. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do now. The TV was boring, he was also getting bore..

Everything at this time seemed to lack any enthusiasm that he needed.

His eyes somehow stopped onto the pillow and the scattered blanket that was sprawled at the end of the bed. He sighed as he closed his eyes and relaxed himself, thinking that he would do anything to sleep on the bed.


The sweetness of his beautiful, fairy wifey’s voice made him smile, liking the way how her voice could soothe him so much. He opened his eyes calmly, but with only one glance at what she was wearing, his jaw dropped down to the floor.

The way she was laughing nervously with her eyes on the floor made him sure that she wasn’t as comfortable as she thought she was. He closed his mouth slowly, confusion written on his face as he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“Swara….” He wasn’t sure what he should say now. The way she was presenting herself in front of him caught him off guard. Not that he was complaining, but it still definitely caught him way off guard.

“Uh, what’s up?”

It was a lame response. He could even tell she knew how lame she sounded by the way she wrinkled her nose with a frown on her face. He shook his head, confused with how she was not acting like herself. “Swara, are you okay?”

Her face immediately fell down. He sat up straight at the way she was sulking now. Huh, maybe that wasn’t what she wanted to hear from him. Now he wasn’t even sure what he had to do. “Uh, Swara…”

“Alright that’s it!” Something in her eyes sparkled eagerness. It startled the hell out of him, especially when she started to sit on his lap like she was born to be in this position.

” Swara, what…”

He was cut off when she crashed her lips on his. Shocked was an understatement, he was beyond surprised. It startled the hell out of him that she was this forward, this brave. Sure, she’d been this wild before, but that was when they had their love making mostly every day. But now, when the tension around them was thick, she was kissing him deeply out of nowhere. Wearing nothing but a shirt. His shirt.

He let out a low growl when she pressed herself on top of his crotch; he forgot how good it felt just to have her right here on his lap. He gripped her hips, kissing her back deeply with all the lust he found in himself. The kiss wasn’t like their normal kisses, no, it was too passionate and heavy that it took his breath away. Tongues were colliding with one another, lips were fuming together and bodies were pressed simultaneously. If this was a dream, he swore to god that he was going to die from it.

Somehow, he didn’t know why, but Swara managed to pull away so fast from his lips. She stared down at him, her jaw hanging open when it seemed that she realized about something. He watched her gaping at him and frowned when she quickly got off of his lap like he was poison.

What did he do now? Did he do something wrong? Was kissing her back a wrong thing to do?

Swara groaned as she rubbed her palm across her face. “I’m so stupid,” she muttered more to herself but Sanskar still could hear her words perfectly.

“Stupid? Why?” He managed to ask, out of curiosity.

It occurred to her that he was still there, sitting in front her, with a huge bulge underneath his pants. Her face went red as she looked everywhere but nt at him. “I’m going to bed.”

She rushed to bed quickly and Sanskar was even more confused than before. He sighed and stretched his arms out before heading toward the bed where she had slept and he couldn’t help but to have a huge frown was engulfed on his face.

” Swara???”

Swara was startled by his sudden voice. He saw her rolling over before burying her face onto the pillow. “I’m fine.”

How did she know that ,that was what he was going to ask? He sighed and sat on the bed, patting her shoulder as she shivered from his touch. “What’s wrong? You don’t seem to be fine. Was it me? Did I do something wrong? Was I going to fast?”

Silence came next before her muffled voice answered him, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

That line was too familiar for him.

“Then what’s wrong? How is it ‘you’ and not me?”

She groaned as she closed her eyes. “I’m ashamed of myself. That’s all.”

And then his frown came bouncing back on his face. “Ashamed? For…making out with me?”

“For throwing myself at you!!!” Her eyes opened in an instant as she realized she said that out loud. She caught a pillow next to her and covered her face with it, hating the fact that he was still looking at her. It made her feel nervous and shy. “Forget I said anything.”

“Now how could I do that? Besides, you shouldn’t feel ashamed by making the first move; it’s actually kind of hot.”

He was sure that she was blushing underneath the pillow. She shuffled uncomfortably before replying a quiet, “Really?”

“Yeah, it really turns me on, you know?”

“But Sankar…,I I…” He heard her sigh again. “I can’t believe I’m going to say this,” She muttered slowly.

“What is it?”

“I kind of felt like….?” He raised his eyebrows at the pillow above her head. “I was throwing myself at you and and I couldn’t keep my needs all to myself. And I’m sorry for that.”

What did he do next? Well, he suddenly laughed. It wasn’t a laugh because of a very hilarious joke, but it was a laugh that he used when he found something amusing. And she also knew that. Swara slowly pulled away the pillow above her head and took a deep breath as she warily glanced at him. “Why are you laughing????”

He chuckled once more before saying, “You’re right, you really are stupid.”

She glared at him right there. He only smiled and lied down beside her, wrapping his arms around her form before rolling her over above him. “You’re stupid for believing all those things.”

“Excuse me?”

He kissed her, knocking away all of her senses. “Swara, having you making the first move, is like a reward for me. I like a woman with power. And I will welcome you anytime you want to have love making with me.”

She blushed at the mention of love making. She hid her face at the crook of his neck, liking the scent she was smelling from him. “What about our this special night?”

“We can still have that, if you want to.”

Swara relaxed in his arms,

He only grinned at her and hugged her even closer to himself. It was nice having her in his arms again. She sighed happily and rested her head on his chest, loving the feel of his heartbeat. They didn’t speak; they both were too comfortable with the silence in the room. It had been a long time since they had felt calm with one another and it was a feeling that he would never get bored with.

He was stroking her back slowly when he heard her say, “Sanskar, I really do miss you from longg.”

He knew what she meant by that. He too missed her touch, the touch of her soft hands on his rough skin. He missed the feel of her pure skin onto his, missing the feel of hearing her call out his name, missing the feel of pleasure whenever he was inside her.

He grabbed her chin and looked into her eyes, feeling himself getting hypnotized by her longing gaze. “I’m going to throw myself at you now,” and he proceeded to do so.

He rolled her over and slipped between her legs, pressing himself closer to her core as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He lowered his head and captured her lips with his own, tasting her flavor all over again, nibbling her tasty lips as if it were the most delicious desert he had ever tasted. He was kissing her too slowly that it ached her for wanting him more, but he was gentle, and it was so new from him that she never thought he had the ability to be so soft.

He was even surprised by himself that he was enjoying every bit of this in slow motion, he was always used to be rough and quick, but this time, he felt like kissing her was the best damn thing he had ever done. He could live his life just by kissing her forever.

He pushed his tongue deeper into her parted lips and growled hungrily as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her body closer to this. He pulled apart from her lips only to trail small kisses along her jaw, down to her throat and pressing another hot kiss on the spot bellow her ear. She groaned wildly as he sucked the spot leisurely, feeling herself shudder by every movements he made on her body.

He ran a hand by her exposed thigh, admiring her soft skin that was hot to his touch. He liked seeing her wearing his shirt, but he liked it even more than to take it off of her.

He carefully unbuttoned the shirt with his magical fingers while his lips captured hers again. Their tongue was battling once again, not knowing who was winning. Once the last button was done, he pulled away from her and sucked a sharp breath when he was what she was wearing underneath his shirt.


Not even a bra.

She was perfectly made br*ast, hips, thighs the body of a woman as a woman was meant to be.

She smiled shyly as his eyes roamed over her exposed chest. He licked her lips hungrily as he braved himself to graze one of her throbbing nipples with his thumb, liking the moan that escaped from her lips. He have touched her before everyday, but something about touching her now was very different than before. He grazed her other br*ast as he bent down to her level and eyed her with pure lust.

“If this is going too far, stop me now.” He kissed her softly again before pulling away and leaning his forehead against hers. “Stop me now, Swara. I won’t be able to stop later.”

She smiled at him as she cupped his cheek with her palm. “I’m not letting you stop, not this time. I want this as much as you do.” A blush crept on her cheeks. “I’ve really missed your touch, Sanskar.”

She was honest with her answer and it was all the push that he needed. “I’ve missed you too, damn it, I’ve missed you so much.”

She gasped and arched her back the moment his mouth captured her right br*ast, sucking onto the softness of her chest as she buried her hands in his hair. Sanskar grabbed her waist, tasted her milky skin, and sucked her soft skin once again before planting a deep kiss on her lips. The kiss was hot yet gentle, and she couldn’t ask anything more delicious than this.

Swara snaked her arms beneath his shirt, amazed at how his flat stomach greeted her palms. She forgot how perfect his body was and she couldn’t get enough of his bare skin.

Sanskar chuckled lightly as he felt her hands trailing up his chest underneath his shirt. He pulled away from her a little, and pulled off his shirt. The moment her eyes travelled onto his broad shoulders, his toned chest, and his tanned skin that was glistening in the light of the room, Swara ran a hand along his torso. Loving the feel how masculine he was.

Sanskar bent down again and kissed her lips, tasting the sweetness of her mouth in a daze. It was like a dream, a dream that was too wonderful to wake up. He didn’t want this moment to end, never.

He placed a soft kiss at the corner of her lips as his fingers trailed down her side, tickling her sensitive skin at the process. He smiled wildly.

Sanskar hadn’t felt this kind of hunger in ages. He wanted to touch the satin span of her thigh, the warmth between her legs, to make her as hot for him as he was for her.

She let out an audible gasp when she felt his fingers grazing over her hot flesh, teasing her ever so slightly as her eyes rolled at the back of her head. It felt good. Too good. She forgot how his fingers could make her go wild.

Sanskar watched her face as he rubbed his fingers along her core. It was an expression of pure pleasure; her eyes closed, her back arched upwards, her mouth gasping from his touch, her head turning from left to right whenever he pressed into her body. Her grip on the sheets was too tight as he could see her knuckles becoming white. He knew how good this made her feel.

“Do I need protection today also?” He whispered so huskily by her ear, biting her neck softly as his fingers pushed further more into her.

Her hips buckled to his touch as she shook her head, her eyes still closed. “I took some pills” Her breath quickened its pace as he tortured her even more, brushing his thumb over her with a faster rate that made her toes curl in pure ecstasy.

He came crawling over her body, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss that made both of them breathless. His hands were already down to check if she was fully ready when he heard her whisper softly, “I’m scared.”

His eyes scanned her face as he brushed her hair away from her eyes with his other hand. “Why? We’ve done this before every time haven’t we???”

She bit her lip. “I just…. I just feel like this is somewhat different.” She sighed in pleasure when his fingers touched her deeply again. “We haven’t done this over a month.”

“Swara, I’ll go as slow as you want. I’m not going to be rough on you like I used to be, you have to trust me.” He assured her with a smile. She didn’t know where this side of him came from, but she wasn’t going to protest.

“Now.” He said, reaching for her. He leaned his forehead onto hers and watched her face as he slowly slipped inside her. It actually hurt her a bit, but the moment he was fully inside her, she felt like she was flying to heaven. She moaned loudly as she felt him moving his hips back and forth, knowing that he was teasing her with this slow pace.

“Faster,” she managed to whisper softly. He obeyed her quickly and growled deeply when he thrust into her the way she wanted him to be. Their breaths were out of control and they were pooled by their own sweat, knowing that they would definitely be tired after this.

He bit her bottom lip before stroking her face slowly. “Swara, open your eyes.”

She grunted, not having any strength to open her eye lids. But he ordered her once again, and after battling her own muscles, she finally managed to open her eyes lazily. She was aware that he was hovering above her, all sweaty and manly that made her even wilder than she already was.

“Look at me, I want you to look at me for the climax.” He said in a low growl as she wrapped her legs around him even tighter.

She sighed at the feel of his weight on top of hers, it felt good. “I’ll try my best.” She managed to say in between her loud moans.

And that night, where the stars looked upon them, when their body became one,again one more time after nearly about one month the shadows on the wall were a witness to their pure desired bliss. The silence broke with their sound, their moan and groan of pleasure and a destiny to reach to heaven. As the time captured their moves and hunger for each other, it seemed like a fantasy forever to reach joy of love.

So there he was, after releasing his all desirable inner needs, he leaned his head on the crook of her neck, breathing into her skin. Her smell was wonderful, it was wild and soft, a beautiful mixture he adored. He couldn’t help but to think how powerful she made deep feelings were attached to the movements of their body earlier. He couldn’t help but to think how it meant so much to him, it was definitely different from any other times he had love making with his wifey.

Sanskar shook his head as he planted a kiss on her neck. This was too powerful. He knew what it was.. and it was on the line of making love with his beloved one.

N Swara was also feeing satisfy n happie after so many days in a thought dat her husband at last could able to give his some special time to her rather than to spend his every time with files,deals,conferences n meetings only.

And they slept within each other embrace with satisfactorily smile on their peaceful faces after long time…

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