Love That Never Ends – Chapter 1

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Love That Never Ends – Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – Forgiveness
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A girl is seen, sitting on a bench, wiping her tears. She deserved it, she was the one, who had committed that mistake. That mistake broke someone’s heart. That heart cannot be healed anymore. She did a very big mistake, by not trusting him. She disrespected him by insulting him. How can she insult him? She called him a friend, but she never treated him, like a friend. She was always rude to him, she had noticed. She was feeling very sorry. For weeks now, she keeps saying sorry to him. But, he is not even giving a name to forgive her.

A boy is seen sitting, sitting across her. He is very angry at the girl. His heart cannot be healed anymore. He could not believe that she would do this to him. He wanted to cry, but he kept strong. Not even a tear dropped from his blue eyes. He couldn’t handle the pain anymore, he wanted to kill himself. He wanted to end his life, so he could never expect anything from her. He was enough of this drama, of her not trusting him.

“I had no other choice, if I didn’t go against you, then I wouldn’t have been able to support my father, that day” she said, while sipping her coffee. “You know, if I supported you, then people would think that I like you, they would think, that there is something going on, between us. Also you know that I’m getting married to….

He didn’t let her speak, he interrupted.

“Exactly, that’s your problem” he shouted. You care about what others say. There is nothing between us, so why are you scared. Do you have feelings for me?

She didn’t speak a word for a few moments. She was just staring at the birds.

He asked again, “Do you love me, Naira?”

She puts her coffee down, and said “I can’t love you Karthik, I’m getting married to Virat.”

Hearing this, he turned around (so she could not see his face) and a tear rolled down his cheeks. He wipes it away and looks at her.

She was hurt saying, that she couldn’t love him. Her heart is playing around with her.

She didn’t know what to do. She quickly held his hand & looked at his eyes.

He was just still for a moment. He had a great feeling holding her hands.

Naira: Please forgive me!

Karthik: Last year, you embarrassed me, in front of my friends. You said that I was going to teach kids in a government school. My friends were laughing at me. You made fun of my job, my students, & my great thinking, I have, towards kids.

Naira: I’m sorry. I’m spoiled, I’ve been born in a rich house. I cannot shut my mouth, it opens anytime. I’m legit sorry!

Karthik did not want to forgive her. But he thought to forgive her, for humanity’s sake.

He hugged her and said “I forgive you.”

She smiled and just hugged him back tightly.


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