Our Love never end (Part-8) Last part

Hii guyzz sorry to make you wait I knw no one miss my story..!! Guyzz I write that much bad that much less cmnt.!! It’s ok you guyzz not to worry this is last part. .! Nd this part is full mature content plzzzzzzzzz if ur uncomfortable don’t read plzz bcz I really don’t want any bashing that how you use that valger words Nd all type bcz SM happened with my frnd Nd she is stop write..;!

Spacial thank to my darling PihuKapoor3 babe thankyou soo much for ur idea ..!! Ur true frnd u r the one who increase me to write..!!
I’m not that much in good to write romance like you bcz ur best..!! Love you truly ????????

Last part

It’s a evening Nd sanskar is leaving from office Nd goes toward his house where his love of life ..! Waiting for him.!! A curve of smile on his lips cm..!! In the way he saw a saree shop Nd goes to word  shop..!! Nd a purchase a beautiful saree..!! Goes home..!!

Swasan house

He enter in the house and saw his beautiful wife watching TV ..!! He goes toward her Nd back hug her..!! Nd said

Sanskar- what are you doing darling..!!?

Swara- watching TV ( said with a smile ?)

Sanskar- swara plzz stop watching TV Nd plzz serve food I’m soo much hungry ( said with a puppy face)

Swara- okk( said with a smile)


Soon they had dinner Nd goes to their room..!! And Sanskar give gift to swara Nd said..!!

Sanskar-plzz wear this swara ..!! ( Said. Huskily ?)( swara just nodded wheel blushing hard)

She goes to washroom Nd Sanskar starting decorating whole room bcz he want to make this night beautiful after all he want to full fill his wish( going to be father soon?)
After some time swara came Nd looking extremely beautiful Nd hot sanskar is just numb after seeing his wife that much hott Nd beautiful .! Sanskar give her a black colour saree with SM wihte stone work Nd wihte Nd black combination blouse which is backless Nd only two strep in that .!! Sleeveless..!!Sanskar move towards her Nd place his hand on her milky bare Waist which Nd start roming his hand there Nd swara is blushing seeing the sanskar Nd decorated room she understand what her husband want suddenly rain start Nd she push sanskar little Nd goes toward balcony the balcony is so big Nd full open that she is getting wet bcz of rain Nd her saree fit har body soo s**ly Nd Sanskar goes toward her Nd back hug her..!! Nd start dancing Nd touch her romantically and give her wet kisses her neck Nd back..!; Nd she is moaning his name.!

Swara- hhmmmm Saannsskkarrr..!!

Sanskar-hmm babe u r soo yummy I want to eat you whole (said with huskily Nd naughtily ?) Nd roming his hand on her tummy Nd caressing it..!! Nd swara is lost in his touch..!! Soon he turn her Nd Thier face is ince apart only ..!! Suddenly their lips met Nd start kissing each other first it’s was a sweet but after SM time it turn into a hungry Nd wild kiss Nd they kiss each other passionately Nd suddenly sanskar bit her lip Nd swara is moaning his name in his mouth

Swara- aaahhhhhh saannsskkarrr..!!

After SM time they stop kiss Nd started each other Nd Sanskar Carry her in his arms Nd place her on bed Nd come top of her Nd said

Sanskar-you are looking very hot Nd s**y babe..!! I want to make love you till morning ..!!

Swara- soo who stop you my hottie man.!!( Nd wink him)

Sanskar start kissing her neck wildly Nd it’s start bleeding Nd he lick all bleed Nd giving wet kiss Nd swara is moaning his name in a s*xy menner which make him more hard Nd he
getting more hard which rock in her..!; Soon he remove her saree Nd started her s*xy body Nd start kissing her b*****t over her blouse Nd her cleavage she moan his name loudly..!;

Swara- aahh m sssaannsskkaarr pllzz mmoorree

Sanskar-sass yyoouu saayy baby

Nd kissing more Nd more wildly..!! Nd soon he remove her blouse also Nd her big b*****t pop out bcz she is not wearing her b** Nd he start kissing again Nd sucking Nd biting her ni***l  Nd wheel swara is moaNd wheel swara is moaning countlessly..!!

Swara- sssaannsskkaarr Ii wwaanntt yyoouu nnoowwe..Ppllzzzzz..!!

Sanskar-no baby you have to wait( Nd wink her Nd she give him angry look)
And come to her belly button Nd giving wet kisses..!! Soon swara come top of him Nd wink him Nd start kissing his neck Nd remove his clothes Nd now he is only his boxer n Nd Nd swara can see how much he is hard for her Nd she blushing seeing his erect mamber opon his boxer Nd Sanskar see it Nd said.!

Sanskar- this is for Nd bcz of you baby plzz give me a rid I can’t wait..!;

Nd swara understand what he mean Nd goes toward his boxer Nd giving kiss on his mmbr opon his boxer Nd Sanskar moan loud..!!

Sanskar- aaahhhhhh Swara-Sanskarr..!!

Swara remove his boxer Nd place his mmbr in her mouth Nd start sucking Nd Sanskar his just moaning

Sanskar- aaahhhhhh jjaaannn llliikkeee tthhiisss aahhh Iii llooovvee yyoouu ssooo mmuucchh jhaann..!!

Soon sanskar cm top of her Nd remove her petticoat Nd P***y Nd see her milky P*****y ndd start licking Nd sucking it which give her more pleasure

Swara- Aahhh mmm aaahhhhhh

Nd Sanskar start thrust his fingers in her Nd ssoonn he replace his fingers into is mmbr Nd enter into her P****** she let out a loud scream bcz of a sudden thrust which was very hard

Swara- aaaaaaaahhhhh Sanskarrr..!!

Nd Sanskar thrust in her hard Nd both moaning each other name loudly Nd passionately soon both reach to climax..!! Nd Thier climax naver Nd till the first sun rises fall on them..!! Nd they stop bcz they both are very tired bcz of last night passionate love making..!!

Sanskar- jhaann I hope after last night love making my wish is going to full fill soon ..!!

Swara- which wish Sanskar??

Sanskar- arryy father bnne ki ..!!
( Swara start blushing Nd sleep his chest Nd nodded with him)

After a Two month
Now swasan is living with Thier fmly as swara forgive them Nd now they are in Kolkata Nd both are very happy Nd now ragini also in her six month Nd swara taking care of ragini but limited now her full time for her loving husband Nd Thier love making session naver Nd they did their love making in bathroom also nd it’s their daily routine..!!

Breakfast area

All are sitting Nd having but swara is not ha having her breakfast Nd make a bed bed faces..!;

Sanskar – swara why are you not eating??

Swara- sanskar I don’t know why but it’s smell is like eeww it’s my favourite
Dish but don’t know.! I want to eat some spicy food..!!

( And AP and sujata understand her situation Nd smile..!!)

Ap- swara you are feeling like vomiting.!!

Swara- yes badi ma

Sujata- you feel like eat smthg khatta

Swara – yes mom

Ragini- swara you feel like to eat sweet Nd ice cream in night..!!

Swara- ha ragini in this week I feel like this only..!!( Suddenly Ap said)

AP- sanskar I think now it tough time start Nd smile..!!

Sanskar– but why badi ma( ask confusedly)

Ap- bcz swara’s every talk lid to pregnancy ( said with a big smile)

Sanskar- what badi ma really but how do you knw

Ap- beta this is symptoms of pregnancy..!! But you have to console Dr.also

Sanskar- ookk badi m aaj hi Dr. Se console krta hu.!; ( Wink swara who is blushing)

After Some time both go to Dr. Nd Dr. Also said that swara is pregnant..!!In the way

Sanskar-swara see I told you na my wish going to full fill soon.!

Swara- shut up beshram( Nd blushing)

Sanskar- what beshram Nd I’m beshram for you only my princess..!! Now my little princess also coming.!

Swara- noo Mr not little princess it’s little prince okk

Sanskar- ok no problem swara you give twinc one prince one princess.!!

Swara- shut up sanskar..!! Goes to home..!!

After nine months

Swara give birth two little prince Nd princess..!! Four of them stay happy..!!

My first SS end Nd sorry if I being a rude Nd sorry also if you uncomfortable with romance..;;

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