Our Love never end (Part-7)

Hii guyzz thank you so much for your response and love..!!???

Episode start
( Sanskar console swara and said)

Sanskar- swara you knw that day I thought you will not forgive me but you forgive me and ask one thing..!

(swara look at his eyes and r remember
Their conversation)

(Swara break down completely she is soo hurt that no one imagine Sanskar can’t see her like this Nd family members their head is down bcz of their deeds..!! Sanskar rush toward her Nd hold her Nd cupped her face and said)

Sanskar-swara plzz clam down swara plzz Don’t stress yourself you are week plzz swara forgive me I did a mistake to punish you like this I’m bad swara bcz of me you are in this condition..! Plz forgive me swara ( he also start crying with her
And family members smile with teary eyes seeing their love)

Swara-( come to get sense Nd also cupped his face) noo Sanskar you don’t be sorry mistake was equally ours my Nd yours also soo you don’t be sorry I also become mad for my that sister (looking ragini angrily) who only cares her happiness first ..!! Bcz of her I left you but not now sanskar can I ask you one thing

(Sanskar nodded)

Swara continue – Sanskar I don’t want to be here anymore now..!! I want we will leave this house Nd sift somewhere else
I don’t want to loosse you now sanskar
I’m not strong anymore plzz sanskar me Nd you only us no one else .!! Plzzz

(all are shocked to listening this but Sanskar is happy in heart heart he also want something like that only)

Sanskar-I also want to be with you swara we will left this house after week we both leave this house my house is in Mumbai
Me Nd you..!!

( Both hug each other Nd family members understand they want some personal time so they left soon both swasan broke the hug Nd look around find no one there sanskar got up and close the door Nd lift swara in his arms..!! Nd make her lying there and about leave but swara hold his hand..!!)

Swara- make me yours again sanskar make love with me..!!

Sanskar-you are weak swara I don’t want you become sick again..!! Nd you don’t worry after leaving Mumbai I will not let you sleep .!( Wink her while she blushed)

( Both again hug each other Nd slept each others arms. After a week they left without forgive anyone)


Both swasan lost in their that time conversion but suddenly their door knock

Maid- Sir MDM I’m leaving as my daughter’s health is not well..!!

Swara- ookk no prblm Nd ya take care of her Nd if you need some thing you can tell us..!!

Maid nodded Nd leaves..!!

Sanskar- swara I was thinking why can’t be start our incomplete with work..!!

Swara- Sanskar (Blushing hard)

Sanskar doesn’t listening her Nd make her lying in bed Nd he come top of her Nd start kissing her soon both lost their love making..!!


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