Our Love never end (Part-6) New Beginning

Hii guyzz..!! Thank you sooooo much for you lOve ..!! It’s means alot and only two parts are left then this story will end..!! Bcz it’s only TS ten shot.!!

After One week


In hall all are sitting there Nd our swasan standing with their luggage Nd about to leave when Uttara stop them..!!

Uttara- Bhaiya Bhai plzz cmbck soon for me for ragini’s Bhabhi chotu you didn’t angry on us naa plzz..!!

Swara- we will Uttara plzz take care of you okk..!!( Goes to ragini)

Swara- I’m angry on you but not my nephew so plzz take care of her/him..!!

After them swasan leave from there..!! For their new beginning for their new life but Thier love ..!!???

After a four month


A big mansion is shown Nd in one room girl Nd boy are shown girl is lying on bed Nd boy is top on her Nd kissing her neck ..!! Nd girl is moaning bcz of pleasure..!! Nd said

Girl- saannsskkarrr ppllzzzzz stopp naa we are making love since night it’s morning plzz let me sleep some time( obviously it’s our swasan??)

Sanskar- plzz one more kiss( he. Said very cutely ??????) ( saying this he start kissing her lips Nd she to respond their kiss turned into more passionate kiss both bitting each other lips Nd sucking after that when they needed oxygen so they stop their kiss Nd started each other lovingly sanskar lay beside her Nd take her in his arms Nd start caressing her bare back Nd talking to her)

Sanskar- swara now we are so much happy naa..!! No one is there to disturb us Nd come between us.! I love you swara I really love you soo much..!!?????

Swara- I love you to sanskar Nd more than you Nd ( wink him??)

Sanskar- oohh really?

Swara – yes really ..!!

Sanskar- then show me how much you love me( smile naughtily ?)

( Swara start blushing ? Nd close her eyes..!! Sanskar going to kiss her but pphhwww knock on the door?? Sanskar sign Nd wear his boxer Nd goes to open door ..!; He opens the door Nd saw Thier maid Nd ask her.)

Sanskar- yes what you want??

Maid- sir breakfast is ready you Nd mdm cm down ..!!( Sanskar nod)

Sanskar- swara get up breakfast  is ready !! ( He said going to washroom room)( swara get up covering her self with blanket Nd stand up Nd said to sanskar)

Swara- sanskar plzz let me fresh up first plzz.!!( Said with blushing face sanskar smirk Nd goes toward her ),

Sanskar- swara I have a idea why not we both bath together it’s not west our time( Nd wink her?)( swara’s mouth is ‘O’ shape.!!)

Swara- Sanskar you are became shameless day by day!!

Sanskar- so what when my wife is so beautiful Nd s**y soo husband bcm shameless ( picked her lips)

Swara- Sanskar plzz let me fresh up you go after me okk now plz leave my way!!

Sanskar- swara where are you taking this blanket ( said naughtily ?)

Swara- ( wheel blushing ) Shut up sanskar ??!!( Nd goes to washroom)

( Sanskar start laughing seeing her blushing this much..!!?????????????? After they both get fresh up Nd goes to do breakfast)

( Swasan feeding each other Nd their stuff watching them lovingly ? bcz their stuff knw how much they love each other bcz this is their daily routine to feeding each other Nd teasing each other)

Sanskar – swara can I ask you one thing?
.Swara- sanskar when you needed my permission ( said fake angry look)

Sanskar- nthg like that wo swara woo Iwantababy( said in a one breathe)

Swara- Sanskar said it clearly what are you saying I didn’t understand

Sanskar – swara I want a baby(said closing his eyes)(swara choked her food..!!) Nd looking sanskar with wide eyes?)

Swara- Sanskar what are you saying (said blushing hard❤??)

Sanskar- (saw her blushing so start his naughtiness)yes swara I want baby Nd seems ur r not angry soo can we start our progress ( hide his smile to see her shocked face which is red due to shiness Nd blushing)

Swara- Sanskarrr( hit him on shoulder lightly)

Nd run to her room sanskar run behind her Nd both enter in same time starting each other goes toward bed Nd sit.

Sanskar-swara are you okk..!! I mean I was thinking if you don’t have any problem then we can go back to Kolkata..!!

Swara- sorry sanskar I knw you want to back to your family but sanskar I can’t it’s still hurt me sanskar they all blame me ..!! Nd badi too I didn’t expect that from her sorry sanskar I can’t

( Saying this she start crying Nd sanskar console her)


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