Our Love never end (Part-4)

Hii guyzz I’m back soo let’s start the part where it’s end..! And thanks for your cmnt..!!

(Sanskar nod and start to broke the door Nd door broke when they cm to washroom they shock to see swara lying on floor Nd water falling on her Nd she is fully wet..!! Sanskar rush to her Nd lift her Nd place her on the bad)

Sanskar- swara open ur eyes swara plzz open ur eyes what happened to you swara plzzz open ur eyes ( he said weeping silently Nd see her face Nd he can saw his swara become weak her face was pale her eyes swollen Nd dark circles he is crying seeing her this state Nd shout on lakky)

Sanskar- lukky call the doctor plzzz see na she is not opening her eyes plzz

( Everyone is having tear in Thier eyes seeing swara’s this state after some time Dr cm)

DR- Mr maheshwari how can you be sooo careless to word ur wife..!! I think she is in water since two hours Nd u call me this time ..!! Nd one thing is she is having any stress Nd is she taking sleep pills ans me

Voice- yes she is taking sleeping pills Nd she is having great stress Nd she is not having her food also ( A voice cm behind every one Nd it’s non other than uttara) every one shocked to listen this

DR- see Mr maheswari plzz take care of ur wife now I give her injection Nd I write sm medicine plzz give her on time Nd plzzz keep her happy otherwise you may loss her( saying this Dr left Nd every one is one regarding for their behaviour what they did to swara Nd told her one prsn is very on Thier behaviour towards her is non other then uttara now her time to brust our)

Uttara- now every one is happy I’m right( every one look her ) seeing her like this all are very happy..!! The person who naver think about herself who only think about others got blamed by them whom she cares alot..!! Wow what a family she have.!!

Sujata- what are you saying and who can you talk like this with your elders..!!

Uttara- yes I will talk like this only bcz you guyz doesn’t deserve a bit of respect..!! My Bhabhi become like this she is in this condition bcz of you ..!! Everyone blame her ..!! All blame her for leaving Bhai alone like seriously you think it’s easy to her also to away from your love..!! Past six months I’m seeing her I knw how much pain she bear in this month (she goes to sanskar) Bhai you tell does swara Bhabhi think about herself once

Sanskar nodded”No”

Then how can you think that now also she think about herself when her sister in pain that’s why she left you..!! But you also did wrong you also tell her not to come again..!! Bhai I knw mistake your and as well her you are both equally responsible for your married life but you also blame her..!! Nd you my family ma Papa badi ma Nd the great Laksh maheswari what to said she make my Bhai life hell shame on you..!! She didn’t make my Bhai life hell but your Loving wife make his life hell..!! Always come in between then..!! Any how knowing that she is also have a husband..!! But no always laksh ji laksh ji ..!! She always think about herself Nd swara Bhabhi think about other..!! But why all blame her..!! If something happened to her I sware I will not leave you..!!

( Whole maheswari family shocked as well as guilty for their behaviour toward swara knowing that how much she love her family but some is more guilt Nd pain is sanskar.)

Sanskar- today I understand one thing that here is no one for me except her!!

(He goes to uttara Nd hold her hand)

Sanskar- uttara I’m very bad na see bcz of me she is lying here plz tell her na open her eyes I swear I will ask forgiveness ..!! But will she forgive me I did so much wrong with her..!

Uttara- yes Bhai she will forgive you don’t worry Nd you didn’t do anything wrong you was also in pain..!! She understand..!!

Sanskar hold swara’s hand
Nd kiss her forehead

Hope you like it. Guyz

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