Our Love never end (Part-3)

After One week

It’s being a one week sanskar doesn’t saw swara in this week he used to go office early and return after her sleep..!! And other hand swara become weak day by day her health is not good in this week..!!

It’s a morning

At dining table

Everyone having Thier breakfast but suddenly they hear thud sound Nd saw ragini is lying on the floor.!! Everyone rush to her.!

LAKSH- ragini ragini get up get up ragini!!

Sanskar – laksh I call the Dr. U plz take her to room( laksh nod)

But in everyone sm1 is there who doesn’t know whats happens she is lost in her own world yes it’s swara she is lost.!! Nd she moved to ragini room like lifeless body.!!

In Raglak room

Dr. Check ragini Nd smile to see everyone Nd said

DR- congratulations mr.maheshwari your wife is pregnant you are going to be father..!( Everyone is very happy but swara still lost Nd every one can see that swara is not moving after that Dr. Left Nd sujata start tuning swara bcz she still doesn’t forgive her )
( Guyzzz sorry but after that I write in Hindi bcz it’s suit on sujata Nd everyone)

Sujata- dekhle chori ragini humko kitni badi khushi dear Rahi h or ek tu hair Jo apne pati ko hi chord kr Cali Gyi dekh Lee thare krni agr Tu bako chord kr na jati toh aaj ragini ki jagha Tu bhi ho sake thi par Tanne toh mare chore ki padi hi na hair..!! Humesha apne hi bare m soche hhuuhh..!;

Ap- ha swara pehli bar m sujata ki kisi baat se sehmat hu m ye nh Keh Rahi tumne Galt kiya hai pr tumne sanskar ko us time chord kr sahi nh kiya bhut Galt kiya tumne

Laksh- Ha swara sanskar n humesha tumhare sath diya humesha tumhe support kiya har wakt tumhare sath khada raha apni fmly k against gya but tumne humesha uska use kiya humesha hi usko apni icha k sath calti ho tum Mera Bhai kya that kya bn gya h sarab ko kabhi hath nh lagata tha wo or tumhare ane k baad uski zindgi hell ho Gyi you mad my Bhai life’s hell..!!??

Ragini- ha swara laksh jii sahi bol rahe h humane tumhe pehle hi bola tha ki soch loo pehle sanskar ko chordne se pehle but tumne nh suna aaj tumne humare chkr m sons ghar ujad liya

( Everyone blaming swara but swasan not said any word sanskar doesn’t Saw her face till now Nd nor said anything to anyone bcz he is also hurt Nd swara listing everything Nd stand up Nd everyone stop Nd she start moving to her room Nd goes to washroom Nd on the tab Nd water falling on her Nd she set thud on her knees Nd start crying loudly she is crying Nd crying no one bother to saw her no one ask her pain what she going through this week everyone blaming her but she is also away from love that doesn’t mean only sanskar love her she also love him like he do but everyone blaming her she knw it’s her fault but even she is also her she sit Thier more than two hours Nd no one knw about this Nd suddenly her eyes got closed Nd she lay there unconscious))

At hall

Everyone chatting Nd laughing Nd they doesn’t bother that whare is swara it’s being two hours Nd no one bother bcz they are angry one but sm1 is worried it’s not sanskar it’s uttara Nd she said

Uttara- ma badi ma two hours ho gye swara Bhabhi apne kamre se ayi hi nh h.!!

Sujata- bhadiya h..!! Hogi apne kamre m Aram kr rahi ho !! Naa baye ghar ki toh koi chinta hai nh

Ap- sujata sant ho jao..!! Haa uttra mujhe bhi chinta ho ho Rahi h !! Tum jai dekh kr so(uttara nod Nd goes to swasan room)

Swasan Room

Uttara cm in the swasan room but find no one is the room..!! But she hear water sound so she knock the wash room door but knw response

Uttara- swara Bhabhi ap under ho swara bhabhi ! Bhabhi Bhabhi Bhabhi..!!( She start shouting she run from there Nd cm to hall)

Uttara- ma badi ma sanskar Bhai D0ekho na swara Bhabhi washroom ka gate nh khol Rahi h Nd Na hi koi awaz ab jaldi caliye(she said worriedly Nd everyone run to swasan room)

Swasan room

Every one cm to there room Nd knocking washroom

Sanskar- swara swara open the door swara

Laksh- sanskar humko gate broke krna padega

(Sanskar nod and start to broke the door Nd shock to see that swara lying there unconscious)


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