Our Love never end (Part-2) PUNISHMENT

Hii guys thank you guyz for your such a good response write this story in English Nd Hindi both bcz SM Dealougs are suit in Hindi muchhh..!! Plz forgive me if do any mistake ..!!

It’s a morning again every one is sleeping till now but one prsn is not sleeping she is in deep thoughts..! Thinking how her life change yes it’s swara she is thinking how her life change with in 2 year first laksh left her alone Nd her sister diched her Nd then sanskar entry how he support her every way every scn how she start loving him Thier fight ,Thier nok joke,Thier happy moments,Thier shuaagraat ,her memory loss , his care ,and most how he left him alone for that mistake he naver done she thinking this Nd tears are not stop for a scnd!! Her thoughts broke when she hear a sound open the door Nd saw her love her life is standing in front of her she look him teary eyes but this doesn’t effect him he don’t wanna weak this time he has a fear of loosing her again if she again left him he will die Nd he died each Nd every scn for her but she naver cared she left for her sister who tried kill her but she always support her now this time of punishment for his every single tear, punishment for his sleep less night, punishment for kill him every day..!! It’s time to her punishment!!! Thier silence broke when swara speck!!!

Swara-Sanskarr(with teary Nd pleading eyes )Sanskarrr plzz forgive me sanskar I naver do this again I will do what ever you want I will naver go against you but plzz don’t keep me away from you sanskar plzzzzzzzzz( she is crying )

Sanskar – (As lifeless body) I will naver forgive you swara the pain you give me naver ever be heal you always take for granted whenever it’s cm to me you always leave me ..!; First you doubt on me ragini’s kidnapping Nd now laksh how can you swara how can you you naver thought about me u always thought about that ragini who first tried to kill you but YouTube the great swara naver ever change you always support her protect her what about me I’m nothing to you swara nothing if you give ur 99% support ragini at least give 1% to me also that day you said you will naver fill ur maang with sindoor untill laksh can’t cm ..!! Really swara the thing which is proof of ur married ur main u take that thing for granted..!! You naver ever considered me a prsn you always use me swara for ur own benefit for your own first fake marriage for ur ma Baba.! What about me when I tell you my feelings you take them as I’m did a crime to loving you I’m also human I have a also heart who used to beat for you but you broke it swara. !! Now laksh cm you also cm after that if again smthg happened you again leave me..!! Nooooo I have a not that much stronge swara I’m not..!! Now you have to punish you have to..!! Sooo Your Punishment is that I WILL NAVER EVER ACCEPT YOU NAVER IN MY LIFE FOR THIS WORLD UR MY WIFE FOR MY FAMILY UR MY WIFE BUT IN THIS ROOM UR A SHOW PEACE WHAT SHOW PEACE just get lost from my room swara I hate to see you in front of my eyes but this is also ur punishment to see my haterd toward you swara and no a word against me..!! 3rd PUNISHMENT you will naver say no to me naver when ever what ever say to you you have to do that thing at that time get it in ur mind..!!(Saying this he left Nd swara standing there Nd just standing now she is also broke seeing sanskar like this Nd seeing her love like this is a bigest punishment for her)????????????????

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    awesome dear

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    Vartika… umm, in this story, did Sanskar never ruined Swara life before ? i mean revenge time ? did Sanskar never say that he will leaving Swara when he fight with Laksh ?
    if that so, huh! i cursed Swara for leaving her beloved husband..
    but, if that according to the serial, huh! i cursed Sanskar to be ungrateful person ever !
    but most of that.. i cursed the Author to be happy and update it soon! you made me confuse.. huaaaaaa….

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      You will come to knw soonn..!!

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