Love never dies.. (TS three shots) by manu24.


It is going to be a three shot story.. So please guys tell me if i should continue or not..
Waiting for response..
It is small part, as just an introduction..
Lets start..

First scene,
A huge hall.. Decorated with red,white and pink roses..
There are mirror hangings on walls.. Pillers Of the hall are also covered with roses..
So many lights.. They twinkle in multiple colors..
White yellow green blue red pink..

A royal, big and exceptionally beautiful jhoomar is there in the center of the hall.. Which simply adds the beauty of the hall..
No inch of the hall is left that is not decorated.. The hall is full of antiques.. That cost millions of rupees..

A small square shaped stage is also there..
Where on all 4 corners 4 pillers are present..
Each piller has some unique pattern printed on them..
with two front pillers.. Two extremely gorgeous scriptures are there..
In one, a lady is seen standing with water pot on her head..
While the other scripture is of a man who is bent as is asking for water from that lady..
both the statues are in golden color..

The hall has many curtains.. Of great heigth..curtains of pink and white combination..
In between these colors.. Few curtains are of royal blue color also..

There are some 500 seats.. Covered with white sating cloths..
One round table have 5 chairs with that.. This is how seating is done.
On each of the table.. One flower pot.. Few glasses, and one red wine bottle is perfectly organied.

One center table is also there.. Its bigger than other tables around it… There is a plate.. Covered with sky blue satin cloth.. Lots of rose petals are in that plate.. And above those petals.. Two ring boxes are placed..
The table cloth is of white and baby pink prints..

On one corner of the hall.. A table covered with white cloth is there.. On which tons of gifts are kept.. Wrapped in multi-color glittery wrappers..

Facing to the stage there is a big photo frame.. Which is also decorated with flowers and lights.. The frame is the only thing that hangs on that wall.. No other painting at all.. The stage and the photo frame are set to face each other..

On the entry of the hall.. There is a board.. On which it is written..

We welcome you to ring ceremony of our children

Well who is varun.. What is this mess.. Will be revealed in mext part so tell me if i shall continue this or not..
Please friends do leave your reviews.. Be it something good or bad..
If there are grammatical mistakes kindly ignore them.. As i have written this on my phone and not on my pc..
Thank you.
Manu 🙂

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  1. Pooja26

    omg!!!!! gonna interesting…….
    post soon……

    1. Manu24

      Thanks pooja..

  2. Jayashree

    Interesting…post next part 🙂

  3. Priyali


  4. Its interesting……..waiting 4 the nxt part……..update soon….

    1. Manu24

      Thanks bhavana..

  5. Sat_9492


    1. Manu24

      Thank you..

  6. Akshaya

    Interesting re

    1. Manu24

      Thanks jayashree..

  7. Manu24

    Thank you..

  8. It’s interesting. Pls continue.

    1. Manu24

      thank you shalini 🙂

  9. It’s interesting…pls go ahead?

    1. Manu24

      thank you ranisha.:)

  10. Ruksy

    Freak post soon

    1. Ruksy

      Not freak, great auto correct is so annoying

      1. Manu24

        thank you..
        i agree,auto-correct is a pain at times..

  11. Wow i hope varun is our billuji

  12. Interesting very very interesting post the next asap I can’t wait. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    1. Manu24

      Thank you so very much..
      Will try asap..

  13. Shrinithi

    interesting post d nxt part soon

    1. Manu24

      Thank you..

  14. Pinkyyy

    Interesting dear
    Continue soon

    1. Manu24

      Thanks pinkyyy..

  15. Interesting.. Waiting for the next update…

    1. Manu24

      Thank you ankita..

  16. guys plz help me out how to write a ff I am enable to write, will someone plz help me ?:(:( and even Manu ur ff is going to be awesome TWOSOME

    1. Manu24

      First, please register yourself.
      Then, write ur ff in ms word or notepad.
      Open tu.. go to submit articles-its on top left corner of the screen..

      Copy the article from ms word and paste it in there..
      Two ext boxes are there
      One for your ffs name second for the article itself..

      Select the category.
      And u are done!

      1. Thank you so much ?

      2. Manu24

        u are more than welcome riya 🙂

  17. Interesting…plz continue ???????

    1. Manu24

      thanks a lot 🙂

  18. Sami

    update soon

    1. Manu24

      Thank you..

  19. Anujohnson

    It is very interesting…and your imagination is out of the world….and I loved the way how you describe things beautifully….and I think Anika and Varun are siblings…and they might have their ring ceremony for their respective partns….anika-shivaay I think…..this is just a crazy guess….ignore if wrong…

    1. Manu24

      thank you..
      your appreciation means a lot 🙂
      let’s wait to see who they actually are..

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