Okay.. I am posting this after a long time .. sorry! This was a TS( three shots)..
If someone forgot the previous shot.. do not worry.. I am providing the links..

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So let’s start-

Someone shouts from the entrance..
“anika didi”
Everyone turn and see the person.. there is a lady standing there..
Anika smiles and says “same mistake.. not again”
Pinky: “ohh.. priya.. so finally u are here.. I was waiting since morning”
She comes close to anika and says..” sorry.. I know.. it always happens.. what should I do.. “
Anika(laughing): well I don’t mind if you call me didi.. it’s just that u are too old to call me didi.. and I already have a bunch of idiot brothers and sisters.. I don’t need any extra person to call me didi.. where is they?
Priya: they are with bade papa and chhote papa..
Anika: that’s not fair, it’s my engagement.. and they are busy meeting everyone but me.
“accha.. let me go now.. I have to help my daddy.. will be back”
Anika leaves from there,,

Priya to pinky
“chhoti ma.. she looks..”
Pinky: exactly like her..
They both look at each other.. their eyes become moist..
Pinky: let’s go.. u must be tired after such a long and tiring journey.. take some rest..

Here, anika comes silently without making any soon as she comes at stands at the door.. she finds her father standing near the bed.. his back is facing anika..
“anika, tell me which kurta is better white, black or this purple one??”

Anika: not again daddy..
He turns around.. “what not again”
Anika: how come you always know that it’s me.. Without even looking at me.. “
Daddy: I just know.. Now stop asking and help me out..

[[[ so yes, the daddy here is shivay.. and anika is shivay and anika’s daughter]]]

Anika goes near him keeps her head on his chest and wraps her hands around his waist and speaks up
“still daddy, there must be some trick na.. you always know if I am around you.. or I am in some danger.. but how??”

Shivay keeps his hands on her head
“because you are my daughter, my life anika.. How would I not know when my life is in danger.. that’s a silly question”
Anika looks up at him and says “once bade baal wale chachu told me that u used to sense mumma also.. is that true daddy?”
Shivay smiles at her question
“yes, even when I had no clue about love.. I used to sense her.. “
Anika: how?
Shivay: that is still a mystery- (he takes pause)
“even for me..”
“whenever she used to be in danger I just knew.. I knew always.. she had asked me many times how do I know.. infact many a times I too found that odd.. but with time I understood that I loved her.. more than anything.. and that love of mine gave me this supernatural power”
Anika smiles at this..
“daddy you loved a lot?”
Shivay: a lot is very small beta.. I loved her
Anika notices shivay’s eyes.. that were wet now..
Shivay: like I had never loved anyone.. like I never will.. ever ..except you.. well I love you little bit more than I love her..
Anika hugs her father tightly.. “daddy, because of me u lost her..don’t you hate me.. I am sorry”
Shivay breaks her hug and makes her stand at some distance keeps his hands on her shoulders and says
“no anika.. I can never hate you.. you are the best thing that happened to us.. anika is my wife and my life too.. but you are my soul beta.. how can a person hate his own soul.. his own kid.. yes, she died the same day you were born.. but it’s not your fault”
Anika: no daddy, you don’t know that..
Shivay: that she traded her life for you..? of course I knew.. but your mother didn’t knew this..
Anika: what?? You knew.. how?
Shivay: after she went into that operation room.. doctor told me everything.. In that moment I felt like my breath was stopped.. my knees went weak.. I lost my strength.. I wanted to slap her.. slap her hard.. and that too so many times.. I wanted to.. to.. kill her.. because she lied to me.. lied to me about her problems.. her pain.. how could she take that decision.. how dare she decided to part her ways.. who gave her right to die.. die without me..

Anika: u slapped her then?
Shivay: no.. I couldn’t..
Anika: why?
Shivay: as soon as the operation was done.. I went inside that room.. I was in rage.. but when I opened the door.. I saw her.. she was holding you in her arms and was crying and writing a letter for you.. you know she was talking to you and writing altogether.. and telling you how much she loved you.. how much she loved me.. what you were to her..
“she was in pain.. so many stitches she had.. but that pain was nothing compared to the joy that was in her arms.. I realized that very second that if she would have survived at the cost of your life even then my anika would never be the same.. her life without you would have been worse than her death.. she was already in pain.. pain of being a mother yet not having time to see her daughter grow.. pain of being a wife yet not having time to spend moments with her husband.. pain of being a daughter in law yet not having time to spend time with her family.. She had so many roles.. she didn’t had time to live to play those roles”
“I was scared.. scared to give her more pain.. scared to make her cry..scared to..”

Anika: to??
Shivay : to see her die..time was slipping and I could not let her cry any more.. I wanted to hear her laughing.. see her smiling.. see her the way she was.. jhalli..

Shivay’s eyes were flowing like a river.. with each word he said.. tears kept on increasing..
Anika: you didn’t told her knew the truth?
Shivay: no.. because if I would have told her.. she would have cried.. she would have begged for sorry..I just couldn’t let her die with when I entered in the room I lied and pretended like I was unaware of her decision.. we both clicked photos with you.. she even sang a lullaby for you.. actually we both did.. she recorded everything.. her lullaby.. her smile.. her laugh.. she was holding me and you together..“
“I was able to see the fear in her eyes.. fear of going far away from both of us.. she didn’t leave my hand even for a single second.. we both always used to plan to die in each other’s arms.. well your mother’s wish was fulfilled.. I she died in my arms.. I didn’t leave her for another hour. Or more I guess.. I kept crying.. holding her.. asking her to wake up… to talk to me.. to fight with me.. You know I hated when she was quiet.. but she left us.. but she gave me the world’s most precious thing.. you“

Shivay wipes his tears.. composes himself and says
“beta our pain-mine and her- was worth it.. your smile.. your laughter.. it made every sacrifice worth it.. she would have died thousands of time to give you life.. and i.. well I can live for thousands of years alone.. on this earth.. to raise you.. you are not just a daughter.. you are a dream.. my dream.. her dream.. “

Anika was looking down.. and crying continuously.. she was not able to gather enough courage to look into his father’s eyes.. who lived with so much of pain just for her happiness..Shivay bends down and kisses on her forehead and says

“sometimes I see her in my room.. we talk to each other.. she kisses me.. I kiss her.. she helps me in selecting suits.. the nights when sleep never fails to make its way into my eyes, she sings songs to me to make me sleep.. many a times I have seen her sleeping besides me in nights..she holds my hands and says sh loves me and love u..haha.. u must be thinking that daddy is crazy but I can’t help it”
“now stop crying.. your mother is watching us from there(pointing to the moon).. she will come in my dreams tonight and fight with me because I ruined your expensive makeup that too on such a big day..”

Anika smiles at this and shows him the bangles that was there with letters..

Shivay says.. “yes only your mother can gift blue bangles for engagement.. when entire world thinks of pink golden silver bangles.. your mother came up with this unique idea..”
Shivay and anika laugh looking at the moon.. and speak together
“I love you.. I wish you were here today”

Anika: daddy why u gave me the same name?
Shivay: ohh.. well.. we always wanted to the name to be shivika if girl comes and ansh if boy..
Anika: hain???
Shivay: but when I saw her holding you in the hospital.. I made up my mind that your name will be anika and then two after your birth ishana gave me a letter which anika had given to her to give it to me after she will be gone.. in which she expressed her desire that her daughter should get her name.. so that made my decision even more concrete..
Anika: your thinking matches..
Shivay: when two people have one soul.. their thinking also become one..

He looks at anika whose eyes were still wet.. her kajal was spoiled..
Shivay(wiping her tears): will you tell me which kurta?
Anika: purple.. you will look hot daddy..
Shivay: haw.. you are calling your dad hot.. shame on you!

He takes a pause and speaks again
“your mom also loved purple on me.. when I won best business of the year award for the first time.. she suggested me to wear purple..”
Then shivay sits in front of mirror and says
“won’t you help your dad”
Anika goes near him..takes a white shawl which had golden embroidery done on it and wraps it around shivay’s shoulders(like he had in marriage scene in IB)
Then takes some gel and sets his hair.. takes some crème and applies it on shivay’s face and says..
“done daddy.. you really are a hottie”
They both laugh..
Then shivay makes anika sit and with his shawl wipes her kajal(that was spread)
Anika: daddy your shawl is white.. use a tissue na.. don’t
Shivay(cuts her): shut up.. it’s a pleasure to wipe your kajal with this.. you forgot how you used to wipe your running nose on my shirts and trousers and also your tears.. they were much worse..
Shivay: well I loved it when you used to do it.. I just have one daughter who else will spoil my shirts and trousers..

Shivay goes towards his wardrobe takes out a box.. from it he picks a kajal stick
“now miss anika shivay singh oberoi.. watch and learn how to apply kajal like a pro”
Anika: you know how to do it?
Shivay: yep, I used to do it for your mother too.. she was too lazy sometimes to apply this.. and I loved her eyes and kajal wali eyes.. so I learnt to apply it.. for my own benefit…

He applies kajal and liner on anika’s eyes and anika was grinning all the while..
Anika: we wasted thousands of rupees for that make-up artist.. you could have done it and saved that money..
Shivay: it’s my daughter’s wedding I won’t ever take a risk..
Now let’s go.. everyone must be waiting..

Shivay forwards his hand towards anika and says
“may I miss anika”

Anika smiles and giving his hand in his father’s hand speaks
“my pleasure Mr. Oberoi”

They both walk out of the room.. as soon as they reach near the door.. a young man comes there and says
“anika who you like..”
Anika: mamu.. I look like your sister.. right?
[[[[yes it’s our sahil]]]
Sahil: yes, beautiful like her..
Soon om and Rudra join them
Rudra: if I would have been young and you wouldn’t have been my daughter.. I would have proposed you.. you look so beautiful today..
Shivom pat rudra’s head
“stop flirting with your daughter”
Rudra: wasn’t flirting.. just complimenting her..
Anika: what is this, no one will scold my chachu.. it’s between us..

Everyone laughs there..
Ishana and somya soon join them..
Somya:what is going on why is everyone laughing..
Shivay: your husband is a joker..
Somya: he was always a joker..
Rudra: really somu.. you should be at my side.. you are bad wife..
Somya: you too are a bad husband..
Ishana: will you guys stop it now.. anika.. you are looking beautiful.. now let’s go.. dadi,maa,chhoti maa everyone is waiting for you..

Ishana and somya take anika with them..
Shivay: guys you all go and meet with the guests.. I forgot my phone near pool side I will be bring it..
Shivay goes to his room.. opens his laptop and goes to *paanika* named folder
And watches his and anika’s last video.. her smile.. her tears.. her hairs..her face..
Closes the laptop.. and goes near window
“congratulations mrs. Anika shivay singh oberoi.. it’s our daughter’s engagement today. I hope you are happy.. and watching us.. look I wore purple today.. I love you”
He turns to leave but stops and speaks
“will you now stop checking me out and also stop blushing.. “
He smiles and goes..

[[oh yes..priya is sahil’s wife]]
Done! Pheww! It was a emotional segment.. I got so much emotional while writing this..
For errors.. sorry and for reading thank you 
I consider this to be the last part but if you guys need an proper epilogue.. do tell me.. I will write that down too!
I hope you guys will like this post..
Thank you!

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  1. It was an awesome episode…..I am still in tears….

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