Love never dies – shot 2

Hey guys , this is yb with the second shot of love never dies ….😊
Feel free to express your views 😁
Thank you 😊

Shravan opens the door and stands in awe to see sumo there , his heart beats πŸ’— more faster, but the ego that’s filled inside him conquered him and he started yelling at her …
Shravan : I don’t need your counselling anymore , I am sorry
He was going to shut the door when sumo simply said
I am leaving India forever,Shravan
Shravan’s heart
Give her a tight hug and stop her Shravan , she will leave you forever and you will be lonely 😁you love her , just pour your heart out ❀️..
Shravan’s mind
You can’t trust any women in this world , they are selfish Shravan ..
let her go , you have suffered a lot in your past , keep your future safe , forget her ……

It’s a normal phenomena , ego conquers everything , so he just replied
” ok bye πŸ‘‹πŸΌ ”
Suman : that’s it ! Just a bye , Shravan ……??
Shravan : yeah , I have got nothing else to tell you ,just go….
Suman : Whats wrong with you Shravan ?
Shravan: everything is wrong with me, I don’t trust any woman,so just get away 😑
Suman : ok ! I am going but you are gonna regret your words mr Malhotra 😑
When she called him mr Malhotra, Shravan felt hurt ….
She walked away with a heartbreak and he stood there with tears in his eyes ……. and watched her go , he felt as if his soul was departing from his body….

Sumo tossed and turned in her bed
Only to realise she was in love with Shravan but little did she know that Shravan is filled with ego and that ego will never let her go closer to him ❀️….
Fb ends

Shravan who was broken from inside tried to hide his pain and finally tried to sing a song ….
“Itni si baat hain
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai ”
These two lines ringed in his head .. he was exhausted , he loved her dearly but had to hate her for other reasons !!! That is life , love isn’t that easy πŸ˜”
He rushed to his father’s place and quickly marched inside only to here some female voice that was kind of familiar enough 😬
He hid and heard their conversation
Nirmala: ram , you can’t keep my son away from me for a long time .. look at his condition , he needs some support..

Shravan’s POV
She broke her relationship with my father and me 10 long years ago but what is the need to come back , I hate her πŸ™‚!
Ramnath : I will take care of him, you need not interfere Nirmala .
Nirmala : what do you think of yourself? You threw me out of the house 10 years ago , just because I was earning more income then you and then you snatched Shravan from me , you cooked up stories on your own , I didn’t leave any of you it was you ,you and only you ram πŸ˜‘πŸ™„
Ramanath tried to slap Nirmala but a hand held him , it was Shravan, he gave a deadly look to Ramnath and hugged Nirmala as tightly as he could …
Ramnath realised his mistake and left without a word ..
Shravan stopped him and enquired him about why he did such cheap acts … Ramnath bent his head in shame and apologised to Nirmala and Shravan … Nirmala forgave him but Shravan was badly hurt from inside …

Shravan’s POV
I never thought papa could do such cheap acts, and today I understood the fact that my mother loved me and still loves me , not all women are wrong , Urvashi was one of a kind πŸ˜’ … Suman was right, I am regretting what I said I gotta get sumo back πŸ™‚
he rushed back to the place where sumo lived , it was locked πŸ”’ and he bent down on his knees and cried to his fullest … sumo , this isn’t fair ,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❀️️❀️

A young lad walked towards Shravan , it was none other than Aditya,
Adi :what’s wrong with you Shravan ?
Shravan : where is sumo? (In a weak voice )
Adi: she just left to the airport , I was with her all the while ….
Shravan grew more suspicious πŸ˜’
Shravan:You were with sumo ??
Adi: yeah , actually I forgot to pay the counselling fees πŸ˜‚
Shravan : oh 😌
Shravan and Aditya rush to the airport , they reach the airport only to watch sumo shedding tears while getting out of the car ,she is humming a song 😊
Shravan quickly rushes towards her and keeps his hand on her shoulder, she could feel him , she quickly turned back , he held her by her waist, and leaned in to kiss her ..
They share a passionate kiss 😘 and Suman slowly whispered in Shravan’s ears πŸ‘‚
Suman : is this love ?
Shravan: yes it is
Thus they shared a bone crushing and Aditya chuckled at their blooming love

Adi’s POV
I have never seen Shravan being this happy , thank you Suman
He looks alive today , he has got back his love ❀️😁
Aditya rushes towards shraman and hugs them out of happiness
All three of them shared a light moment and shraman went back home hand in hand just to make the rest of their life the best of their life ❀️
“Love never dies, it is only conquered by ego and other such factors ”
So guys , if you are in love with someone than please accept the fact and reveal it to them because hiding it deep in your heart will only cause you pain and heartbreaks . What if the other person loves you too ❀️ so it’s better late than never
After all people who are made EK DUJE KE VAASTE will always conquer all the odds and become one some or the other day …..


Thank you guys this ends here but I will be back with some other interesting stuff soon
Keep loving shraman
Keep reading my works
Lots of love πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’•
Yb signing off


  1. Reema

    hey YB you are just too good.
    I started love with your writing skills.
    you wrote so well. I can’t express.
    but one thing. I just loved it.
    its awesome , fabulous , etc….
    keep writing.
    loads of love…

  2. Nikita


    |Registered Member

    Amazing Mirra! Loved it.. sorry I couldn’t comment on the last episode.. I loved this one.. bring bacm more works of yours!

  3. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Awesoooommmmeeeeee!!! U rocked it. Woho girl it’s great.
    Ramu kaka’s face is all kala in front of Shravan. Maza aagaya. N Adi is also a bae here
    make more shots girl

  4. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    Your writing had just blown me out and I feeling like tartarus after reading this one is so lovely and emotional. You rocked rey..
    Keep going and keep rocking..

  5. Nazia


    |Registered Member

    I dont have any word!! It was beyond anything!! Especially ur philosophy about love was awesum and true yb!! And well shraman kissed in puiblic!! OMG!! And loved adi 4 the first time.. It was hust too awesum dear <3

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