Love Never Dies (Rivanya,Thahaan and Apulay) Intro


Hi guys it’s my 21st ff please comment on my ff.

Ritik:A famous business tycoon and boss of Malhotra industries.His age is 24.

Malay:He is Ritik’s brother and CEO of Malhotra industry.His age is 23.

Bihaan:He is Ritik and Malay’s brother and loves hem very much.His age is 21.

Shivanya:She is a girl who wants to make her image in front of world.Her age is 26.

Apu:She Shivanya’s cousin.Her age is 22.

Thapki:She is Shivanya’s sister.She always stammers while speaking and because of that her name was thapki.Her age is 20.

Ritik and Malay’s are discussing office work in Ritik’s room.Bihaan comes and asks them what are they doing and Ritik says they are doing work and Bihaan says that he is going to garden to take some fresh air and he goes from there.

Bihaan goes to garden and sits on a chair.

He listens children’s playing and laughing noise.When he open his eyes to see children’s he sees a beautiful girl playing with them and it’s none other then Thapki.She tells some joke and he is listening peacefully.

Bihaan goes to Thapki.Thapki ask why did he came to her?He says that she knows how to joke.Thapki says yeah while stammering.Bihaan asks whether she have the problem of stammering and Thapki says she have the problem of stammering.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya to meet each other.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Actually you should change the age of shivanya she should also be 24 because it looks weird that ritik is 24 and shivanya is 26 and can you please write a little long because your story is very nice

    1. Yeah I will write long and will change her age.

    2. haha..if you find this wierd than what about the leads of ishq ka rang safed …the female led is just 17 and male lead is about 34

  2. hey siddhi its nice
    thahaan meeting gajab

  3. Yah I wonder how shivanya elder then ritvik… Then thought may b a twist … But u replied to it..?? good start siddhi… But too short… It’s ok… As always I enjoyed this story as well… Keep on writing… Waiting for the next episode …

  4. Nice..

  5. Nice start but u should change the age of shivanya nd rithik

  6. Tahaan meeting is nyccc…Maybe age will be a twist..Stunned yaar 22ff..Keep rocking Siddhi

    1. 21..wrongly modified 22 while typing..

  7. bihaan ki deewani

    gajab ff thanx for ur beautiful work n also for ur hardwork really awsome

  8. Nice

  9. Wow it’s amazing

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