`love never dies..
A girl is seen sitting on chair..looking herself in the mirror.. she is wearing a pink and white gown..
The lower part of the dress has 3 layers.. the inner most is thick cotton…. silk sits at 2nd layer.. above which a layer of net is there on which embroidery is done.. flower in the shade of pink and white.. the entire skirt portion has the beautiful embroidery…. that just adds to the beauty of the dress.. the upper half also has flower embroidery in pink is sleevless.. the gown is of great flare..

Dress link—(for better imagination)

There is no make-up on her face..
Her hands are also bare.. but she is wearing a diamond necklace and earring..
The girl is looking like some angel who has come down to earth..
Such beauty.. she looks magnificent.. royal..exotic.. like god spent years to create such a marvelous lady..
But her eyes.. they are wet.. her smile is lost.. like her eyes are searching someone.. like she is waiting for someone.. like she is waiting for her happiness..
Suddenly she gets up and walks towards the wardrobe that is kept at some distance.. she opens the wardrobe and takes out a wooden box and diary..
The box and the diary both look very old.. A tear falls from those beautiful eyes..
On the box something is written
“open on your engagement day”
On the diary “to my lovely daughter.. from your maa”
The girl keeps her hand on the word *maa*.. and more tears roll down from her eyes.. she closes her eyes and sits on the floor.. still crying..still holding those things..still caressing the *maa*word..

There is a knock on the door.. she quickly hides the box and the diary under the sofa seat placed right next to wardrobe and wipes off her tears..without even turning she says “come in”
Girl: anika ma’am I am kriti.. I am here to do your make-up.. your engagement is in 2 hours.. we don’t have much time..
[[Yes, its anika]]
Anika: sure.. just give me 5 minutes till then you can have tea or coffee.. kichuu bhaiya come here..
Kichuu comes..
anika: please ask her what she wants and give it to her.. take proper care of her..
kriti follows kichuu..
anika again walks upto the place where she had hid the box and diary..
she opens the diary..

Hope you when u will read this that is today-when it will be your engagement day only..
I’m writing this page holding you in my arms.. it’s my first and last time when I have held you..
U are so tiny.. so soft.. so beautiful..
U are so soft that I m scared that my hands might be rough for you..
It’s such a wonderful feeling to keep u close to my body..
You know beta.. why today and not before??.. because on this special day I wanted you to know something about your mother, some of my decisions that I didn’t even shared with your dad..

“you know.. I always wanted a baby boy.. because I saw many ladies fainting at bidaai of their daughters..
When I was pregnant I realized that it is not easy to let go off your kid.. it is difficult for a mother to part ways with her kid.. kids are like soul to a mother.. mother cries with her kids.. her day and night goes thinking about her kids..she lives for them.. she can die for them..
When i was in my 9th month of pregnancy, doctor told me that there are serious complications but I never listened to him.. India’s best doctors were handling my case the day I was admitted in the hospital doctor asked your dad to choose between me and you.. he chose me.. cause he loved me more than anything even I loved him more than anything.. but not more than you.. you were a part of me then.. I could never let you die for my life.. so when I was taken into labor room I pleaded to the doctor to save you..
Because I knew that I would never be able to conceive again.. and your father would not say anything to me.. but I knew that he wanted to be father of a daughter.. his heart craved for a angel with whom he could play.. take her to picnics.. drop her to school.. take pictures of her.. and what not!
I wanted to fulfill this wish of his at any cost.. so I chose you.. when I came to know that I will not be saved trust me I felt lucky to have you.. a girl in my womb.. because a girl can take care of fathers better than a son.. a daughter is heartbeat of a house.. her smile is like sun that just brightens the mood of home.. ohh wait.. you must be thinking how I knew that u were a girl??
Well doctor was my friend only.. she told me that I was carrying a girl..
Right now when I m writing this page I am holding you.. my daughter who is 10 minutes old..

Well u will read this.. I will not be there..
Haha.. I love you.. I love you so very much.. I cannot express my feelings.. you are the best thing that ever happened to me.. God’s best gift to me.. I would love to die thousands of time for you beta.. you are my heart, my soul.. my entire world.. but I won’t be near you when you will start your journey..
Though I am not near you..but I m always with you.. I m watching you always.. even on your engagement day I would be showering love from sky.. may be flower petals too -well only if petals would be present in heaven.. whenever u’ll miss me.. look at moon.. I m right there.. watching you..
I told you this today to tell you how much you meant to me.. and plus it made me goddess in your eyes..haha.. just kidding re..

Today you are going to step into a different life.. marry someone whom you love.. I hope my damaad is a good person.. and he loves you and will love you like I do..
From now treat your fiancée’s family as yours.. love them like you love you father..grandmother,uncle..
Ok now get up go get ready and see what’s inside that box.. and read the diary after the engagement!
Wait.. do miss me baccha!
With love,
From your iklauti maa..(one and only mother)

All the while anika was crying ..
Her vision used to get blur so she would just wipe the tears and start reading again..
she opens the box and finds two different boxes in it…
on one box “for engagement” and on another “for marriage” was written..
she opens the “for engagement” box.. and finds beautiful bangles it in..
the bangles were of blue color.. with the bangles a note was also there..
“these are mine and you have to wear these today if the color of these do not match with ur dress even then wear these cause I have given them and don’t you dare act smart I m watching you from sky… “
Anika smiles seeing that note..

Anika : u really are a drama queen maa..
She picks up those bangles and wears them.. though they do not match with her dress but they were precious.. they were priceless.. anika was amazed as the size of the bangles were perfect for her hand..
“maa.. you died after an hour of my birth but u knew my hand size so well.. I love you.”
Kriti enters in the room.. and starts her work, after she is done with makeup.. she asks anika to change the bangles as they just don’t fit the entire look.. but anika refuses to do so.. as no style.. no fashion was important to her.. her mother’s love was much more important..
Kriti leaves when anika denies to remove the bangles..
She looked herself in the mirror, and says

“maa, I m hell scared.. it’s my day but I am nervous..”
“varun is a good guy maa.. he loves me a lot.. even I love him.. we both make a good you and dad.. but maa dad misses you badly, I have seen him crying.. in night he sleeps holding your photo and kissing it saying love you jaan.. maa dad loves me a lot.. my every wish is completed even before I ask for it.. he calls me princess.. you know still sometimes he ties my shoe laces and says that he loves to do that.. like you said.. we had so many picnics, but I knew always that in all the moments he missed you.. your absence has made him soulless, he lives with us, laughs, plays with us.. but he is incomplete..

Deep down in his heart he regrets that u died and he could not save you.. “
“I have seen him watching your videos.. everyone even forced him for a second marriage but he simply refused each and everytime.. he used to say I can’t just can’t forget my jaan and start afresh. I can live my entire life with her memories.. with her photos ..with her videos and with our daughter anika.. I don’t need any other women “
“yesterday I heard him talking to ganpati ji that after my marriage he wants to reunite with you.. he wants to be with his jaan once I get settled.. maa I wish I and varun will also lead a love life like you and dad had..”
“Ok byee ma..choti maa is calling me I m going with me today.. love you”

When anika comes out of the room.. and her entire family was there..
someone: o my mata… see jethaniji my anika is looking like some queen.. all bad eyes should be away from anika..(she takes kajal and marks a small dot at the bak of her ear) now run anika.. you know na that shivay won’t be able to get ready on time without your help.. just go.. and try to be back in 15minutes so that touch up can be done..[yes, it’s pinky]
jhanvi: yes, pinky.. though it’s a day of celebration.. shivay is upset.. how can he share his anika with someone else..
She was about to move, When someone calls out
“anika didi”
Anika turns and smiles seeing that person and keeps her hand on her forehead and speaks
“same mistake..not again”
Everybody laughs..

Screen freezes on anika’s smiling face..

Who is anika any guesses?? Why anika says same next part to know this..
Why is shivay attending anika’s ring ceremony.. why??
Any guesses??
So guys, I hope that this part was not boring.. I simply tried to show a mother-daughter bond.
Her family members and her mother’s name will be disclosed in next shot.

Please do comments.. your views and comments mean a lot..
Mistakes ko ignore please..
Thank you,
Manu 

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  1. Manu24

    freinds this is shot-2 and i forgot to mention it.. so they have declared it as os.
    it’s the second shot 🙂

  2. OMG!!!! this anika is anika and shivaay’s daughter, right?

    1. Manu24

      well.. wait for the thirt shot to discover the truth..

  3. Hi manu dear, loved the whole episode. The beautiful bond between a mother and daughter was portrayed so perfectly by you. I think that anika whose engagement is going to happen is anika and shivay’s daughter. I mean after anika passed away maybe shivay named her after anika . Waiting eagerly for the next one ?

    1. Manu24

      thank you so much..
      well everything will be revealed in the next shot!

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  5. Shivika

    Oo god u made me feel the bond in my heart and i have tears in my eyes by imagining the whole scene….u nailed it….u just took away my heart….i really stunned by ur writing….i guess anika is anika and shivaay’s daughter…i guess that not sure…eagerly waiting for the suspense to be revealed soon….post nxt part soon

    1. Manu24

      thank you.. thank you..
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        Ur most wlcm dear

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    awww not fair,…..
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    superb cocept……
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    Emotional shot dear . shivaay’s daughter is anika? And Sahil called anika didi by mistake ?? Waiting for the next

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      Thank u 🙂
      It will be revealed in next shot ..

  8. Ruksy

    This was a really sweet and cute update loved it totally.

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  9. Razna

    Nice episode manuu…ita reallyy nice….and iam also guessing that may this anika will be daughter of shivay and anika…

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      Thank you..
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  10. Emotional update.. loved it… Waiting for the next episode…

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