Love never dies with arshi,ishira and swasan (episode 1)


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A girl with a jeans and white tops with a pony tail was sitting in the flight srilankan airlines at business class. She was very beautiful and her face shows that she was very tired and weak. Her mangalustra showed that she was already married. This was none other than our khushi.

Khushi was seated near the window of the aircraft.
She had tears. Tears thinking about her husband. Tears thinking about her friends. Tears thinking about her parents.
Why her life changed like this. she was happy during her college days.
She thought about her college days.
Flash back.
A group of men were seated .
A boy was sitting at centre among them. He was none other than our arnav.
Arnav: hey raman, we will start our today’s ragging.
Raman: hmm first who will we call.
Arnav: see a girl is coming. Wait.
That girl was none other than our khushi. She was wearing a jeans and pink t shirt.
Arnav: hey girl come here.
Khushi goes towards arnav.
Khushi: arnav. Raman.
Arnav: hey how do u know our names by the way u should sing a song for us or else u will face hell.. New joinee?
Khushi: yes.oh my god I am so afraid. I am not the one who is afraid of ur antics mr raizada.
Raman: hey. Obey him or else u will be in hell.
Khushi: what will u do mister bhalla. Whatever I wont do it.
Raman: phone our buddy yaar .
Arnav phones someone.

He came towards them. That was none other than our sanskar.
Khushi: wow, I am very afraid yaar. See my hand is very shivering.
Sanskar: hey why r u not obeying my arnav. If u not going to sing I will make u to get out of the college as our father’s r the owners.
Khushi: oh. Ok. dismiss me. by the way, I think u should show ur eyes to a nice eye specialist I guess.
Sanskar: why.
Khushi: cause . first remove your cooling glass and see me.
Sanskar removes his cooling glass and was shocked to see khushi.
Sanskar: omg I am finished.
Sanskar starts running. Khushi chases him.
Arnav and raman run behind them.
Khushi starts beating sanskar.
Arnav stops them.\
Arnav: sankar u didn’t say about ur love ya. Is she ur lover. I thought u r following only swara.
Raman: what. U r following my sister sanky. But she is very lucky to get a boy like u. but what is this sanskar.
Khushi: yes. u know he is my husband. He married me and ditched me.
Swara and ishita was passing by and was shocked to see khushi speaking like that. they too join them.
Khushi sees swara and ishita and signs them that she is acting and signs them not to tell.
Ishita: so bad of u sanskar.
sanskar: hey listen to me yaar she is lying.
Khushi: hey u liar.
Arnav: sorry sanskar hereafter u should live with her only.
Raman: it is very wrong to ditch a girl yaar.
Khushi laughs.
Swara and ishita also laughs.
Sanskar also laughs.
Arnav and raman: why u all r laughing like that.
Khushi: hey arnav and raman I am khushi yaar, khushi maheshwari. Sister of sanky yaar.
Raman: hey khushi.
Raman hugs khushi. Arnav also hugs khushi.
Khushi: I am very angry at u both. U stopped contacting me itself.
Raman: lost ur number yaa.
Arnav: even me to the same.
Khushi: ok ok.
Sanskar: when did u come from US yaar.
Khushi: today morning. And all of ur amma and appa has sent u something. I have kept it in our house.
Arnav: ok ok.
khushi hugs ishu and swara.

Ishu: long time no see.
Swara: even I missed u so much khushi. U have become more beautiful then before yaar.
Khushi: thank u swara and can we go to our class.
Actually khushi,swara and ishita are doing the 1 st year of mba and arnav,sanskar and raman r doing the 2nd year of mba.
Khushi joined late in the class.
The class goes on well.
Sanskar was listening carefully in the class.
Meanwhile raman and arnav was exchanging their notes.
Raman: I was very surprised when khushi joined our college.
Arnav: hey she is a devil yaar. U know I don’t like her from childhood. She is a very egostic girl.
Raman: not more than u. u r arrogant arnav.
Arnav: oh. Now u r supporting that behenji.
Raman: wow u understood very well. she is like my behen yaar.
Arnav: how dare u say like that.
Raman: even I should ask the same.
Arnav shouts
Arnav: I am arnav singh raizada raman.
Professor hears them.
Professor: arnav get out.
Raman laughs.
Arnav was at his peak of anger.
Professor: raman u too get out.
Arnav laughs.
Raman and arnav get out.

Raman and arnav went out.
Raman put his hand on arnav.
Arnav moves .
Raman: wont u forgive me.
Arnav: sure my raman.
They both hug each other.
Khushi come out of the thinking.
Khushi takes her friends pic.
Khushi: u don’t have trust on me itself. If u had u wouldn’t have left me like this. I didn’t do any wrong.
Khushi couldn’t control her tears.
Seeing this a man near her .
man: hey why r u crying. He gives her tissue.
Man: my name is akash.
Khushi: my name is khushi.
Akash: why r u crying like this, have u eloped from marriage.
Khushi: no, I am already married.
Akash: then some problem in ur family right.
Khush: yes.
Akash: hmm. Whatever the problem is u can share with me if u want.
Khushi: actually my husband throwed me out of our house.
Akash: what, why?
Khushi: all my friends are thinking that I am the reason for my husband’s sister anjali’s condition. she is in coma. But I am not the reason. Everyone r hatred towards me. my parents are also not believing me.
Akash: oh. Then why cant u fight that u r not wrong.
Khushi: I don’t have anyone to support me . the eyewitness is anjali. She should only wake up and support me but I hope so she would have come out of coma by now.
Akash: how.
Khushi: I went to her and spoke to her in a disguise. They didn’t let me to speak to anjali once.
Akash: I am feeling very sorry for u. what is ur parents name.
Khushi: raj maheshwari.
Akash: rkr group owner?
Khushi: yeah.
Akash: they r in US only right. r u going to them?
Khushi: I have got a job there to handle a company. I had choice to choose Mumbai or US. I opted for US.
Akash: ok. will u have a drink.
Khushi: no I am not used to it.
Khushi feels very hard to breathe and felt dizzy.
She fainted.
Akash was a doctor.
He gave her an injection and make her to breathe outside air.
Khushi becomes normal.
Akash: I think u r pregnant and u have wheezing problem?
Khushi: yes. i have wheezing problem and i know that i am pregnant.
Akash: then why r u coming to US. There u wont have anyone to look after u right.
Khushi: for me myself is enough. I have courage.
Akash: I am very happy to see a girl like u.
Khushi: say about yourself right.
Akash: u know I am also married. My wife is in US. I came here to visit my mother.
Khushi: hmm.
Akash: then.
Khushi: ok I am sleepy will speak to u later.
Akash: as a doctor advice I am saying that u should not take stress, it will affect ur baby. Take care.
Khushi: sure doctor.


Credit to: akshaya

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    Fb scene in college was nice esp Sanskar being teased by Khushi in front of all

  3. Wow…. Really amazing Akshu..

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