Today I got married to the guy chosen by my mother. It was an arrange marriage . My mother and his father both wanted it to happen. I only met Kunj my husband a few times and we never communicated a lot. I must admit I am really lucky to be married to Kunj Sarna the youngest business tycoon of Punjab. He is really good looking. I am happy that we both started our relationship from the truth. He told me how he was dating a girl called Alisha and was madly in love with her but soon she ended up getting married to another guy who was as equally as rich as Kunj and settled in Australia. I also told him that I was engaged to a guy called Yuvraj but he ended up getting married to my cousin Mahi as he loved her. I can’t wait for Kunj to come so we both can start our marriage life. I was sitting on the middle of the bed waiting for him to arrive. He arrived after a few minutes. I could hear his friends teasing him and blushed. He entered the room and closed the door behind. He came and took off my veil and held my hand. Kunj= So finally we’re married he said. I smiled and nodded my head. Look Twinkle we both know that this marriage was our parents decision and I respect their choice. I know you might feel uncomfortable if we take our relationship to the next level so lets pretend that we are both boyfriend and girlfriend who have just began to date. I looked at him and we both laughed. OK I said with a smile. I was happy that we didn’t take our relationship to the next level that night. We were both pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend to know each other and it helped a lot. He would sometime peck my cheeks and I would too. We also shared hugs and were comfortable with each other. We would go out at least twice a week and once a week Kunj would come to my house so that Maa wouldn’t feel lonely. Both the families became 1 big family and were happy. As time went by we both fell in love, confessed our love and consummated our marriage.

25 years later
Today is mine and Kunj 25th marriage anniversary and I can’t believe how fast time has gone. We argue but it just increases our love. I was getting ready and was wearing a gold and red sari that was gifted by Kunj. When I felt two strong arms on my waist. I knew it was Kunj. What are you doing Kunj? Romancing my wife he said casually and made me face him. He applied sindoor on me and made me wear my mangulstutra and kissed my forehead. I hugged him= I can’t believe it been 25 years.. I know Jaan he said and leaned forward to kiss my lips but I stopped him. Twinkle= Kunj it’s not our age to romance we have 3 daughters and it Aarohi (eldest daughters 23 years) to get married. Kunj=So what if we didn’t romance they wouldn’t have been here he said and winked at me. I made an O face and he laughed. Kunj= You still haven’t changed my queen. We both looked at each other and smiled. Kunj= I can’t believe that Aarohi has already reached marriage age. Twinkle= I know then Akira (second daughter 20 years) will get married and after a few years Aliya (18 years) will get married too. Kunj= I love you Twinkle and thanks for giving me the most precious diamonds our daughters. I smiled. Twinkle= Kunj can I ask you something? Kunj= would I say no. Twinkle= Do you ever wish I gave birth to a boy instead so that he could have taken your legacy ahead. Kunj= Are you made? For me my daughters are my world and you complete that world. I looked at him and smiled and pecked his lips shocking him. We then went downstairs where our daughters had surprised a party for us

Time went by and Aarohi got married, then Akira and after a few years Aliya did too. Me and Kunj are now grandparents of 5 little munchkins. During our life we spent our time together making memories that we are now looking back at and smiling.
Aarohi= Maa and Papa loved each other so much
Akira= I have never known a couple who loved each other so much
Aliyah= I know Di , they even left this world together but their love never died.
Many people believe that after a few years of marriage love dies. But you have to love you other half and doing stuff for them so that their love never ends. Twinkle and Kunj loved each other till their last breath.
Hello guys, so I was getting some time so I wrote this OS. I know its really boring but please read it. I will post my FF and SS after the 26th of May. Hope you will wait till then.
Adeeba I am really upset that you left but good luck with your studies.
I actually agree with everyone that less articles on Twinj are being posted but studies are also important and should not be neglected. Please try to post when you have time. Hope that didn’t offend anyone.

My SS my husbands maid will be called Beauty and her Beast from now

Sorry if I haven’t commented on any articles I will read them when I get time and will try to comment
That it for now
Take care
Loads of love simiyy

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