my love for you never changes Part 2


Hi friends..thank you for comments.. Sorry Friends for posting this part late..
Tejaswee will be played by Mishkat Varma ..
Navy will be played by kanchi Singh
Swara and Navya are leaving for home.. Tejaswee comes there..say girls we can have something and go home im feeling hungry.. Both girls laugh..say we know you have biggest becomes empty fast??.. Tejaswee tell Swara you’re my sister you to act like this stupid girl ? Navya say im stupid means you’re donkey monkey idiot.. He reply her haree don’t praise yourself we both know you’re so.. Swara laughs listening them.. Sanskar see her..say Swara you look beautiful while you laughing.. Tejaswee hugs(friendly hug) Swara.. She punch his stomach and say very time you irritate my bestie.. He asks her do anyone else have that rights? Swara nods no..smiles.. Sanskar who is seeing this gets angry and breaks window glass ..his hand start bleeding says Swara.. Swara feels somewhat and checks here there..says herself I feel someone called me… They leave from there..
Sanskar comes home…
Sujatha see’s him..smiles..then see his hands ..ask what happened? When did it happen? You didn’t even do first aid.. He says nothing’s just a small thing.. She says it’s bleeding you’re saying nothing happened.. He say mom its really small compared to.. She says don’t worry about it..she will realize her mistake.. He says she won’t mom.. She does his first aid..he asks can I sleep in your lap? She says ya..He sleeps in her lap..cries remembering about Swara… She thinks ill do anything and bring happiness into my son’s life..prays for swasan.. Sanskar sleeps on sofa itself..Sujatha smiles seeing him..
Sujatha search’s for sumi’s number..she thinks after that day he threw everything related Swara..even my phone..which had sumi’s number..but I kept it safely so that when he starts missing Swara ill make him meet her.. She rings Sumi..
Sumi: Hello..
Sujatha: Its sanskar mom..
Sumi: Sujatha ji it’s you?
Sujatha: Yeah I want to meet you..can I come home..
Sumi: You’re always welcome..
Sujatha: Ok thanks ill be coming tomorrow…i want to talk about..
Sumi: Swara and sanskar..
Sujatha: Yes..

Sumi: I also wanted to talk about it..but Swara didn’t move on from that ..her laugh completely stopped after that incident..
Sujatha: Here sanskar is like robot..he wont start day without remembering her.. I want them to be one so that they will clear all mis-understandings..
Sumi:me too lets meet tomorrow..
Sujatha: For sure..bye..
Sumi informs about this to Dadi.. She tells after many days ill see my old Swara back if sanskar comes into her life…she will be back…na.. Sumi say yea…if she will be back means this house will become home again..with her laugh..her naughtiness.. Dadi says enough now..go and prepare rasagulla..she will be selected for job for sure.. Sumi smiles and goes..
Swara,Tejas and Navya come home.. They’ll say we all got job in same company.. Dadi smiles and says congrats..sumi bring sweets.. She comes with sweets.. Swara and Navya sit having it..tejas say you’re’ll get fat means no one will marry you..don’t have so much.. Navya winks at Swara.. She smiles.. Navya puts sugar syrup on his head..say now there will be queue waiting to marry you.. Dadi and Sumi laugh.. Dadi says enough now..tejas go wash else really you’re marriage will become a doubt.. Navya says Dadi its already a doubt.. Tejas smiles and goes to washroom..he thinks Navya do whatever you want’ll be my wife..
Next day..
Swara goes to office.. Her day goes good..she doesn’t see sanskar full day.. She says herself I wanted to see everything..i thought after joining job I can see you’s only one wish of my life..

Precap: Sanskar smiles seeing Swara playing in rain with kids.. He says himself she didn’t change..she is kiddo now also…

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Credit to: aishu

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