Love never changes by itself (KKB) Shot 5 (Final shot!)

Pragya was hurriedly getting ready as Abhi asked him to come very early to work. She don’t know for what purpose but she knew it’s very important to come early from the way he told.

Even her family was amazed by the speed of Pragya getting ready and can’t stop her for even having breakfast.
Pragya reaching the house saw Aaliya and Tanu walking out of the house with their luggage and they give a deadly stare towards her.
Aaliya “Go in Pragya but we will never forget what u had done to us!” Tanu “We will never forget and forgive u!!” Pragya was about to say something but Dadi called her and ask her not to talk.

Pragya was wondering what happened that Taaliya were leaving the house.
Dadi “Pragya!! Abhi chased them out of the house!!” Pragya “Really Dadi? How is it possible? Did he regain memory?” Dadi “I don’t know but just a while ago he spoke to them harshly in front all of us as if he knows all the bad things that he had done to you and him!” Pragya couldn’t express her feelings but she was worried whether he was feeling upset.
Dadi “You are not happy?” Pragya “He should be feeling sad na….after all Aaliya is his sister…” Dadi “You are always like this…u first go and see him….he is inside the room, I had tried to call him but he said he wants to be alone…” Pragya went towards his room and knocked the door.
Abhi opened the door and ask her to come inside.

She don’t know how to start the conversation and remained silent. Abhi looked at her and asked “You saw them leaving?” Pragya nodded her head and Abhi smiled lightly in response.

Abhi “I don’t know Fuggi that Aaliya and Tanu can stoop so low! Especially Aaliya….she is my sister…but how can she do like that?” Pragya “What did u find out that they do?” Abhi “I am ashamed to tell it Fuggi…” He was on the verge of tears and Pragya went near him and wiped his tears. He hugged her tightly making her taken aback.
Pragya “At least look at me….” Abhi broke away from the hug and looked at Pragya. Pragya “I know it hurts but your tears are not worth for them….” Abhi “I never expected like this Fuggi….I always thought she is the best thing that happened to me….but now I feel she is the worst thing ever happened in my life…” Pragya “Don’t say like that na….people do make mistakes…” Abhi “Yes Fuggi but people at some point of time realize their mistakes not like these two who did mistakes again and again!” Pragya “They will realize their mistakes….” Abhi “No they won’t!! How can they try to kill u? How can they try to defame u? How can they even try to seduce me to make u worried? How can they do all this just to torture u?”

Pragya hearing that realized that he knew whatever Taaliya did against her and Abhi is angry about that. She was shocked in silence.
Abhi “You too never tell me all this!! Why?? You could have tell me right?” Pragya “How can I tell something against Aaliya whom u adore so much and Tanu whom u are engaged to?” Abhi “This is the difference Fuggi…you are worried about my feelings but that two were playing with my feelings!” Pragya “Okay…calm down….” By saying that he made him sit down on the couch. Abhi “I am very disappointed Fuggi….I feel bad for not being a good brother…Did I pamper her so much that she turned like this?” Pragya “Arrey all brothers and sisters will pamper their younger siblings! It’s up to the younger siblings to take it in a good way that makes them good…There is no fault in you….you are the best brother that I have ever met!” Abhi “Then why she became like this? Why she never think how will I feel when I know whatever she did against u!” Pragya “Maybe she never thought in that way….”
Abhi remained silent and his silence made her even more worried. Pragya was still standing and looking at him closing his eyes.
Pragya was about to leave the room, Abhi still with his eyes closed said “Bring me coffee Fuggi…I am sorry for everything….” Pragya “I will bring but u no need to be sorry for anything as u are my everything….” Abhi opened his eyes hearing that and looked at her. She smiled in response and went out of the room.
Pragya while going towards the kitchen, How did he know all this? Who told him all this? Did Purab told? No how can it be when I even talked to Purab before coming here….
She went back with the coffee to the room but he was not in the room. She knocked the closet but there was no response too.
Pragya, Now where did he went?

She tried calling his mobile phone and there was no response too. Pragya went the next room to ask Dadi and she was also clueless about his whereabouts. She continued to search for him in the house but he was nowhere to be found.
She went out of the house and walked towards the swimming pool. Pragya was saw him there standing and looking at the pool in deep thoughts.
Pragya “Why are u here?” Abhi was still silent lost in his thoughts. She patted his shoulder and he came back to senses. Abhi came back to senses and asked “Where is my coffee?” Pragya “I left it in your room, I was scared when I can’t find u inside the house!” Abhi “Sorry…I just needed some fresh air and I came out…” Pragya remembered the time where both had fun in swimming pool during Bulbul’s engagement. An unknown smile formed on her face which was noticed by Abhi.
Abhi “Why are u smiling?” Pragya “Nothing….just like that….” Abhi “At least u can smile….look at me! I can’t even smile!” Pragya “So u are going to be sad for the whole day?” Abhi “No!!!” Pragya “Then smile!!” Abhi tried to smile but turned away to cry.

Pragya “Even when u cry u are cute!” Abhi wiping his tears “What? Even now u feel I am cute for u?” Pragya “Not just cute but cutest!!!” Abhi “You are too cute when u tell it!!” Pragya “Because my friend is cute and that makes me cute too!” Abhi laughed hearing that and said “So we are cute friends!” Pragya nodded her head with a wide smile and Abhi “I want to tell u something Fuggi! You have to agree to this!” Pragya “What is that?” Abhi in a serious tone “This is a serious thing….” Pragya “Okay but what is that?” Abhi “Marry me! I want to take revenge towards Aaliya and Tanu by marrying u! Then only I can make them realize their mistake of being against u!”

Pragya hearing that couldn’t believe he wants to marry her for taking revenge.
Pragya, He married me once to take revenge towards me but now he wants to marry me to take revenge on them!
Pragya “I can’t….” She turned behind and he came in front of her. Abhi “Try to understand Fuggi…if I sent them to jail or punish in their way then there is no difference between them and me! But if I marry u and live with u happily, it will make them realize their mistake!” Pragya “What reasoning is this? It doesn’t make sense!” She was not looking at him. Abhi “Look Fuggi! There is no harm for u in this! It will all be my actions to take revenge on them! You just need to marry me!” Pragya “Nobody should marry each other for revenge as a purpose!” She remembered how she was married to him for revenge and the kind of events happened in their lives.
Abhi “Fuggi! Please Fuggi and u are also free now na….I mean Purab is not there for u anymore then what is stopping u?” Pragya “Enough! I am leaving!” Abhi was trying to stop Pragya but Pragya is persistent in walking away from him. Abhi couldn’t control her and pushed her inside the swimming pool!
Pragya was shocked of his action and she screamed for help as she can’t swim. Abhi panicked seeing it and jumped inside the pool to save her!
Abhi grabbing her by her waist asked “You don’t know how to swim?” Pragya breathing heavily said “No! I thought u know this before!” Abhi “How would I know this before?” Pragya blurted out “You already saved me twice before!” Abhi “What are u saying Fuggi?” Pragya realized what she was saying and asked him to let her go.
Abhi let her off and she went inside the waters again. Abhi “Don’t know how to swim but now how to swim in stubbornness!” Abhi again picked her up and asked “Tell me how did I saved u before!!” Pragya “Is this the time to ask? How can u let a person drown like this??” Abhi “Hello Fuggi! You never drowned! I saved u before that!” Pragya “Let me go! I don’t want to stay here….You always save me then torture me by marrying u!” Abhi raising his eyebrows asked “Why are u telling as if I married u many times before?” Pragya looking down said “I don’t know…I think I am blabbering out of the chillness here…” Abhi holding her even more closer “Chillness or closeness?” Pragya was surprised hearing that.
Pragya stumbled “I….let…me..” Abhi “Tell me clearly Fuggi if not I can’t bring u out from here!” Pragya looked helpless hearing that. Pragya “Let me go….please….” Abhi with a smirk asked “Where can I let u go?” Pragya “To my house…” Abhi “Acha…so u don’t want my house to be yours?” Pragya “No! No!” Abhi “Look at me Fuggi!” She looked at him and he was smiling which made her confused. Abhi “No for even for this cute child?” Pragya “No! You can’t marry for me revenge again!!” Abhi looked shocked.

Abhi “What I married u before? Why u never tell me this earlier?” Pragya “No! No! It’s not like that….Just get me out of here! I am just telling things out of nervousness…” Abhi “With u I am also wet completely and u know I will catch cold very easily…then why are u not telling the truth…”
Pragya, I wish to tell u everything but I am scared that it will strain your mind and affect your health.
Abhi “Why are u crying now?” Pragya “No! It’s water!” Abhi “Okay then we will stay here until u tell me everything! I feel u are hiding something from me!”
He was still holding onto her waist firmly and they were very close to each other.
Pragya, How long is he going to do this?
Abhi sometimes seductively touched her and Pragya was trying to get rid from his grip but it was of no use. She was getting scared what if Dadi comes and see them like this!
Pragya “Fine! I am telling everything!” Abhi “I am listening!” Pragya explained everything from their marriage and the subsequent events. Abhi listened to everything patiently with a blank expression.

Pragya “That’s it!” Abhi looked at her blankly and Pragya “Are u ok?” Abhi “Hmm…” By saying that he bring her out of the pool by swimming. Pragya was shivering out of the chillness by folding her arms and Abhi looked at her again.
Pragya, I thought he will respond in shock but he is being so silent again.

Abhi walked passed her and brought a towel for her and asked by passing to her “ So u are my wife?” Pragya “Yes…but….” Abhi “That’s why u don’t want to marry me now!” Pragya “I don’t want to marry u now for revenge! I can marry u many times out of love but not for revenge!”
Abhi “Then marry me for love!” Pragya walked passed him and he stopped her by holding her hands.
Abhi “I am telling the truth Fuggi…I want to marry u out of love as u are my everything!” Pragya removing her hands asked “Why should I marry u again when we are already married?” Abhi soothingly said “Because this time I want to make many memories that will be out of love….” Pragya hearing that smiled in shyness and could feel he is genuine in his words.

Abhi pulled her closer to him and asked “Are u ready for memories out of love?” Pragya nodded her head in response and was lost in his intense gaze towards her.
They came back to senses when Dadi called “Abhi!!!” Abhi moved away from her and Dadi “What is happening here?” Abhi “Nothing…I was just romancing with my wife!” Dadi “I can see that but don’t u think this is fast? I just told u that she is your wife after u keep on pester me asking what happened to me few years back!” Pragya “You told him everything?” Dadi “Yes Pragya! I can’t bear the Tanu and Aaliya’s continuous torture and I just told everything to him yesterday night as that two went out for some party….” Abhi looked at Pragya and said “That’s why I made u to tell that u are married to me!” Pragya hugged Dadi out of happiness and Abhi asked “You never hug me Fuggi?” Dadi “Why this much of hurry Abhi? She is always yours….but u have to wait until u are married to her again…” Pragya looked at him secretly and he winked at her which made her feel even more shy.
Pragya whispered something in Dadi’s ears and she teasingly smiled in response. Dadi “Ok I understand and I will go in first…” Pragya came near to Abhi and looked at him. Abhi “What did u said to Dadi?” Pragya “Secret!” Abhi “Oh not even your husband should know about it?” Pragya “I thought we are still friends….” Abhi “I know what u want…” Pragya asked “What I want?” Abhi pulled her closer and was about to kiss but Pragya shook her head in disagreement. Abhi seeing that laughed and said “This is what I want but u want this!” By saying that he carried her in his arms.
Abhi “You always like me to carry u! I can see that in your eyes!”

Pragya smiled in response and said “I thought love changes when time changes…” Abhi “No matter how badly time changes if the love is true then it won’t change by itself….love never changes by itself no matter how difficult the times are Fuggi! That’s why no matter how many times we faced changes in our lives, our love for each other never changed!”
Pragya hearing that was overwhelmed with happiness. Abhi sighed“Now I need to carry u all the way inside!!” Pragya gave a sad pout and Abhi “Don’t do this expression as it makes me tempted to kiss u!” Pragya “What? U feel tempted when I feel sad!” Abhi “Just like how u feel cute when I cry!” Pragya in an excited tone said “You can kiss me if u want as nobody is around here…” Abhi “Oh ya…but it’s okay I will kiss u after marriage!” Pragya “Arrey so u are controlling your temptations?” Abhi “Fuggi! Please I am trying to be a good Rockstar now to give good memories to u! Don’t try to make me naughty!”
Pragya “Okok then I am waiting to have all the good memories from u….” He smiled widely and carried her inside the house.

After their re-marriage,
Abhi “Did u bring the gift that I gave u last time?” Pragya “Yes! Can I open now?” Abhi “Wait! Take that bag now!” She went inside the closet and took the bag.
Abhi “I didn’t expect u to be so obedient that u will only open it when I ask u to do so!” Pragya “I am always obedient!” Abhi “Haan now close your eyes.” Pragya “Why? Then how can I see the gift?”
Abhi “You will see it! First close your eyes!” Pragya gave a sad pout and closed her eyes. After a while, Abhi asked to open her eyes. Pragya slowly opened her eyes and was angry to see the gift.
Abhi “You don’t like it?” Pragya “What is there to like in this? You think I am a child or what?” Abhi “I saw these balloons and I only remember your face Fuggi!” Pragya frowned and turned away. Abhi “You see even now your face is blown up like a balloon!” Pragya “I hate u!” Abhi “I love u!” Pragya took one of the balloon and threw at him. He pretended to have a fall on his bed by holding his chest.

Pragya “I am leaving!” Abhi quickly stopped her by going in front of her and said “Don’t u feel the balloons are cute like me?” Pragya “NO!” Abhi became sad hearing that and was about to walk away. Pragya hugged him and said “To me nothing else is cute except for u!” Abhi smiled in happiness and said “But still your face is like a balloon in anger….” Pragya hearing that beat him lightly on his chest and hugged him again happily.

That’s how Abhigya got united again and were married again to make memories out of love and lived happily ever after.


Thank u everyone for reading! I was just frustrated with the current track in real kkb, although abhigya scenes are good as always but sometimes it never makes sense to the story. And my frustration turned into few shots! Hope u all enjoyed these few shots and once again thanks for reading and support! Sorry if it was a disturbance!

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