Love never changes by itself (KKB) Shot 3

Pragya was as usual going to Abhi’s house for work. She was about to enter his room when she saw him talking in front of the mirror. She was standing there silently to hear what is he telling.

Abhi “You tell that changes are not needed but when she changed a bit you got impressed! How ridiculous is that!” Pragya hearing that smiled and found him cute for talking to himself on the mirror.

Abhi “Now u are keep on thinking about her! This is not fair Abhi!! Stop thinking about her!”
Pragya knocked the door and Abhi was taken aback.
Pragya “May I come in sir?” Abhi “Come in!” Pragya “Sir…anything wrong?”

Abhi “No Fuggi…I…was…” Pragya looking at his face laughed. Abhi “Why are u laughing?” Pragya “No sir…your face looks like a child lost in a crowd!” Abhi facing the mirror “What? I look like a child?”
Pragya with shyness said “Cute child!!” Abhi “Cute child? Fuggi are u ok? Don’t say like this in front of others! Remember I am a Rockstar!!!”
Pragya “Sorry sir…I was just telling what I felt…” Abhi with a smile “Arrey I was just kidding and u can call me whatever u feel! You have all the rights Fuggi!”
Pragya, Even if u tell it for the sake of convincing me but the truth is I have all the rights on u…..
Abhi in a concerned tone asked “Fuggi! How are u feeling now?” Pragya “Fine….and I thought a lot about yesterday….” Abhi “Why do u think Fuggi when u said u are going to leave this matter aside?”

Pragya walking towards him said “Whatever happened yesterday was to trap u sir….I can’t hide this further, and when u said that I will be your wife and held my hands to bring from there….all that was a plan made by Purab….” Abhi “Do u think I don’t know Fuggi?” Pragya looked shocked hearing that and asked “You knew and u still did like that?” Abhi “I overheard Purab’s plan to instigate my anger. I heard him talking to one of the decorator there!” Pragya “Then u should have not done that na…why did u still do like that?” Abhi “For u Fuggi! I don’t want u to get hurt at the end of the day! If I never did like that then Purab would have insulted u further which would have made u worried….and I can’t bear to see u sad again…” Pragya hearing that was becoming emotional and said “I also want to tell u something….” Abhi “Tell Fuggi!” Pragya “I am in love again…but not with Purab….” Abhi panicked and asked “Then who is that?” Pragya pointed her finger to the mirror in front of Abhi and he turned back to see his reflection. Abhi looks shocked. Pragya ran away from his room.

Abhi looked at the mirror “You!!! Now u made her fall in love with u!!!! How is that possible???”
Abhi turned his face from left to right and thought, Is this why she said I am a cute child? Do I really look cute?
He was smiling as he was thinking about his cuteness.
Pragya came back to the room and locked the door making Abhi to be nervous.
Abhi “You are here again?” Pragya “Yes sir…Sir please forget whatever I said just now….I think I have lost my mind and blabbered something….” Abhi “It’s fine sometimes u have to tell what u feel too…It makes you feel better!” Pragya “Thank u sir but still….” Abhi “You are still my friend Fuggi but about your feelings…..” Pragya in a rush said “Don’t think about it sir! I am leaving as I forgot to prepare your coffee!” By saying that she unlocked the door and rushed out of the room.
Pragya while walking towards to the kitchen was keep on smiling.
Pragya, Now he will be continuously thinking about me and my sudden confession!
Taliya from a distance were looking at Pragya’s continuous smile and wondered why was she smiling so much?
Aaliya “Why is she smiling like this?” Tanu “How would I know? She always manages with whatever problems we give her!!! I hate her!” Aaliya “Ya but it’s all because of u now!” Tanu fumed in anger went inside the room. Aaliya “She is just overacting as if I scolded her!”
As for Abhi he was still admiring himself in the mirror as if for the first time a beautiful girl had proposed him.
Abhi, Now how am I going to convince Pragya to be with Purab when she said she love me! She loves me! Aww how pleasant is that….it’s feels as if a melodious song is playing in my heart…..

He gave a sad pout and said looking at the mirror “What u want Abhi? You want to be with her or you want her to be with him?” Abhi was keep on getting puzzled with his feelings.

Tanu is trying to hold Abhi’s hands but he is keep on moving away in side-ways to avoid her touch. Pragya looking at that was smiling away silently.
Abhi “I know this is not right to say but u have the right to hear this right thing! If not this right thing cannot be told in a right way forever. This is also my right to say this to u and it’s your right to hear this too!” Pragya, Oh god! What happened to him?

Hope u all like this and sorry guys can’t reply u all for now but will reply u all soon! Keep smiling and thanks for reading!

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