Love needs realisation (OS-Part-1)


hello guys i m really sry actually i had my xam so i could not wrote it BTW u guys r really intellgent yes u guessed it right yaa its an os on the movie thank u of akshay kumar actually i m a huge fan of him and i really liked it so thought to write an os and once againe sry for the delay

Introduction Here

So here starts the story******************************

A girl and boy r sitting in a room boths hesd r down and girl is having tears in her eyes then girl said
Girl- maine yeh kabhi nhi socha tha sanskar (yes guys this girl and boy is swasan)ki tum esha karoge mujhe dokha doge mujhe tum par sab se jaada trust tha aur tum ne hi who trust tod diya.
Sanskar-swara mujhe nhi pta yeh jo kuch bhi hua who thik tha ya galat but main tumhare saath iss rishte main hi rehna chahta I NEED DIVORCE (then he looks into swara’s eye for sometime)then they both start laughing then swara said
Swara- sanskar u r a brilliant actor mujhe toh sach mai laga tumhe mujh se divorce chahiye but mai jaanti hoon ki tumhe mujh se divoce nhi chahiye kyunki tum mjhe bahut pyaar karte hoo waise sanskar ek baat toh man ni padhe gi ki aaj kal ke jamane mai sab mardo ke affairs hai aur who apni wife ko dhoka dete hai but tum esse nhi ho hai na sanskar
Sanskar – ofcourse swara u know na that i love u toh bhala mujhe kisi aur ki kya jarurat
Swara- woh toh hai accha sanskar mujhe shopping pe jaana hai ragini aur parineeta ke saath
Sanskar-toh jaao roka kisne hai but suddenly shopping?
Swara-mujhe pta tha aare budhu tum bhol gaye one and half week ke baad new year hai
Sanskar- ohh yeah!!! I forget it accha tum shopping pe jaao mujhe bhi adarsh aur boss ke saath kuch kaam hai (actually mainly sanskar calls laksh as his boss)
Swara- okay byee see u later
Sanskar- byee
Then swara along with ragini and parineeta goes to mall for shopping and on the other hand sanskar, laksh and adarsh were talking and laughing that how innocent r their wives and how easily they made them fool

@at office
Sanskar – hii boss what r u doing?(sometimes sanky address laksh as boss)
Laksh-kuch nhi sanskar bas apni no.23 wali girlfriend ko samabhal raha tha u say how u come here?
Sanskar-nothing just wanna to spend some time with u and adarsh
Laksh-okay come sit
Sanskar-boss mujhe aaj tak yeh baat nhi samajh aati ki tum itni saari girlfriend kese sambhal lete ho
Adarsh –haan yr yeh baat toh mujhe bhi aaj tak nhi samaj aayi
Laksh- aare yeh toh kuch bhi nhi bas thoda sa consantration aur dimag
Adarsh and Sanskar-matlab!!
Laksh-matlab consantration toh ladki ke baare mai jaanne ke liye aur dimag apni biwi ko bewakoof banana ke liye(saying this he starts laughing and listenind him they booth too starts laughing)
Sanskar- haan boss yeh baat toh maanni padegi but iss maamle mai haamare dost adarsh thode kacche reh gaaye
Laksh –yeh baat toh bilkul thik kahi
Adarsh –plss guys ab tum log mera majak banana band karo tumhe pta hai jab se pari ko iss baare mai pta chala hai uss ne toh mujhe paresan hi karke dal diya hai
Sanlak –matlab !!
Adarsh- matlab yeh ki who mujh par hamesha najar rakhati hai aur uss ne apne kisi detective dost ko mere piche laga rakha hai

Sanlak both look at each other then burst out of laughing
Sanskar-yr sach mai tera toh bura haal hai
Laksh – kuch jaada hai bura haal hai
On the other side swaraginipari the trio were shopping and talk about their husband
Swara –ragini and pari plzz tell me na which one will suits me red one or blue one I think blue one bcoz its sanskar’s favourite color
Ragini –haan also think so

Then swaragini both notice pari that she is lost some where
Swaragini shakes her
Swara -pari what happened where were u lost
Ragini –yeah u can tell us u will feel better
Pari- I m just thinking about aou husbands
Swaragini- our husbands
Pari –yeah our husband from when I got to know that adarsh had affair I started to notice sanlak also after all they all are friends
Swara- pari plzz I trust sanskar alot and I know he will never do this to me
Ragini –yeah I also trust laksh alot
Pari –kk but ek baar check kar ne mai kya jaa raha hai plzz for me
Swaragini look at ek other then said-okay but only for u
Pari – okay , now lets leave
While going back pari noticed a jewellery shop

Next day
swapari gone to meet pari’s detective friend as ragini had some urgent work so she could come
A man comes out in a his lawn he is in his casual clothes looking so handsome –he is ranveer
Ranveer-hey ladies
Pari-hii ranveer well she is swara my friend woh maine tumhe kal bola tha na wahi
Rv- but u said that two ladies but there is only one (he looks at swara with a different look as swara is very tensioned but when she noticed he is looking at her she compose herself)
Pari –who actually she had some work so she can’t come
Rv-its okay u both sit I will come in a while
Swapari – okay
Swara –pari yeh kaisa dost hai tumhara mujhe yeh kuchthik nhi lag raha
Pari-swara just chill kuch nhi hoga yeh bahut experienced hai inn cheezo mai yeh kabhi bhi galat information nhi deta
(ranveer comes out)
Rv to swara- yeh dekhiye madam aap ke pati ke karname yeh hai aap ke pati ka mobile bill yeh yeh no jo cirled hai yeh sare no. ladkiyon ke hai aap ke pati saara din ladkiyon se baat karte rehti hai
Swara then snach the bill imedately and started to looking at it and ranveer started to looking at her with a strange smile which is noticed by swara . swara then think somethink and then said- iss se kuch prove nhi hota yeh us ski clients ya dost ho sakti hai mujhe sanskar par pura bahrosha hai who essa kuch nhi karega
She then pick her clutch and angriely goes from there. pari apolozise to ranver he says- its okay baade baade deso mai essi choti choti baate hoti rehti hai parineeta
Pari laughs and goes from their

Swara is standing infront of the mirror and thinking about recent moment her eyes filled with tears as she thought she cheated sanskar by going to ranveer then she feels that something on her neck ,looked up and a beautiful necklace and sanskar is wearing her she then immediately hug him and said- I m sorry He asked her -for what she then says –esse hi. Sanky give her a impossible look .she laughed alittle

************New year night**************
Laksh hosted a party and said sanky and adarsh to invte their friend too
All were looking so amazing swara is in dark blue knee length dress sanky is in black suit ragini in a royal blue saare laksh in a black and white suit pari is in a red saare adarsh is in blue suit
All were enjoying and dancing then suddenly pari noticed swara is waring a necklace and she had sen it before after lot of attempt she remembered that it’s a same neck lace which she had noticed in shop and its had offer of buy one get one free she then goes to swara and asked her about necklace she replied sanskar had brought for her she then asked her abot second piece she gave her a confused look pari said ask sanskar about second one

On the other side trio were enjoying and dancing but their enjoyment all got vanished when they see their all girl friend together in the party and while managing and keeping them away from their wives swara noticed sanskar with a girl and askd about her he said that she is his moh boli sister swara then goes from there this all were seen by a person and this person is revealed to be the ranveer as pari had invited him to the party so he invited all their girlfriend and swara sees ranveer there and made a irritated face and goes from there

After some days sanlakadr started to got threatened calls by saying if they not tell him about their girl friend he will send their pics to their wives listening this they confessed that they had lot of affairs and their whole was seen by swaraginipari as ranveer had brought them there and himself goes from there

When trio sees their wives they were shocked raginipari goes from there to their home but swara goes frm their to near by river ranveer sees thisand goes behind her as she is going to do suicide ranveer stops her and made her understand that this is not the solution and promise her that he will give made sanskar as he was before.and swara goes to her mother house and ranveer thinks something……..

i know u guys know about movie i don’t think there is any need of precap…..

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