Love is all what we need..SwaSan few Shots… Part 1

Hi guys!! This is Anuja back with Chapter 1.. thanks for all the comments on the previous part.. hope you all will find this chapter worth reading..

Poverty-This seven letter word taught me everything since childhood…how to tackle even the most difficult situations.. Whenever I see my Mom working hard for me and my sister..I feel like I am useless.. like I will not be able to do anything.. everyone said that acting is not the thing I should try upon..but I didn’t listen to anyone.. though I got scholarship and my college expenses are not a matter of concern but still living in MumbaiΒ  itself will cost a lot..I don’t know how will I manage!! I don’t know what destiny stores for me!! But I know that I am going there to fulfill my dreams and I will achieve it..

Sanskar! Have you done your packing!! Everything is done!? Her mother asked as she entered his room..

Mom!! You don’t worry!! I have done everything! Now I just have to board my train..He said with a smile..

From will not be with us.. this home will be so empty without you..I am going to miss you terribly.. Sujata said as tears brimmed in her eyes..

Mom! Don’t be so emotional.. otherwise I will take you and Ragu along with me.. He said with sudden excitement..

And that is a good idea too..Her sister Ragini said as she joined the conversation..

No need to run your tiny mind..we won’t be able to manage our it will be better if you will go and fulfill your childhood dream..She said with a genuine smile while caressing his hairs..

Yes Bhai!! I will soon come to irritate you enjoy these days without me..She said trying to lighten the emotional atmosphere..

But I will not be able to enjoy.. afterall you are my partner in crime..I am going to miss you a lot..He said cutely..

Don’t worry Bhai!! Just the matter of few years!! She said sadly..

Don’t know how we will live these few years without you! Sujata said emotionally..

Mom! You are saying like I am getting America…I am just going Mumbai..and you will keep coming there to meet me and even I will come here to Meet you all.. don’t know why you get emotional so easily!! He said chuckling..

You don’t​ worry mom! I am just waiting for my first project! Once I get that..I will call you and Ragu to Mumbai..And then there will be no need for you to work..and trust me Mom! I will bring that day very soon..He said sincerely as determination to achieve something was clearly visible in his eyes..

I trust you son! And I believe that that day is not very far when I will be known as Sanskar Mehta’s mother.. She said bringing a smile on his face..

And I won’t disappoint you both..I promise..he said with a smile with determination in his eyes..He said hugging his mother..

Seems like everyone forgot me! Ragini said pouting sadly..

Such a dramebaaz you are Ragu! He said rolling his eyes but extended his hand for her to join in..

Whatever! She said as she joined the hug..

[After Sometime]

Mom! You don’t forget to take your medicines and Ragu! It’s your responsibility to take care of Mom from now onwards..And you have to take care of your studies too..I don’t want any complaints that you are not concentrating on your studies!! He said like a sincere son in a warning tone..

Bhai! Don’t worry..I will manage my studies very well..and will take care of Mom there is no need to just focus on achieving your dreams and leave all your tensions..Ragini said with a genuine smile..

Exactly! Stop taking tension of focus on your dreams Sanskar! Sujata said caressing his cheeks..

I will miss you..He said sadly..

We will miss you too.. but don’t be scenty..I want you to start your journey with a smile not with the sadness on your face..Ragini said cutely..

Exactly! You said don’t be emotional and now you are only being so emotional…Sujata said dramatically..

Their words brought a smile on his face..No doubts..he is going to miss them terribly but he is going away from them just for them..he wants to do something to support them financially..he wanted to establish himself..he don’t want her sister to leave her studies because of lack of’s True that becoming an actor is his dream but now it is a need too..he wants to bring his family out of the clutches of poverty and he can do anything for that.. anything..

I will come back to take you guys with me…he said as he boarded his train..

Little did he know that this journey is going to change his life forever….


Swara di! Think once again! What will I do once you are not here! I will be left alone.. he said sadly..

Don’t be sad Lucky! I will keep coming to Meet you but I just can’t stay here.. She said sighing..

I know di why you are going away and I am sure you are going to be the next Superstar of India..He said with a genuine smile..

Acting is just my hobby but I am okay with it until I am getting to stay away from Delhi..she said frowning a bit..

Di..just chill.. don’t think anything just focus on your coming phase of life.. cause that’s your future..He said sincerely…

She glanced at him with serious expressions and then spoke…

Since when you become so matured that you are speaking such big things!! She said rolling her eyes and chuckling a bit…

You don’t worry di.. just few days more then I will be out of this boarding school and trust me I will come running to you..He said in excitement..

Ok Lucky.. now I am take care of yourself and focus on your studies instead of your stupid pranks..She said smilingly..

Don’t worry di..I will take care of myself but the main point is you are so it will be better if you will take care of yourself too..he said sternly..

Leave about me..I am okay as I am..she said getting lost in her memories but soon shrugged it off..

Di..I will take every update from urvashi maasi about it will be better if you will not try your stupid stunts again..he said rolling his eyes..

But how will urvashi maasi give you update!? I am not going to live with her..She asked highly confused..

You are going to live with her and that’s final..I can’t take risk on you..He said seriously..

But why! Believe me Lucky! I will take care of myself but I want to live alone.. away from everyone..She said sighing…

That’s the reason I will not let you stay alone..I still can’t forget what happened last this time..I am not going to take any risks.. afterall I have only one sister..He said dramatically yet seriously..

Fine! I know I am not going to win from you! So it’s better to give up on front of you..she said​ glaring him..

But please take care of yourself..I don’t want that you mix your past with your present..try to forget it di..he said looking at her blank face…

Good bye Lucky..Take care..She left without even glancing at him..

Try to move on are giving pain to yourself..he said looking at her disappearing figure….

I will not give up this time..I will fight with him..for his betrayal..i want my answers…She thought as determination brimmed in her eyes…

PRECAP:: Any Guesses!??


How was it guys!? Was it worth reading or was boring!?? Guys! Should I give character sketch or it is ok without it?! Do share your reviews.. thanks for all the comments on the previous part.. hoping to see you all in comments box…
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  1. Scooby


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    Awesome im loving it😊😊 cute family bonding on both sides.. Except swara!! Only lucky is missing her (sis)…
    Precap may b swasan meeting!!

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