Love is all what we need..SwaSan few Shots.. Introduction

Hi everyone!! Well..Well..Well.. I know that No one knowsโ€‹ me here as it is the first time I am writing something.. Hope you all will find it worth reading..

Mumbai..A city of dreams..
A city where reel meets real, where there is more to life than the mundane and dreams are not just celluloid. Itโ€™s a place where people come from far and wide hoping to get bitten by the magic bug – opportunity.

In search of this, people from the remotest corners of the country and smallest villages make a beeline to the city hoping to sweep the magic off the streets…

Sanskar Mehta from a Small City with not so good background but with full of Hope and life and full of talent…
His only dream is to become a superstar of the country and bring his family out of the clutches of poverty..

When he got admission in the best acting school of the country..he knew that this opportunity can change his life forever and he welcomed it with open hands..

With new hopes and determination to do something..he boarded his train from Palampur to Mumbai..

But..Will life be so easy for him.???

Swara Gadodia..A girl…No wait.. Maybe A tomboy..the fights between Parents and not so good family atmosphere got her into a Depression and made her fight with herself…. tried to suicide too..but fortunately and unfortunately for her every suicide attempt got waste..

When she recovered from depression..she changed herself or can say she was forced to do so.. Now she is known for her attitude and arrogance and A spoiled girl of rich Parents..but she is very good in ignoring all the comments on her..

She got herself admitted in the country’s best acting school not to fulfill her dream but just to stay away from her so called family..
Hi guys!! It is just the prologue if the concept that was revolving in my mind since the very beginning of Summer vacations so thought to pen it is it guys!! I am not very good in English so sorry for grammatical mistakes..Do share your reviews guys! Should I continue the story or it is a boring concept!! As I love to make friends and I am new here frnds guys!!
Hoping to see you all in comments box..
Take care..


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