Love is all you need to survive (swasan) os


Hy guys im new here and im a very big swasan lover and i hope you will like my OS (one shot)

She was shivering due to cold, the cool wind was hitting her face as she stood by the window. She was lost in thoughts,thinking of her husband, her love, her Sanskaar. A smile crept on her lips as she remembered their love confession which had happened the last night. It was unexpected, simplicity flowed at that moment when he spoke his heart out. She felt enchanted when he had embraced her within his arms for the very first time in that one year. How calmed they were and had shared light moments. For her, the best part, the best moment was when his throat choked speaking those words, when those words had touched her soul beautifully and made her believe that a feeling called “love” could again reside in the hearts, one that was weak and the one with no hopes.

“I never knew myself until you entered my life! My real self was somewhere overlapped with dark until you hit those chords of hopes and replaced my weak self with smiles. I can’t thank you enough for being my support in my hard times, I can’t even share what I’ve felt while sharing my pain, my happiness with you. You are the very reason I survived death and could understand the meaning of life! Not everyone has the courage to relive “memory loss” but I did it, beacuse you were beside me each second. Swara, one accident and everything I had lost but you…your effort made me survive. One year? Right.. I mean, you told me…that we loved each other and were married and one year before I faced that accident. I don’t remember my past anymore. I only remember the life you have given me after that accident. Y-o-u gave me a fresh start, you did so much… Swara.. you much…”, he felt his words choking as he gazed at Swara.

She couldn’t stand those eyes, those orbs filled with tears. She moved to him, holding his hands close.

“Sanskaar…stop…no need to speak… please…”, she was trying to stop herself from breaking down.

“No Swara!! Let me speak… I…am sorry… I really am! I couldn’t give you enough happiness, I couldn’t give you the love you deserve but…you know what your husband, that’s me ofcourse wishes to confess the feeling that has developed within his heart.. and the sole reason behind which is you! I..Swara…You never confessed in this one year that you love me but I felt that everytime…each and every second I felt your love which made me fight, made me strong…strong evough to be with you!! I…I simply have fallen for you, for everything you say, for things you hide behind your smile, for every bit of emotion you carry, I am in love with those.I can’t explain…I just…I love you ya!!”, and he helplessly smiled at Swara.

Swara’s eyes gave up, tears started shedding down her cheeks, she literally kneeled down and cried which amazed Sanskaar. He too sat like her and held her shoulders. Swara met his orbs, crying.

“San.Sanskaar, love me? I…wish to hear again na… Sanskaar I’m…”, and she felt herself getting clashed against his chest.

Sanskaar silently cried midst smile, embracing Swara warmly. She kept her hands clutching him, absorbing all love and chanting “I love you Sanskaar…I love you very…very much…”

They looked at each other and smiled, whispering “I love you” before hugging tightly again.

Swara jerked as she heard his voice, near her ears.

“Yeah..I love you!!”

“Hmm.”, She nodded turning to him.

“No tears, I am fine, I know we won’t be able to relive past moments but I promise, I’ll make sure we create beautiful moments together which will make you forget every sorrow!”, Sanskaar cupped her face.

“I trust you Sanskaar. I know nothing will separate us, we will stay together always!! I want to be in your arms, under your gaze, I want to love you, I wish to live again…”, she sighed as he wiped her tears with his thumb and kissed her forehead.

“Sshh…Swara! I’ll never let you face anything alone. Let us begin with a very fresh start together, lets make our present and future more than beautiful.”, Sanskaar smiled as she nodded.

She rooted close to him, getting the same intense love from him too while sharing another long lasting hug, promising to help themselves create moments which they would cherish till their last breath

How it guys i hope you liked it ❤

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Credit to: An unknown swasan lover

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